28 October 2020

Don't Cry , Mama Rachel. "Od Yosef chai!"

11 Marcheshvan 5781
Yahrtzeit of Rachel Imeinu

If the evil globalist agents of Edom would have their way, Mama Rachel's memory would be wiped away forever.  

Her gates haven’t closed for thousands of years. This week, they will finally re-open

Mama Rochel has been a symbol of hope for us throughout golus. For thousands of years, we have come to her to pour out our hearts, for we knew she would always listen. But with the changes of 2020, the gates to Mama Rochel’s resting place have been closed, gathering dust and eerily silent.

Until now.

This Wednesday, the Vaad HaRabbanim has received special permission to open her doors for several individuals. Several choshuv people have been selected to come and pour their hearts out for Klal Yisroel. They will take time to pray carefully for every person that donates tzedakah to Vaad HaRabbanim’s mission to take care of Corona’s biggest victims. Anyone who gives tzedakah towards their causes will have these choshuv men and women cry to Mama Rochel on their behalf not just on that day, but every day for an entire year.
How magnanimous of them.  First of all, they don't say who gave the permission and by what authority or how these chosen-of-the-chosen have been selected.  Do you see how "they" are distancing us from everything meaningful?  They are attempting to wean us from anything outside of their 'approved' world religion, God forbid!

Through her tears, Mama Rachel will get the last laugh,  it is through her son - Yosef HaTzaddik - that Mashiach ben Yosef will come and defeat Eisav/Edom once and for all.  Then will come techiyat  hameitim and we will all have to stand in line to get a hug from our Mama Rachel and give her one in return.  She will know that even though we were "socially distanced" from her against our will, that still we did not - could not ever - forget her.

And just in case it needs to be said, HKB"H is the One to whom we pray and "He is near to all who call upon Him sincerely."  They can't separate us from HIM!!


  1. In the corona era, it's always about the "choshuv people" who get to participate in or visit locations formerly open to all. It was that way for Bircas Kohanim for all the chagim since Pesach too. Ambassador Friedman must be very choshuv indeed, since he seems to be on the permanent invite list for that. I wonder if he will show up at Kever Rochel too. It is truly perverted.

  2. It’s terrible. I had to go to telaviv and the beaches were at full. No social distance. Tumah everywhere. For me is sad to write this words, because I am very careful when speaking about Eretz israel. I’m a Ole chadesh and I don’t want to be like the meragelim. So something good will come out of this society full of contrasts.
    I just can’t understand. Why our Imas tomb was closed?

  3. Oy! drbsd, if you still don't understand, I am doing a very poor job of explaining it.


  4. It's too painful. But perhaps on a brighter side - Mama Rachel cries and sobs even louder and harder while she sees that her own children are chained from coming by.

    Also a side note - here in NJ - where I currently am - it has been raining all week - but today it's with torrents - all I'm thinking about while davening today is for Hashem to have such Rachmanus the likes of the torrents I am watching and swiftly bring an end to all of this Galus.