18 October 2020

(Part 2: THE EREV RAV)

 30 Tishrei 5781
Rosh Chodesh Aleph

(Part 1: Eisav and Yishmael)

The Eisav/Yishmael alliance would not be able to succeed to the extent that they have without the aid and collusion of the fifth column known as the Erev Rav.  

One of the characteristics of the "footsteps of Moshiach" time period noted by Rabbi Yehuda Hanasi is that "insolence will increase."  The Vilna Gaon explains, "The mixed multitude will turn into the shepherds of Israel."  That is, at the End of Days, a foreign element will appear among the Jewish people.  Called "a mixed multitude" by our sages, this group will ascend to prominence and stand at the head of Israel

The Zohar writes this explicitly:  "The mixed multitude will be in control and rule over the Jewish people in the final exile."  (Zohar 1:25)
Rabbi Elchanan Wasserman summarizes the matter: 
"In the days of the footsteps of Moshiach, the descendants of the mixed multitude will stand at the head of the nation.  This same mixed multitude will not only be the leaders of government but will also stand at the head of the judicial system."  (The Ishmaelite Exile by Rabbi Yechiel Weitzman) 

No one familiar with the current situation vis a vis Israel's government and judicial system can deny that we are there.  And this has been going on since the founding of the modern State of Israel.

The following excerpts come from an official government site...


The smart people knew from the very beginning that the idea of "both a Jewish and a democratic state" was an impossibility - that is if you link being Jewish with the Torah.  But what THEY meant was some "kosher-style" state that was treif as treif can be.  A non-kosher mixture, just like they are! The reference to being a "Jewish" state was just another piece of chaff meant to fool the masses until the damage was too great to rectify.

As you'll see from the following excerpts taken from the same government source and written at least 12 year ago, there has been an ongoing (NWO) plan to infiltrate and take over primarily religious leadership positions in order to mislead the nation down a primrose path to destruction via their new world religion that has room for everyone as long as no one becomes "extremist" about their faith, i.e. Torah-observant!!

And this is just one example from a countless number of people and organizations, Jewish and gentile, who have been working behind the scenes for decades to bring us to the place we have reached today with the Abraham Accords!

The way out of the exile of Yishmael cannot be achieved by natural means such as a political process or military might. The current tendency of the airev rav, is towards a natural, political process to assure the security of the Nation of Israel in a political entity that has military power. Instead of making peace with the Holy One, may He be blessed, and His Torah, thereby bringing peace and heavenly protection and annulling once and for all the decree of exile, they lead us into a situation of war with the Creator, which brings upon us the exile under Yishmael from the east, the north and the south. The kingdom of the airev rav ignores the indisputable fact that the strength of the existence of the Nation of Israel is not based on land, nationality or statehood. None of them guarantee its physical and spiritual existence. The only anchor of the Nation of Israel throughout history, and even today, is keeping the covenant with its Father in Heaven through studying the Torah and living a life of fulfilling the commandments, holiness and fear of Heaven. 

"...the airev rav, which are likened to the bran, adhere tightly to the wheat kernel. They are the 'waste' [which envelops] and is the foil to Yaakov. They [oppose him] by negating the study of the Torah and by trying to remove the yoke of Heaven; and they cling tightly to Israel" (Vilna Gaon, Even Shlaimah 11:6). (The End of Days by Shmuel Raber)

The rot has even reached the "frum" Diaspora communities, Hashem yerachem!...


(You can see more HERE.)

In the final analysis...
"Assimilation and secularization, either willful or forced, among the People of Israel in the Land of Israel and in the Diaspora, will leave but a surviving remnant amounting to one-tenth of the nation which will retain its Jewish character, while nine-tenths of the Jewish People will be lost, without any attachment to G-d and His Torah. *

* "In the generation that the son of David will arrive there will be prosecution against Torah scholars.  When I said this before Shmuel, he said: purification after purification, as it says: 'A tenth will yet be there, then it shall again be consumed'" (Ketubot 112b).  Rashi explains: "When nine parts will be lost and only a tenth remains, it will also be consumed once again."

"Rashi (Yeshayahu 6:13) adds: 'Also, over that remainder I will pass My hand with purification after purification, and it will be consumed until the only ones remaining will be the completely righteous that will return to Me with all their hearts.'"
"Towards the End of Days, an alien entity called the airev rav will rise to power and stand at the head of the Jewish Nation.

