06 December 2015

IMPORTANT! Don't Fall For This Trap!

24 Kislev 5776
Erev Hanukah

This is an important warning to good Jews who feel the chillul Hashem on Har Habayit intensely and who want more than anything to sanctify God's Name and demonstrate their love for Him through acts of mesirut nefesh.

When the Yetzer HaRa can't get us to do something bad, he inspires us to do something that seems "good" to us, but which, if done at the wrong time, can be catastrophic!!

We are told that Adam and Chavah would have been allowed to eat of the Eitz Da'at Tov v'Ra as soon as Shabbat had come in - if only they had waited until the proper time!

We know that Am Yisrael erred in their calculations about when Moshe Rabeinu was expected back from the mountain. In their fear and confusion, they gave up waiting for him, took matters into their own hands and built the Golden Calf. If only they had waited just a little bit longer!!

Here we are today, so very close to the geulah shleimah, and the Yetzer HaRa is hard at work on Am Yisrael, trying to instigate a similar debacle. Please don't fall for this trap!!!

Good Jews, tired and impatient with the situation as it exists on Har Habayit today, are going to try to force Hashem's hand this Hanukah week by organizing not one, but two assaults on Har Habayit with the stated aims to "liberate" the Temple Mount and to "remove the idol" from it. It is already being reported in the Arab media.

My faithful, well-meaning brothers and sisters, do not let your emotions run away with you and bring disaster upon all our heads. Use your mind and think logically. What do you really think you will accomplish with the weight of the governing regime and the numbers of our enemies standing in opposition to you and with not even the general public behind you? Such a situation as this has never ended well for us.

Remember the words of Rav Tzvi Yehudah Kook, ztz"l:

Rav Tzvi Yehuda Kook is quoted in Torat Eretz Israel, p. 283:

When people approach me with this proposition [to rebuild the Temple], I say: ...Just as there is a precept to build the Temple, there is a sequence to its fulfillment. The Gemara says, "Israel was commanded with three precepts when they entered the Land: To appoint a King; to annihilate the seed of Amalek; and to build Hashem's chosen house. And the Gemara continues, And how do I know which comes first? You have to say raise up a King. And how do I know whether to build the Temple first, or to annihilate the seed of Amalek? You have to say first annihilate the seed of Amalek. The Gemara is speaking of the initial entry into the Land and of the construction of the first temple, but the Rambam decides that this is generally true. 'Israel was commanded with three precepts upon entering the Land...the King's appointment precedes the war with Amalek, and the annihilation of Amalek precedes the building of the Temple.' This is a clear order not a haphazard arrangement." 

Chances are that the regime's security services will never let you get even close to your goal, but if they did, it would be for some nefarious reason of their own. 

If you look honestly at the situation that existed in the time of our forefathers - the Chashmonayim - you will see that they fulfilled the three precepts as laid out above.

First of all, the leader who called for the war was not just the Gadol HaDor, he was the Cohen Gadol - the actual leader of the nation of Israel at that time when we were without a king. Furthermore, they fought the invaders and the Hellenizers for twenty-five years and destroyed the enemies who controlled Har Habayit before they came to purify the Holy Temple and re-institute the sacrificial service there.

Rebels chafe at the very idea of "waiting", but waiting can be the biggest and hardest test of all. THINK WELL BEFORE YOU ACT!!


  1. Since people are saying that the decree was delayed a year, maybe Moishela's predictions will come true this year.

    "To Am Yisroel I want to tell you that when we come to Chanukah we are going to have very great spiritual happenings that will remind us of the Maccabim, that will remind us of our greatness, will remind us of our Bais Hamikdosh, even though we will be very frightened and we will be such a tiny little group surrounded by huge amounts of wild people with terrible weapons, but still our hearts will be full of joy because we will feel again what the Maccabim felt even though we will be terribly afraid. It will seem impossible to ever get out of that situation, but Hashem will help us and we will, and after that will come Asara B’teves and we will mourn like we never mourned before. We will cry and beg like we never did on Tisha B’av, beg and beg Hashem to rebuild our Bayis our Bais Hamikdosh, and not let the Goyim do the most outlandish thing of destroying the Dome of the Rock and instead building Chas Veshalom there a temple to the Avodah Zorah of their new Religion Chas Vesholom, Yemach Shemam Vezichram. That is their plan to build on top of Har Hamoriah, Har Habayis a temple to the Avodah Zorahs, the worst Avodah Zorahs."

    Maybe this is what he was talking about. Maybe these are the acts which remind us of the Maccabim. maybe it will cause the arrival of the foreign peace-keeper troops. Maybe they will take over Har Habayit because of this and start planning how to turn it into a "House of Prayer for all Nations" only the prayers will go to every god of every religion, chas v'shalom!

    - a voice in the wilderness

  2. I will have to research this. I do not believe that one misswah d'Oraitha here prevents the next one on the list to be acted upon.

    Rabbeinu Tzvi Yehuda's opinion is only opinion. (I won't get into my issues with his opinions here.)

    1. It's the opinion of the Gemara and the Rambam. Rav Tzvi Yehudah is just quoting them.

    2. Like I said, I have to look into this. I have heard several understandings of the Ramba"m, as well as if this order prevents the conducting of mitzvoth which come after. Furthermore, the completion of the Midqash is not necessary for the beginning of bringing qorbanoth. We should not be confused about this. The Qorban Pesah may be brought this coming 14 Nissan (Ramba"m), if at all humanly possible, and in our current state of impurity. Additional qorbanoth may also be brought, with the construction of the mizba'eh, which needs only to overlap part of where the previous one was located.

    3. That's a whole separate issue. And why hasn't it been brought before now? Because the ruling regime blocks the way. It's abundantly clear to everyone that the regime has to be replaced before anything can be done about building the Beit Hamikdash. And the enemies who are already there must be removed. There's nothing to argue about. It's clear that this is the reality.

  3. Think 'voice in the wilderness' said something that sounds very possible. Even this obsession with the rebuilding now of the Beit Hamikdash sounds that there is a great amount of Esav/Erev Rav influence to it. H' is guiding everything and we are not allowed to jump the gun. There are a number of good reasons that the poskim all feel that we are not allowed yet on the Har Habayit.


  4. The question I have is, Do a majority of Halachic Jews live in Eretz Israel? If they do then everything is now Derita (Biblical law vs. Rabbinical law)