07 October 2020

"The Corona Fraud Scandal" Criminal Prosecution

20 Tishrei 5781
5th Day Chol HaMoed 
Moadim l'Simchah!

"The greatest crime against humanity ever created."




  1. Sounds like this class-action suit could happen. Be"H!

    My only question is: What WAS that disease that was really serious and was infecting people? If only it could be identified positively by something other than PCR, that has validity!

    I hope research methods teachers take note!

  2. Just listened to this amazing video. So glad you found this, because it ties all the reports and articles that you and I have been bringing to our readers. NOW, this video must be spread all over ISRAEL to stop the corrupt and misled government; and to punish ALL the Health Ministry officials who are "in bed” (as they say) with the evil W H O, and the former ter-ror-ist Tedro! How he got to that position is astounding, and must be via the BG gang. The more people who hear all the evidence so concisely put together, must stand up and go against those who perpetrate this evil. Can you, or can I, send this link to arutzsheva and maybe ynetnews. I would guess that they would love to publish this.

  3. HDG, it could really be a parasitic infection; and that is because HCQ does such a complete job of eliminating it. Just like MALARIA.

  4. Neshama, it is public information. Feel free to send it wherever you'd like.

    HDG, here is a good follow-up: Coronavirus: Health experts join global anti-lockdown movement

  5. Lawyer Fuellmichs video wich he uploaded to his channel was deleted by Youtube. “Crimes Against Humanity” (which he uploaded to his channel the 3rd of October 2020) was deleted 21 October. It used to be in Fuellmichs channel here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kr04gHbP5MQ. That means that now many people that have used this video, have a blank, and cant hear what he has to say. However, now another video is up on his channel the link is below called “crímenes contra la humanidad – en español” (in english with subtitles in spanish) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1k4-CcXb0sA - You can keep yourself updated at Fuellmichs youtube channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJB8ANhWVhgQf9Rw-KJo26Q

  6. This case is so important, and yet I dont hear the mainstream media mentioning it! - Lawyer Fuellmich is suing the promoters of the "corona panic" for "Crimes Against Humanity", the video presentation of his case has been online 20 days now - but politicians and mainstream media still follows the "National Center for Disease Control and Prevention", which as it says "bases its authority on WHOs dangerous pandemic prognosis". The WHO, which as lawyer Fuellmich has stated in his video (3rd October 2020) is being sued for promoting "the corona panic" on false grounds, and is are sued for no less than "Crimes Against Humanity" Yet mainstream media has not mentioned the case, and is calling experts that disagree "conspiracy theorists" - most people don't even know of the existence of the case. This Case is Really Happening!

    The Media, used to be the Forth Pillar of Democracy! What has happened! -- Truth & Justice, and the people that fought for them in our history, they brought us our wisdom and our human rights! Justice is the axis of human civilization, it is what made it possible for us to survive as a group from the beginning of time . We have passed "The Technological Singularity Point" predicted by Futurologists. The people that fought for Truth & Justice in our history, these people brought us our human rights, these people are our real Heroes! Our sense of Truth and Justice needs an urgent update from within!

    Documentary: The Social Dilemma -- The subtle bu strong influence of social media. Interesting documentary about "social media and relation to this case": The Social Dilemma (premiered 26 january 2020 on Netflix)" - gives some insight into the influence of social media in our lives and society.

    Update to lawyer Reiner Fuellmichs case suing the promoters of the corona panic for Crimes Against Humanity. With new videos, links, and events! You might find this PDF transcript useful, is indexed and resumed. Easy to share the basic facts with friends.

    --- PDF TRANSCRIPT, RESUME, & NEWS ABOUT THE CASE - https://www.scribd.com/document/481442489/UPDATE-The-Corona-Scandal-renown-lawyer-is-suing-the-promoters-of-the-corona-panic-for-Crimes-Against-Humanity

  7. Thank you, PeterRets, for the updates. I've made the corrections and additions above.


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