22 December 2015

The Voice of the NWO Echoes Across the Land of Israel

10 Tevet 5776

"You must give up all your civil liberties so that we can keep you safe." 

Failure to bring Duma attackers to justice could risk 'setting region on fire'

If they really believe that then they must believe it would also justify condemning innocent men for the "good of the many" - typical twisted NWO 'morality'.

These Israeli politicians are all just puppets answering to their higher up puppetmaster. There is no recourse of appeal to them, their better natures, the courts, or nothing. Only the combined voices of good Torah Jews can have an impact, because Heaven takes note of it and will intervene on our behalf.

They're going to make the same mistake as every other empire that ever set itself against the Jews. They have to answer to our Abba!