27 October 2020

The "Tov of Eisav" is the Converts to Judaism

9 Marcheshvan 5781 

Biden or Trump, Who Is Better For the Jews? Part 2  (Part 1)

And it's only the beginning of the waves of destruction...


  1. B”H we are getting to the Tov of Eisav.
    Another voice, companion to Rabbi Kessin shlit”a

  2. That's the title I gave it, Neshama, and if you can say that, I can only conclude that you haven't heard the shiur yet.

  3. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GUoi-JCkG5Y#dialog And also this Ben Shapiro,
    Playing the violin to the avodazara.

  4. drbsd, your first link was a mistake - it did not go anywhere, pls try again.

    Also, more is coming on Ben Shapiro. See the newest blog post.

    Finally, I'd be interested in hearing your take on Rabbi Richter's shiur. Did it help you at all?

  5. I watched R' Richter's video. Basically, what he said comes down to the observation that both candidates for the presidency of the US are bad. I'm glad I'm here in E"Y and don't have to think about voting over there.

    I hope we will find Mashiah, or he will find us, really quick.

  6. Neshama, did you listen yet? What important information did you take away from it?

  7. I may have done Rabbi Richter and all the readers a disservice by titling this post "Understanding the 'Tov of Eisav'"; therefore, I have retitled for clarity: "The 'Tov of Eisav' Is the Converts to Judaism."

    According to my understanding, and I hope the Rav will correct me if I'm wrong, Antoninus was a very special case and cannot be used to in any way show there is a good side to Eisav because Eisav is wicked through and through and will hate Ya'akov forever. Any "good" that could be found in "Eisav" comes out of Eisav as converts to Judaism, as Antoninus himself did.

    I forget that many people today read only the headlines and make the rest up as they choose.

    No, this is not a "companion" to Rabbi Kessin, God forbid.