19 October 2020

Part 3 (Final): The Nations Are Gathered Around Jerusalem

1 Marcheshvan 5781
Rosh Chodesh Bet

(Part 1: Eisav and Yishmael, Part 2: The Erev Rav)

Zechariah 12:2-9...
Behold! I am making Jerusalem a cup of weakness for all the peoples around, and also on Judah, [that he] shall be in the siege against Jerusalem.*  And it shall come to pass on that day that I will make Jerusalem a stone of burden for all peoples; all who bear it shall be gashed, and all the nations of the earth shall gather about it.
On that day, says the Lord, I will smite every horse with bewilderment, and its rider with madness. And upon the house of Judah I will open My eyes, and all the horses of the peoples I will smite with blindness.  And the princes of Judah shall say to themselves, "The inhabitants of Jerusalem were my strength through the Lord of Hosts, their God."
On that day I will make the princes of Judah as a fiery stove among wood, and as a brand of fire among sheaves. And they shall consume on the right and on the left all the nations round about, and Jerusalem shall still stay in its place in Jerusalem.  And the Lord shall first save the tents of Judah, so that the boasting of the house of David and the boasting of the inhabitants of Jerusalem shall not increase over Judah.
On that day the Lord shall protect the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and the weakest of them shall be, on that day, like David.  And the house of David shall be like angels, like the angel of the Lord before them.  And it shall come to pass on that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come upon Jerusalem.

[* The religious neighborhoods are presently "under siege" by a 'Jewish' government and police!]

This is where we are on the prophetic timeline.  The war for Jerusalem is a holy war - a religious war - a war between Torah Judaism and the New World Religion of "Abrahamic Faiths" and it has already begun.  The following adequately exemplifies the future that the New World Religion envisions for Jerusalem...

September 12, 2017 by Rabbi Arnie Gluck 
What do these religious groups have in common?

Sathya Sai Baba Organization (followers of the guru Sai Baba)

Muslim Center of Somerset County

Family Worship Center (a Christian Spanish-language fellowship)

Refuge International (a Christian prayer group)

Shree Swaminarayan Loyadam Mandhir (a Hindu community)

In addition to the fact that they undoubtedly share certain spiritual values, they all gather for worship, study, and fellowship at Temple Beth-El.

For the leadership and staff of TBE, and we hope for you as members of our community, it is a source of pride that so many religious groups share our spiritual home. Welcoming others to experience the warmth of fellowship that we enjoy when we come to TBE is a tangible expression of the value of hospitality. And it is important to us as Jews and Americans to support diverse expressions of religious faith.

Welcoming other faith groups to share our home is also an important ideological statement. We Reform Jews are pluralists. We do not believe that any one group or person has a monopoly on truth. We treasure our Jewish faith narratives and our identity as part of Am Yisrael, the Jewish people, because they are our truths, not because we believe that they are the only truths.

The prophet Isaiah had a marvelous vision of unity that would come to pass at the end of days, when all the families of the earth join as one and make pilgrimage to Jerusalem. On that day, the house of God that had served as the religious center of the people Israel would become a house of prayer for all. “I will bring them to My sacred mount and let them rejoice in My house of prayer…for My House shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.”

Isaiah’s vision doesn’t involve all the peoples becoming Jewish. As the prophet Micah said, “All the peoples shall walk, each in the name of their God…” (Micah 4:5). Rather, says Isaiah, we will all come together in Jerusalem as one human family to acknowledge the universal truth of God, who transcends all our differences and makes us one.

The Whole World Is Focused on Jerusalem

There is a video out that describes how an African DJ came up with a song "out of nowhere" which "went viral" on TikTok during the global lockdown.  The words are: "Jerusalem is my home, please go with me, protect me and walk with me, don't leave me behind, because Jerusalem is my home."  It was called the Jerusalem Dance Challenge and there are videos of people dancing (suggestive and obscene in immodest dress) to this song from all over the world.  Why Jerusalem???

There is no way I believe this just came "out of nowhere."  It was meant to make Jerusalem the focus of the global consciousness for reasons that elude me.  All I know is it's not good.

Leaders of nations now gather regularly in Jerusalem for conferences and meetings, like this one coming up on October 21, 2020, which has been discussed here before - The Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast.  It is being called a "worship event.".

This is primarily a Christian event and the President of Israel is featured front and center.

There is credible evidence to indicate that there is a plan to divide Jerusalem into East for the Arabs, West for the Jews and the Old City with the Central Business District through to the Entrance to the City and the Government Complex for the Christian-Luciferian Global Elites who plan to rule the world from Jerusalem.  Anybody who lives here or who travels frequently to the Holy City can outline it on a map.  It's very obvious who and what they are building for so feverishly.

All of this is currently under construction and the pace never let up during the course of two lockdowns.  All of this construction is located within the red-outlined area on the map up above.  It is concentrated in the Government Complex area and at the entrance to the city, but it extends down both sides of Rehov Yafo which is taken up with the lite-rail train to the Old City, which, to my knowledge, is still off-limits to visitors.

What it looks like to me is that the Government Complex will remain the Law and Court Center, while the Entrance to the City will be the Economic Hub, the Yafo Corridor will be a residential center with both sides lined with LUXURY hi-rise apartment buildings (which no one with an Israeli salary can afford to buy), leading to the Old City which will be the Center of World Religions, G-d forbid!!  G-d alone knows what nefarious plans they have for us, but the prophets leave us in no doubts that they want Jerusalem and they'll do anything to try and take it from us.

Baruch Hashem, it is HKB"H who will have the final word!

UPDATE:  Note that the area outlined by me above also corresponds to Section 5 of the Israeli government's quarantine map which was published April 11, 2020.