24 December 2015

A Final Warning

12 Tevet 5776

This is what I believe...

The Geulah is coming and no power on earth can stop it - any more than you can stop the sun from rising or a baby being born or the onset of Shabbat - ready or not, it's coming. By the same token, there's nothing any of us can do to force Hashem to bring it before its time. Despite what some well-meaning people are saying - it's not "up to us". Not anymore. That train already left. We are locked into the b'ita scenario and now we just have to suffer and hold fast til the end. 

No matter how well-intentioned their motives, you need to steer clear of people who want to rope you into doing something - anything - to give us some sense of relief and return to us a renewed sense of having some control over our lives. We're in a very uncomfortable situation and people just feel that simple prayer and clinging to Hashem is not enough. They feel a need for action. That "need" can get them into trouble. And it can get us into trouble if we get caught up with them.

The closer we get to the end, the greater will be the temptation to give up waiting and jump the gun to DO SOMETHING! We are the most vulnerable at this time, just as Chavah was in Gan Eden and just as Am Yisrael was when Moshe was up on the mountain and it's why I'm writing this to you now. This is the moment when you must be most on your guard not to make any regrettable mistakes.

I've been an outsider all my life. And I'm comfortable with that. I'm an independent thinker and follow the truth wherever it leads me. The closest I will come to identifying with a particular group is to say that I am a Torah Jew. And I feel that's all I want or need. And in the future, that's all there will be.

This may yet be the final test for us - to see if we can wait! It's a big test of our emunah to wait patiently for Hashem. The Sitra Achra knows this very well and will pull every nasty trick in his book to get us to despair of waiting. It puts a different light on the fundamental to "wait for Mashiach every day".

Of course, there are things for us to do in this world. I'm not advocating giving up on life and sitting in a corner til the geulah will arrive. But we know what our job is in this world. It's to learn Torah, do mitzvot, perform acts of chesed, pray, provide for the next generation, not stand idly by the blood of our brothers, pursue justice, uphold the truth. But nowhere are we ever told that we have a mitzvah to bring the geulah. It comes about naturally as a result of our faithful avodah.

The same can be said of the so-called "commandment" to be "a light to the nations". You can't go out and try to be a light by turning into a Jewish missionary. When we do all these other things, we simple are a light to the nations. It's a natural result of our commitment to and our observance of our covenantal obligations.

It should be clear to see that outside forces are working in this country to foment civil unrest among the Jews by hook or by crook. If it's not over this Duma issue, it's the Temple Mount, or if not that then something else. They never rest. They want us to give them an excuse to come in here to restore order after they've first created the chaos.

It's been hard for them. They haven't quite managed to pull it off because Hashem is fighting for us behind the scenes. However, the SA still has a lots of tricks up his sleeve. The only way we can hope to win is to stay humble, take no pride in what "my hand" can do for me, stay focused on the avodah, remember that we are the servants and HKB"H is the Master. He doesn't need us to do His job.

Beware of false messiahs and false prophets, even though they are sincere. They are sincerely wrong and you must guard against being mislead at this very late hour - the most dangerous hour of all.


Lowell Joseph Gallin said...


Unknown said...

Great article. Many thanks.

Elimelech said...

As Rabbi Avigdor Miller said, for those who live or have returned to a fully Torah observant lifestyle it is as if Moshiach is already here, and for Reformers Moshiach will not be any benefit.

Anonymous said...

From Leah R...

