23 December 2015

A Word to the Wise

11 Tevet 5776

Anyone who thinks the American elections are anything more than a circus show is out of touch with reality. Anyone who thinks the whole process is not rigged and that people actually have a choice and that the winning candidate can actually act independently of the global cabal and change things for the good over there is completely cut off from reality. It's all a show to pacify the masses until the noose is ready to be drawn tight.

Anyone who thinks that Israel is a sovereign state that's both Jewish and democratic is living in a dream world. It's none of the above. Best to face the facts. The globalists conquered us without a fight. The criminal Erev Rav regime opened the gates, invited them in and sat down to sell out their country and their people for whatever crumbs they were offered in exchange. The FBI has offices here. The US has eight military bases here. Wake up!

Whoever think the US is a medinah shel chesed and the best in the world for the Jews is living in Cloud Cuckoo Land. The US has exported a debased and vulgar culture around the world and has caused untold misery wherever it has gone to "improve" things. It never did anything out of the pure goodness of its heart. All the "aid" it sent to places in need was accompanied by missionaries. Don't want the missionaries - no aid then. And who can number the Jews who succumbed to the silent Holocaust of assimilation and intermarriage in the great melting pot?

America was infected soon after birth with a deadly virus which replicated and spread to every corner of the land before reaching out across the oceans to infect the entire world. The real global cabal - the Illuminati - just like a virus - invaded the new country and began to take over one institution after another and use each one to churn out still more until no place was left without its control and influence. This is the New World Order and the pope is at its head.

The name of the current pope is a hint to his significance in these times...

GeOrGe MArio BerGOGlio

There was tremendous significance to the fact that in Tishrei 5776 he made history by visiting first the White House and then addressing the US Congress followed by a speech at the UN where the Vatican flag was raised for the first time alongside the 'Palestinian' flag.

What this man and his 'elite' are doing will bring about Gog uMagog and the New World Order of Mashiach.


  1. man proposes, God disposes. they can make all the plans they want. what's coming is the REAL World Order of Mashiach, not their "New" World Order

  2. So glad to have finally met outspoken, smart, lovers of Hashem soulmates who don't live in Lalaland and 'get it'. I have been calling through the rooftops, spreading this message for 8 long years - my blog, Israel Truth Times, was started in December 2007; and now people finally understand, this is not conspiracy THEORY, this is CONSPIRACY.

    But as you say, Devash, this is what will usher in Mashiach, Bimhera Beyameinu.

    Thank you, and thank you for posting the link to my blog. Open it up, read it, there is so much information here.

    On another note, Bennett is one disgusting politician; I hope he doesn't get away with this.

    Kol Tuv

  3. Yosef from the Galil23/12/15 2:53 PM

    I did a search because I did not believe your 8-US-bases assertion.
    Um... $&@*#&@, IT'S TRUE!!