The system of government of the airev rav will be comprised of judges and officers of a low moral standard and arrogant and vulgar individuals who will not place their trust in Hashem but will rely on the power of flesh and blood.

The airev rav will not want to assimilate among the nations and disconnect from Judaism.  Rather, they will adhere to the title of "Israel" and choose a new path to follow.  They will shake off their Jewish essence, will deny any attachment to G-d's Torah, and will remove the yoke of Heaven from upon themselves.

They will succeed.  They will stand at the head of the camp and control the leadership of the nation.  The simple and good Jews - who will remain true to their tradition and to their fear of Heaven - will be subservient to them, while the community that learns Torah and guards the burning spark of historical Judaism will be relegated to the lowest and most degrading stratum of the "new" social order.
"Because Yechezkel prophesied that in the End of Days all of the nations will make war around Jerusalem...and they will become aroused to come upon them in the End of Days after Israel resettles in the Land of Israel and will dwell peacefully; this arousal will be caused by Hashem.' (MalbimYechezkel 38:2).

"In the holy Zohar (Bereishit 119) it is explained that in the future, at that time, the children of Yishmael will become aroused together with the nations of the world to come upon Jerusalem.  The Ramak (Rabbi Moshe Cordovero) explains: 'And all the nations will gather together - meaning that they will make a pact of peace between themselves and will turn upon Israel in order to destroy them...."
(Excerpts from The End of Days by Shmuel Raber)


  1. Brilliant thank you!
    I would like to add that unfortunately it is worse now. They are starting to create laws to destroy Judaism openly ( synagogues closed, yeshivas too, weddings prevented, etc).
    We must be ready to the worse from the erev rav now, including Brit Mila outlawed etc....
    I even heard that the gov. of the erev rav in Israel is building concentration camps in Israel! Guess for who....and the vaccines! They want to finish Torah Jews completely. Maybe physically too.

  2. Dvash one thing is sure we are back to the tough times like heshmonaim times, Inquisition times etc....we must cling to Hashem and His Torah and not give up

  3. Anybody know what interest the United States Treasury Secretary has in "forging peace" between Israel and Bahrain???

    It makes me crazy that these awful, horrible, nasty American court Jews are over here negotiating our land and our future without our consent and for the sake of Eisav and Yishmael!!!!!

    Historic El Al Flight With Israel-U.S. Delegation Lands In Bahrain

    ...The U.S. delegation is led by U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Special Representative for International Negotiations Avi Berkowitz, who also spoke at the ceremony in the airport upon arriving in Bahrain.

    ...US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, who is also part of the delegation, said before takeoff: “We’re here to take next step in the Abraham Accords. Today, we bring the Tanach back to life. The children of Yitzchak and children of Yishmael are reconciling once again in this holy land, and in Bahrain, and in the United Arab Emirates as well.”

    Israel is being served on a platter for foreign interests...

    ...Although Bahrain, an island state, is a smaller and less wealthy nation than the UAE, its strategic location in the Persian Gulf lends it geostrategic significance and it serves as a trading hub and a naval defensive position. It is home to the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet and a recently built British naval base.

  4. May Hashem bless you, Devash for your extraordinary devotion, knowledge & dedication to the Bnai Yisrael, the real Am Yisrael!
    True the Jews truly devoted (but with scholarly knowledge) have always known and understood the real Torah and basically all as you have written here about the end of days. The Eirev Rav never hid their true personas; they have been very easy to identify by their manipulating Torah, whether they be from the religious parties in the government and other areas of power anywhere in the world. Of course, the obvious ones, the radical leftists who hold powerful positions, whether governments or corporations, etc.. The supreme court is literally a den of pagans (Eirev rav). Many Jews who have lost their way a long time ago will, hopefully, awaken to reality and do teshuva. We pray for the real Jews! The wicked of the nations and the Eirev Rav will be done with - H' will take care of them!

  5. Incredible about those Jews negotiating our land, because our sages foresaw that in the end of times the erev rav mixed multitude and Jews will attack the land of Israel for Gog umagog together with the other nations! It is what you are describing now!