14 December 2015


3 Tevet 5776

Moishela's latest message is entitled "Don't Get Confused". With the help of his and others' messages, I think I'm beginning to understand better what is really going on in our world. In the previous week, he had stated: "The forecast that I can foresee for this week is very bad and very difficult. Difficult for the whole world. The unimaginable will become reality IY”H." And then, this week he followed it up with: "It was a bad week this week. ..., the new world order has brought the world infinitely closer to doom and destruction."

Before getting into whatever it was that happened last week, let's first establish once and for all that the New World Order is not a "conspiracy theory". It's a conspiracy FACT! (Watch this 10-min video.)


So what Big Thing happened last week? On the very last day of the week, on Shabbat, something so important and so historic took place that those involved termed it no less than "...a historic day, a major date to go down in the history of mankind."

World leaders hail Paris climate deal as ‘major leap for mankind’

And they're not overstating its significance at all. This agreement is going to be enforceable! "A historic, legally binding climate deal...." Obama observed: "...the deal shows what is possible when the world stands as one.”

Their "One" to replace THE ONE.

They've already accomplished a global economic system. This year alone, they've succeeded in erasing national borders. This 'major leap for mankind' has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with global government. And let's not forget the One World Religion which is not a single religion, but an amalgam of all the world's religions.

We Need a United Nations of World Religions

...Globalization made it so the social and economic fates of the world's major powers were tied together. The U.N. and similar international organizations have played a key role.... 

If such an alliance can be used to unite independent states, could a similar model work for world religions? This was an idea proposed last year by former Israeli president Shimon Peres. He suggested that an organization called "the United Religions" could bring together leaders from various worldwide religions with the goal of promoting interfaith peace and understanding. In Peres' eyes, Pope Francis himself would head up this "UN for religions" because he is universally respected and could spearhead efforts to broker peace in the Middle East. 

...Then there's the issue that some religions consider themselves the one true faith. To join a United Religions organization in which — ostensibly — each religion exists on equal ground would be akin to blasphemy.

...For the sake of this thought experiment, though, let's pretend that someone pulls this off and the United Religions is established as a sort of Justice League for religious leaders. Could they really effect positive change? Peres thinks so because the world has so drastically evolved over the past half-century. “In the past," he explained, "most of the wars in the world were motivated by the idea of nationhood. But today, wars are incited using religion as an excuse.”

No doubt Shimon Peres will suggest that the Old City of Jerusalem, as the center of the world's three major faiths, be made an international center for the United Religions with it's headquarters situated on the Temple Mount along with a "House of Prayer For All Nations".

This, I believe, is what the autistic messages are referring to when they talk about a "Temple to Avodah Zarah".

But, back to Moishela's message. How is all this moving us closer to WW3? At the pinnacle of this power will be one nation. The US has been poised to assume that position for a very long time, but it is being challenged by Russia who wants it for itself. Apparently, WW3 occurs when they go to war over it. Whichever one wins will be the nation of Magog who ultimately comes to conquer Eretz Yisrael and whoever leads that nation will be Gog. Right now, that means US/Obama vs. Russia/Putin. And that's how they can both be NWO and yet be battling each other. Who will sit on the top of the pyramid? Still, maybe they will mutually destruct, leaving Rome/Vatican/Pope as GoguMagog.

Be prepared for anything and know that HKB"H is still The Almighty!


  1. Excellent post. The last line of your next to last paragraph says it all. Always think of Tehilim 83 when reading about their plans.


  2. Without getting into the whole NWO debate, and by extension the Vatican's involvement, the recent trends coming out of there seem to lean heavily in favor of it being true vs conspiracy. From the Pope's prominent role in the Global climate scam, to embracing gay marriage, there seems to be a common denominator between them and the Western powerful "progressive" movement. The most recent directive to not convert Jews anymore, is really telling. If the ultimate objective is a new one religion then that makes alot of sense.
    One other point on the Vatican, if you think about it, the Vatican is the perfect center for a massive scam. They're not accountable to anyone, will never be audited, and can keep whatever secrets they want under lock and key.
    The Truth

  3. Excellent vid! Let me tell you, people who thumbs-up such vids on youtube are going out on a brave limb, ever since Goog (GOG?) took over YouTube and globalized everything so everyone is traceable.

    Perhaps rename it GOGle Magoogle?