14 June 2020

The Embattled Jewish Soul

22 Sivan 5780

Eisav/Edom, as exemplified by his red coloring, has a war-like character. I'm not sure it's ever been more on display in America than it is today. Everything is expressed in terms of war - War on Poverty, War on Drugs, War on Terror, War on COVID-19. Now, they have a real war in their streets after decades of militarizing their civilian police forces.

A war we often fail to recognize is the war on Torah Judaism - to replace authentic Judaism with Judeo-Christianity. The majority of our brethren in chu"l have enlisted on the side of our enemies. And its trending that way in Eretz Yisrael as well, as the American influence in our country steadily grows and gains strength via the Erev Rav regime in power.

To keep you abreast of developments, following is some new information as well as some updates...
Israeli bus driver given ‘disciplinary hearing’ for talking about Jesus

A bus driver in Israel could lose his job for sharing the Gospel with passengers, according to his employer.

The story went viral on social media in the Jewish state, where proselytizing to minors is illegal, but some have come to the driver's defense saying he did nothing wrong,

...An angry passenger, who took his complaint to an anti-missionary group, spoke to Ynet, a Hebrew news site, calling the driver's actions "illegal" because children were present on the bus.

“Would you be so upset if the driver had been preaching repentance according to Jewish law?” a Ynet host asked the unnamed passenger.

He responded, "No, and it wouldn't have been illegal either."

Despite his controversial remarks, many Israelis defended him online.

“100 percent legal,” one person wrote. “Every citizen has the right to his or her own faith.”

...The incident comes a month after Israeli Communications Minister David Ansalem threatened to shut down a new channel, GOD TV, if it engages in "missionary work."
UPDATE: As far as I can tell, the Ministry of Communication has, to date, failed to issue their ruling on the legality of the deal between GodTV and the HOT cable channel. Meanwhile, they continue to operate without hindrance and to crow about it to their supporters.

Some time ago, this blog discussed an entity called JH Ranch/JH Israel. (See HERE.) It's a Christian organization that is working hand-in-hand with the Israeli government to indoctrinate Israeli youth and soldiers - "the future leaders" - into a Judeo-Christian mindset. Here is an update on that...

How We Began

"During a twenty-year journey of friendship and cooperation, Heather Johnston established uniquely significant and meaningful ties with Israeli leaders, including Prime Ministers, Cabinet Ministers, local government leaders, scientific, educational, military and business leaders that laid the foundations for USIEA to begin educating and connecting leaders in 2011. We value the Judeo-Christian heritage and the historical and spiritual significance of Israel; therefore our relationships are based on deep mutual respect and open dialogue."

Over the past 18 months, the National Leadership Center (NLC) [JH Israel] has undergone a major facilities expansion to increase our capacity from 12,000 to 24,000 students annually. Initially, the project faced several challenges and delays. It seemed impossible for construction to be completed in time to fulfill our agreement with the Ministry of Education.

But when the COVID-19 pandemic closed schools and NLC programs ground to a halt, construction of the new facilities continued.

Now they are ready for use as the NLC is about to reopen! We are poised to see the vision of shaping Israel’s next generation of leaders become a reality. The NLC is about to enter a new chapter in its partnership with the Ministry of Education [under Naftali Bennett].
Here is why:
  • The Ministry of Education has just asked the NLC to make its program teaching Biblical values available to hundreds of additional schools in Israel, beginning this fall.
  • Israel’s new coalition government is about to declare sovereignty over territories in Judea and Samaria, making Ariel as much a part of Israel as Tel Aviv.
  • The new Minister of Education [Yoav Galant]* and the Minister of Informal Education have both visited the NLC in Ariel and are supportive of its programs.
As you take a moment to view a ... video showing the construction of the completed facilities, the words of General Krulak, as he saw what God is doing through the NLC will resonate with you. You will rejoice at the powerful impact our team is having on Israel’s next generation of leaders.

As we relaunch, we have a significant opportunity to go to many more schools and impact thousands of students across the nation. Initially, we’ll need to provide scholarships for students coming to the NLC, and our trainers will need to do classroom presentations in these schools. These extra costs were unexpected.
The letter ends with an appeal for donations.  Don't they all?

*NOTE: The current Deputy Minister of Education is Meir Porush of UTJ! 

According to Israel InSight - The Magazine for Israel's Christian Friends...
...One organization in particular has corralled the General — the US Israel Education Association. This is a small Birmingham-based organization that thanks in part to the General’s leadership is making an international impact. As a hands-on board member, educator, fundraiser and advisor to Executive Director Heather Johnston, this retired military leader is playing a key role in advancing the U.S.-Israel relationship through several USIEA initiatives.