Thank you for the chizuk as always. I always check to see if there is anything new on your blog because you give me the strength to hold on, often. I hope when you say it is the final hours you are right. I am holding on by my teeth at this point... and will hold on as long as necessary... I feel that besides crying to Hshem and just being the best person I can be on all levels (though I fail all the time too), and improving there is nothing more to do. One thing I can't do anymore and don't do is make small talk with my neighbors, acquaintances, etc... blah blah blah.. that I always felt obligated to sort of keep up the conversation (my great American habits). I talk to Yidden like they are my brothers and sisters because they are, and if they think something is wrong with me I don't care. if I seem like a weird lady, fine. I am just me and if someone thinks I should be talking about mundane things now, sorry can't deliver. I don't want to talk the frum "talk" anymore, sick of it. I am so brokenhearted for the people who lost their lives yesterday i just can't stop crying... when I think of all the orphans.. i just can't... , I don't want to talk about nothing or provide some irrelevant details about my life to satisfy someone's curiosity. When people ask me how I am, I say I am waiting for Mashiach. That actually shocks some people, but I can't babysit grown ups at this point. It is time to wake, to face reality, it's serious. Hours, days, weeks, or years we don't know when the geula will come, but whatever Hshem's plan is we have to hold on close to him and get as many people on board as we can. Thank you for your courage. i am also on the outside and describe myself as a Torah Jew... I am glad to be in your company.:)

Devash said...

Maybe that statement makes more sense in its context. I don't see any connection to the reality. That's why we yearn every single moment for Mashiach to come.

Anonymous said...

I become closer to Hashem, but at the same time i feel brokenhearted. i used to send hot news to my friends, but not now. i just watch how the world is crashing. I'm scared? May be, but i feel tremendous pain. My Hashem give strength to all jews that lost their loved ones. And we also need strength. The father of my son does everything to turn the heart of my son against Torah and my new family, 2 years I try to convince them , nothing helps, i cried so much, the judge and social worker just helped him with everything he wishes, and he won in every direction. Recently i understood that i cannot do anything accept praying and cry for my son.
When i listen to this song i imagine that I'm Channa and my son is her son.

It's just unbearable. And right, suffering bring us closer to Hashem.

Please Hashem we need you!

Zahava said...

Wonderful post.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Leah, Hashem is with you.

Mashiach will be here soon. its hard, very hard, but we shall take strength from one another.
Thank you Devash, i am noahide, but believe in Hashem only and the coming of Mashiach soon.
Leah, Hashem bless you.. in my prayers you still are.

Anonymous said...

What more is there to say, you said it all, together with these wonderful commenters. May the geulah come speedily, in an instant, with great rachamim, and that we can all hold on until then. Thank you so much for the best blog there is and telling it like it is. May H' bless you with all the good you wish for you and yours and klal Yisrael. nili

shoshana said...

Love and agree most heartfully with your post. Your blog gives me so much chizuk! Keep writing to us -
It's so vital what you do. Your words in the middle of the night in my phone sometimes I cry in the dark I want geulah so badly. All the suffering and horrors in the world, in our land and to our people. Hashem have mercy.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Ger and I also consider myself A Torah Jew. I can't fit myself into any other slot. Theank you Devash for the strength you give us. You help us to stand up when all the pain from watching our brothers and sisters being slaughtered, children becoming orphans brings us to our knees. I am waiting to make Aliyah, waiting for mashiach, feeling like I want to scream. I play a game with myself here on the west coast deep in galut. I fantasize about finally being able to get on the plane for Eretz Israel. I recognize we are being tested. I only want to be with Jews . And frankly there are very, very few people here I can share my feelings with. The word mashiach never passes their lips. I am considered a little extreme. May we all do t'shuva and maybe G-d will take pity on us.


Devash said...

Emunah, today, every Jew who means every word of their daily prayers is considered to have "extremist views".

Anonymous said...

Dear Please Hashem we need you!,

I went through similar trouble with judges, etc., over 20 years ago, and looking back i ask myself why wasn't i calm, since HaShem was doing it all to pave the way for good, for my children, for me, and even the father!

Continue praying! The broken heart is a gift--nobody can acquire it by force and it brings you VERY CLOSE to HASHEM like nothing else can. LOVE AND BLESSINGS, savta

Daniel said...

Final warning? Sounds like you have reading the absolutelies613 blog.

I tend to agree with you except that I'd add that predicting Moshiach's arrival is another form of inventing a false one.

