01 December 2015

"...Is Mashiach Really Coming Soon???"

20 Kislev 5776

From the facebook page of Orit Esther Riter:
Just to write a small thing here about the matzav and what R' Kanievsky shlit'a is really saying and not. I spoke to his ozer, his assistant this morning. I asked the real deal, what should we tell our brethren in chutz la'aretz, what should they do... is Mashiach really coming soon???
The answer to paraphrase to the best of my ability: tell everyone that Mashiach is truly here waiting soon to be revealed, at the entrance way. Tell everyone to prepare, real teshuva, to see Hashem's emet, it will not be easy to see our lies and falsity, our negative middot, etc... (for more info watch the shiur I will be giving tonight and posting here tomorrow, B'H B'N). Whoever can come, should come, there is no better place to be then in Israel. Does not matter what your Rabbeim in chutz a'aretz are telling you, to come or not to come, you should come. If you can't, truly can't, pray with every part of your being that you should have the siyatta d'shmaya to come.
My addition here: I was told by many Rabbeim, keep cash, gold, assets in your home so you can pay for a ticket. It will not cost $500 for a one way ticket, it'll be a lot a lot more. Forget your belongings, don't worry about bringing them if it'll stop you from coming back here asap, just come with whatever as long as you are here in Israel. R' Kanievsky did not tell everyone that they have to pack up, but highly suggests it, those are the exact words of his assistant. He also did not say to go around with speakers, that was a suggestion to get the word out there to prepare, but not the Rav's personal suggestion, although it appears it is a practical way to let everyone know. Don't know more to tell you, but teshuva, teshuva, teshuva.
It will be a stark reality check and change. Better to be prepared now, when free will is still around.
There you have it. Evidence is certainly piling up. I'll try to post the aforementioned shiur here when it's available. Check back right here for it.


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  1. chana abrams2/12/15 5:42 AM

    Why doesn't R' Kanievsky speak directly to Am Yisrael or to the entire Yeshiva or to a whole gathering? Why are the Rav's comments always delivered via messengers? This message is incredibly, hugely, gigantically significant . Why risk any level of miscommunication?

    1. Perhaps we should ask him for the reason. He is old and it cannot be helped.

    2. This is a very important question that I've been asking all along. As a matter of fact, I find it even more interesting, since my father in law was just in EY and he sat by him for a nice few minutes (being that their fathers were childhood/family chavrusahs and friends, etc.) and he failed to mention or ask my FIL why he doen't make aliyah..... Interesting, I thought. Since if this is of such paramount importance, why wouldn't R' Chaim, at least mention it to yidden who come by???

      Sarah G K

    3. And Jack, he might be old, but he's 'all there'. He will sign letters to Klal Yisroel, when necessary. For such an important thing, wouldn't at least one of his assistants make sure that something is done about this? I mean, Klal Yisroel AND Hashem are waiting for Moshiach for thousands of years. THIS IS IT! Shouldn't R' Chaim's people who constantly hear this from him, take him to task?

      Just wondering.

      Sarah G K

    4. An acquaintance of mine who used to live in R'Kanievsky's neighborhood told me that she heard that the rav isn't what he used to be, and that there are those who are misrepresenting his statements.

  2. that is what people like, "To hear rumors"


  3. good question, because by not doing so, it leaves the door open to all the naysayers, they would never deny it if heard straight from the Tzaddik (I do not believe), but through messengers it is easy to say, "well they added, or they misunderstood, or they..."

  4. heart breaking!!! broke into tears but is worth it to watch it. about har nof attack predicted for the zohar...