In fact, he just got back from Israel where he served as a resource for two back-to-back USIEA trips — one that included Auburn University basketball coach Bruce Pearl and one that included four key members of Congress. “The itineraries were non-stop, powerful and educational, and every single participant gained a deeper understanding of Israel’s importance to the U.S.”

“Gen K’s” passion for Israel stems from the tapestry of his life.

His father’s parents were Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe. They chose to assimilate into the American mainstream, gradually shedding their Judaism. Krulak’s dad — Victor Krulak, a legendary Marine general himself — married a Christian woman and Charles and his siblings were raised in the Christian faith. However, he never loses sight of his Jewish origins.

For example, whenever discussions about the Holocaust come up, General Krulak quietly notes that some of his Jewish relatives were among those murdered by the Nazis, and had there been an Israel at that time — a sovereign Jewish state to which Jews could flee — millions of European Jews, including members of his own family, might have been saved.

...Upon moving to Birmingham in 2011 to assume the presidency of Birmingham-Southern College, the General reached out to the Birmingham Jewish Federation, building key relationships, becoming a generous donor to the Federation’s annual fundraising campaign, and working with the Federation to attract more Jewish students to Birmingham-Southern. In recognition of his dedication to Israel and outreach to the Jewish community, he was honored by State of Israel Bonds at a Jewish community event.

“I’m so grateful that I’ve developed so many wonderful Jewish friendships in Birmingham. I also believe that as a Christian, it is my sacred duty, based on Genesis 12:3 (‘I will bless them that bless thee….’), to support Israel and the Jewish people.”

It was a Christian, Heather Johnston, who got General Krulak involved in USIEA. Johnston, who has become internationally-known through her work on behalf of Israel, is the organization’s founder as well as executive director. “I call her Hurricane Heather,” the General says, smiling. “I’ve never met anyone more dedicated to Israel, more tenacious or more inspirational. She is a true Christian who honors God and walks the walk.”
So, basically it is his end-of-life's mission to see that the rest of the Jew's follow his own family's example - ASSIMILATE!!

The current tactic of all Christian missionaries is to convince Jews that they may remain Jews while becoming followers of JC and his teachings - that there is no contradiction.  But, missionaries like Heather Johnston and General Krulak are missionaries with a long-term strategy for stealing the souls of unsuspecting Jews.  Once they have indoctrinated the next generation and the future leaders and teachers with this hybrid false religion called Judeo-Christianity (note that even the term indicates that it is still Christianity, but with a Jewish flavor, God forbid!), they are on their way to completely uprooting and eradicating authentic Torah Judaism from the Land of Israel.  This is Eisav soneh et Ya'aqov.  Why are we being so gullible?  Why are we being so complicit?

And you Jews in chu"l who are drowning in the Judeo-Christian culture of the West are doubly to blame because (1) your presence there gives strength and power to those nations, and (2) your lack of presence in Eretz HaKodesh robs it of the same strength and power.  But, obviously this cannot continue.  This is why the 4/5ths of the Jews in Egypt who refused to leave had to die in the darkness.  God could not completely destroy Egypt while they remained there, but because it was their own choice to stay, He was so-to-speak left with no other option and history is bound to repeat itself as the prophet foretells (Yechezkel 20:35-38)...
I shall bring you to the wilderness of the peoples, and I shall contend with you there face to face.  As I contended with your forefathers in the wilderness of the land of Egypt, so will I contend with you, says the Lord God.
And I shall cause you to pass under the rod, and I shall bring you into the transmission of the covenant.  And I shall separate from you those who rebel and those who transgress against Me; from the land of their sojournings I shall take them, but to the Land of Israel they shall not come, and you will know that I am the Lord.
For more info, see the following links:

Influencing Israel's Teachers

About the NLC (National Leadership Center in Ariel aka JHRanch-Israel)
The NLC's activities are based on four main components:
Personal empowerment; developing teamwork; processing and debriefing talks, the integration of the Biblical story and Biblical heroes.  [According to the Christian view, of course.]
Bible-based Leadership Training in Israel Brings Christians and Jews Together

Israeli government funding evangelical christian learning centre for Israeli children

Christians Teaching Bible to Jews - "We encourage participants to clarify their purpose in life and to learn about the spirit of biblical leadership through personal application of these values in their lives"


  1. Bezrat haShem the end of the dollar is close and with it the spread of these esavian devils.


  2. Can anyone get a hold of the curriculum from this JH org (or the ed. ministry) that is inculcating Israeli children in avoda zora?
    It would be good to advertise to the public what they actually try to brainwash the children with.
    Exposure would surely stop it.

  3. Not only are the Xians after us, but also the Chinese cult Falon Gong (or as it's called in this article, Falon Dafa. Chinese cult looking to gain foothold in haredi community?