12 October 2020


25 Tishrei 5781


It is very 'coincidental' that Trump's vaunted Peace Plan dubbed "The Deal of the Century" was formally released in Washington, D.C. on January 28, 2020 at the same time a deadly pandemic was just beginning to traverse the planet.  (On January 30th, the W.H.O. declared a global health emergency.)

Throughout this entire time period, while they should have had many more important matters on their minds, the relevant governments never stopped negotiating this Deal.

Donald Trump Announces Abraham Accord: August 13, 2020

Netanyahu: I hold in my hand a historic peace agreement
Published on 09-15-2020

"I hold in my hand the historic draft peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and the historic declaration of peace between Israel and Bahrain. We have worked on this for very many years. This moment arrives tomorrow," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday from Washington a day before Israel makes its first open peace with two Arab countries.

"This is a great turning point in the history of Israel and in the history of the Middle East. It will have a great and positive effect on every citizen of Israel. I also promise you, according to what I see here, that additional countries are on the way," Netanyahu added.
Today, PM Netanyahu's hand-picked "Cabinet" rubber-stamped (as usual) the "peace documents" signed between Israel and the UAE. (No reason to think the Knesset won't do the same.)
Cabinet authorizes Israel-UAE peace treaty

The peace documents between Israel and the UAE and Bahrain are also known as the “Abraham Accords,” and as such, highlight interfaith tolerance. [i.e., the naming is very highly significant!]  The UAE-Israel treaty states the signatories are “recognizing that the Arab and Jewish peoples are descendants of a common ancestor, Abraham, and inspired, in that spirit, to foster in the Middle East a reality in which Muslims, Jews, Christians and peoples of all faiths, denominations, beliefs and nationalities live in, and are committed to, a spirit of coexistence, mutual understanding and mutual respect.”

We, as a nation, have been committed by a regime not of our making, to turn our backs on our Holy Torah and accept what HKB"H forbids.  Hashem yerachem!

You see, they tried ANNIHILATION - several times - but it never worked, so the fall-back plan became to destroy us through ASSIMILATION.  It might take longer, but it was guaranteed to succeed if for no other reason than the Jewish "leaders" and "rabbis" themselves would advocate for it.

This evil Bilaamesque plot is what is behind bringing in thousands of Christians on "aliyah."  (See here and here.)  And do not believe the headlines which identify these 2000 people as "Jews" - by all reports, they are Falash Mura (Christians).  And all this is going on while Israelis not only can't leave the country, they can't even leave their neighborhoods! 

We need to remind the world that while Abraham had Yishmael and Yitzchak had Eisav, the holy covenant went from Avraham to Yitzchak to Ya'aqov - Yishmael and Eisav had no share in it at all.  At his exalted level, Ya'aqov is called Yisrael and that is the name applied to his offspring - Bnei Yisrael - the true and legal inheritors of the promises given to Abraham.

~ ~ ~ 

Someone recently brought my attention to this piece that I wrote seven years ago.  Not surprisingly, it is still very relevant.  Enjoy!

(Re-posting from 13 Sivan 5773)

Angel in Charge of Complaints (AICOC): "The Universal Complaint Department is now open, who will be first?"

Chairman of the 'Palestinian' delegation: "We, the 'Palestinian' people wish to lodge an official complaint against the Israelis. They have stolen our land!!"

AICOC: "Whom did you say you represent, sir?"

Chairman: "The 'Palestinian' people of the State of Palestine."

AICOC: "Sorry, I don't find you here. According to my records, there is no such people and no such 'state.' That being the case, you never had possession of the land in question; therefore, I am unable to register your complaint. Next!"

UN Representative accompanied by a delegation from the EU: "Yes, good morning. I'd like to file a formal complaint against the Israelis. They pay no heed to our demand to cease settlement expansion and refuse to return to the 1948 borders. They show no respect whatever for international law."

AICOC: "Sir, here we all answer to a Higher Law, which, I must tell you, may differ somewhat from your 'international' law. Let us have a look, shall we?"

(Opens a book. To self: "Hmmm, uh huh, yes.")

(Turning book so the UN Rep can see it.) "Right here," pointing.  "Bamidbar 33.53 - it says: 'You shall clear out the Land and settle in it, for I have given you the Land to occupy it.'"

"Now, as to borders...," flipping pages. "Yes, here it is - Breishit 15.18: 'To your seed I have given this land, from the river of Egypt until the great river, the Euphrates river.'"