He may not come for another 100 years, and somehow we'll have to survive until then, even with psychopaths running the country.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Devash! I love this post it feels like it is just what I need to hear right here and now.

Anonymous said...

Reading these amazing comments that come from the heart I feel a tremendous chizuk!!! SC, thank you for your prayers and thank you for being on the right side! And the two anonymous posters who are dealing with courts, etc… you can’t imagine how many people I know who are dealing with such incredible challenges like these and I daven that all good yidden should have yeshuas and menuchas hanefesh! And like Emunah I also feel that there are so few people to talk to about this… and I live in Yerushalaim… And to Nili, I feel like you do. I also cry in the middle of the night or when I can avoid being seen. Sometimes, my little boy says mommie what is wrong, are you happy? How can I explain to him that yes I am … but… , I am not a depressive person but I am constantly mourning. Just yesterday there were … 14 orphans … Hshem yeracheim…

You can’t imagine how I feel knowing that you also feel this pain and that we are together, our neshamos connecting like this…. I am glad to know that I am normal and in good company. Some people … I don’t get them.. but they have no understanding of a Jew’s pain for another Jew or another righteous human being… who am I even talking to? Some people are very far..… .Like you said, Devash, people who actually feel every word of their tefila are considered extreme, not normal. My heart hurts for every Jew. I walk in Yerushalaim sometimes and I see pain on people’s faces. I see people are just dazed, going about their business but inside… lost.

Like Nili said, there is nothing more to say because Devash said it all.

I am with all of you in this pain and trouble, …and simcha in our love for Hshem and the truth, and simcha that we are real Jews with a heart and soul and we can still feel after SO much… we are not disconnected…. I know we are on the winning team and eventually it will ALL be good. Shabbat Shalom!

Leah R

Anonymous said...

Kol Hakavod, Devash!
You infuse life into our beings. We are waiting - we are at the end of the rope - quite literally. It is Only Hashem that can and will bring the Geula we beg for. And it has to take its course. How hard it is to wait and wait..... Personally, I try to use these days to to imagine for real that if Moshiach is here today and all good/bad/testing is abolished - where do I stand? I will probably cry so hard about what I could've still done and didn't and where I wasted etc. Instead of being crushed by this reality - since it is happening anyway, I use the time to really live and make decisions and perform actions that are worthwhile and will earn eternal pleasure. It's part of how I cope and see the good in these days. Yes, we are in tremendous testing time, but it is the most meaningful time and will not continue to stick around for long. It's a gift! Take advantage! Help another today! Push yourself a bit further! Anything! This is helping me and hope it helps you all a bit, too! Until we all meet for the unveiling of Melech Hamashiach, Amen! L08701

Devash said...

You read too much into it. I only meant to say that I don't intend to address the issue again.

Anonymous said...

Devash, you are a life line for so many of us.
thank you for helping us, Jews and like me Noahides, and i am sure other good people.
May Hashem strengthen us all who are just wanting to hold on to the right way of Torah, we do get sad and sometimes i feel the strength draining out of me, then you put something on this blog of yours, and it gives me the spiritual strength to carry on, hang on.. and beg Hashem for mercy..
May Hashem look down at the needless suffering of so so many and send us Mashiach.
Shabbat Shalom to all.

Devash said...

Thanks for your steadfast support, SC.

Anonymous said...

I am taking action by setting plans in motion for my aliyah. B"H it will happen for me before Rosh Hashanah.
Lori H

Unknown said...

“There was a little city, with few men in it; and there came against it a great king, and surrounded it, and built mighty batteries over it. Present in it was a poor wise man, and he by his wisdom delivered the city; yet no man remembered that poor man.” (Koheleth 9: 14,15) “Better is wisdom than weapons of war…” (Koheleth 9:18) and what is this “wisdom”? “The beginning of wisdom is the fear of Hashem…” (Tehillim 111:10) “The end of the matter, all having been heard: Fear G-d and keep His commandments; for that is the entire man.” (Koheleth 12:13)