14 December 2015

The Maccabees: Yesterday's "Heroes" - Today's "Terrorists"

2 Tevet 5776
Zot Hanukah!

There is no question that in today's politically-correct climate, our beloved Maccabees would be branded as "Jewish terrorists". And today, they would only have to lift a finger to a keyboard to be found guilty of terrorist "ideology" by the Israeli "Thought Police". By their standards, the Torah and the Siddur are in danger of being labeled seditious materials. 

Consider the source of the following article. It's meant to be a hatchet job, but it contains some fascinating insights as well. You might call this a modern-day Hanukah story. If the Maccabees were with us today - and are they not? - then this is their story...

Meir Ettinger: The face of Jewish terrorism

The Shin Bet describes him as a central figure in Jewish terrorism, 'a violent and dangerous ideological criminal,' while his friends tell of a quiet and pleasant young man who became a leader merely because of his writing skills; somewhere on the way, between the outposts he's been living in since he was 15, to his administrative detention following the Duma murders, Rabbi Meir Kahane's grandson has formed a radical and anti-Zionist ideology.

Read it HERE.


  1. Thanks. I think this is one of the most fundamental messages to try to get across to Jews today. The State does not equal Torah observance. In fact, it becomes increasing distant every week. The gov't is running scared. It's desperate.

    It look forward to the day when the Supreme Court Justices (and others) finally give up and leave,...for Europe probably. They'd be more happy and comfortable there anyway, I think.

  2. Is Meir Ettingers blog still online?

  3. I could say clearly that the police will pick on Israeli's; but they will not pick on refugees and illegals that infiltrated the country. Like Africans, Philippines, Hindi's, white trash etc etc etc... They just put police in the streets just to watch them: mission accomplished. What about when the byproducts engage in crimes and spread around Israel and they take drugs then what? Israeli's leaders are careless and neglectful scumbags and they deserve the oven's and gas chambers and they are worse than Hitler because Hitler never allowed such a thing to happen in Germany and europe. Instead of focusing on illegals and infiltrators, they pick on Israeli freedom fighters instead.