"Whoa, looks like they're actually only occupying a very small portion of what is actually theirs. If you want my advice, boys, quit while you're ahead. Next!"

US Ambassador: "We don't like to complain. Maybe this is not the right department for our issues. Perhaps some type of arbitration is in order."

AICOC: "State your problem and then I'll know better how to assist you, sir."

US Ambassador: "Well, seeing as how our democratic form of government, free-capitalistic economy and pluralistic culture is the best in the world and the envy of all who behold us, we naturally want everyone to be just like us. In fact, we believe in it so much that we have gone completely around the world subverting existing regimes and offering bribes in the guise of 'aid' in order to bring the entire world in line with our 'values.' But, the Israelis are an intransigent bunch. Some are on our side, but many more are not - mainly the so-called 'religious' ones. Something has got to be done about them."

AICOC: "Alright, then. Here are your options. You can file this as a complaint of non-compliance with previous agreements, although that might be hard to establish considering the characters of those with whom you made previous agreements, Oslo, etc. It's not clear that they had any right to act on behalf of the nation in this regard, or you could apply for relief with the Department of Justice."

US Ambassador: "Thanks for your help. I'll take this back to my boss and see how he would like to proceed."

AICOC (chuckling to himself): "I already know how my Boss will want to proceed."

AICOC (peering over at a group heatedly arguing among themselves in the corner: "Will there be anyone else?"

A group of Israelis rush up, stumbling over each other, pushing and shoving and arguing over who has the right to speak for the rest. They are made up of prominent Members of Knesset, ambitious military and security officers and even a few 'rabbis.' By the sheer force of his amazing presence, Yair Lapid takes charge, saying, "Since I am the most intelligent, most knowledgeable, most experienced, most beautiful and most likely to become the next Prime Minister, I will speak for us all."

Lapid: "We most assuredly wish to make a complaint - against the Ultra-Orthodox, those Chareidim and anyone else who thinks and acts as they do. They don't pay taxes! They don't serve in the army! They won't listen to women singing and force them to sit at the back of the bus! They wear black!! We, the tax-paying, army-serving majority who enjoy the ladies and walk bare-headed and are hard-hearted when it comes to prying the yeshiva bochurim from the batei midrash - we demand satisfaction."

AICOC:  "What is it specifically, Mr. Lapid, that your group wants from this department?"

Lapid:  "I believe that I speak for the tax-paying, army-serving, etc. etc. majority when I say that we won't carry the burden of those people any longer."

Lapid's group ( in unison, for once):  "That's right!  We want them off of our backs and out of our lives - FOR GOOD."

AICOC:  "I'm sure some accommodation can be arranged.  Please wait here while I consult my Superior."

(Agitated whispering all around the Israeli group until the AICOC returns.)

AICOC:  It seems that a prior complaint has already been filed by an aggrieved party against you and your cohorts, Mr. Lapid.

Lapid:  What!!??

AICOC:  "Yes, that's right.  The God-fearing Jews of Eretz Israel have already lodged a complaint, well, several actually...  Here.  Here it is right here...  numbers 1 through....  Oh my!  Let us just summarize it as an attempt to prevent the nation from fulfilling it's Divine destiny. 

Lapid:  "What does that even mean?"

AICOC:  "It means, Mr. Lapid, that when your group's complaints are weighed against the complaints of the God-fearing people of Israel, you come up a bit short, to say the least.  However... I believe we can find a solution which answers the needs of both populations."

Suddenly, the Angel in Charge and his Complaint Department disappear and Yair Lapid and the Israelis are looking around in shock, trying to identify their location.  Then someone squints into the distance.

"Is that a road sign over there?"

They all start running at the same time. Lapid was the first to get close enough to read the sign - Kampala 250 km.  The others caught up and one queried, "Where the heck is Kampala!?"

Lapid slapped his hands to his head and moaned, "UGANDA!!" *
The Uganda Scheme was a proposal presented at the Sixth Zionist Congress in Basel in 1903 by Zionism founder Theodor Herzl to create a Jewish homeland in a portion of British-controlled East Africa. (Source)


  1. Vatican is behind all that. I wouldn't be surprised to see them having a part in the temple mount along with the muzs.
    The zionists too happy to do it.
    I am in fact looking for it: it will mean the end of Zionism.

  2. AICOC: "Sir, here we all answer to a Higher Law."
    That reminds me of the "Hebrew National Hot Dog" commercials of the 1970s which you can find on YouTube. Thank you so much for the post. nothing has changed over the years.


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