03 December 2015

Mashiach and Geulah

21 Kislev 5776

For your learning and enjoyment...

Geula Update from Rav Berger - Vayishlah 5776

We Can Bring The Mashiach Together

What Can A Person Do To Be Spared The Suffering Of The Coming Of Mashiach? - Pt 1

What Can A Person Do To Be Spared The Suffering Of The Coming Of Mashiach? - Pt 2

The War Of The End Of Days And The Two Mashiachs

Is Mashiach Coming Closer?

The Two Faces Of Redemption

Mashiach – Whats It Like?

Chevlei Mashiach: Test Our Strength


  1. http://www.globalresearch.ca/turkeys-blockade-of-russian-naval-vessels-access-to-the-mediterranean-russias-black-sea-fleet-completely-cut-off/5492688
    Shabbat Shalom and Bessorot tovot
    Itzhak. Jerusalem.

  2. Thank you so much for these links. They're wonderful.

    Sarah G K

  3. Dear devash, is there any hint who the mashiach might be? We hear the whole time dvarim from holy rabbis about his imminent coming and there is the video of the boy that came back to live,claiming him to be a baal tshuva that was mekarev a lot of jews. Any suggestion about him?

    1. "Those who talk don't know and those who know don't talk." ;-)

    2. I just listened to R' Kessin's video of this past summer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlxlCq0cV5g&spfreload=10

      I'm trying to reconcile the sequence he stated per the Zohar, with that stated by 15-yr old Natan as per his dream.

      The two do not jive, otherwise the BHM"K would have been built already PRIOR to Gog/Magog.

      In Natan's dream, R. Ovadya Yosef told him that the War of Gog uMagog would begin in 2015

      Whereas at the end of R' Kessin's video (1:59) he gave a sequence of events as per the Zohar. He implied that MB.dovid should arrive in 2030, 15 years from now, with sequence as follows: (1) rise of Yishmael (2) fall of Yishmael (3) war yishmael vs. edom (4) entry of MB.yosef (5) bldg. of BHM"K (6) revelation messianic light (7) war of gog-from-land-of-magog attacks jerusalem in messianic war vs. MB.yosef cuz they see judaism is at the top (8) MB.dovid will wipe out Gog (9) beginning of techiyat hameisim.


    3. Well, even according to this, a common newspaper will tell you we're already up to number 4.

      After Rabbi Kessin repeated false information regarding the so-called "blood moons" in a shiur based on something he heard but did not properly check out, I do not trust anything else he says. Of course, the number of rabbis I trust gets smaller every day, but that's just me.

      I imagine you could ask several rabbis and get several different lists like this and the same with "sources". In fact, the events may very well be flexible depending on our teshuvah. In the end, we're not going to know properly until it all happens and since we are living it out now, it shouldn't take that long.

      But, it's wishful thinking to imagine that the US has fifteen more years in it.

      The dollar is their god. it says so on their money - "In God We Trust" - and money is what they put their trust in. The gematria of dollar is 240 (same as "Amalek" and "doubt". In 2016, the US will turn 240 years old. I have no doubt at all that they will fall along with their money-god in that year - if not sooner.

      WW3 IS GoguMagog according to the Chofetz Chaim and some say it started the day Russia invaded Syria.

    4. Wow, what you stated about 240, Amalek, and 2016 is fascinating,
      ...as is what I heard Yuval Ovadya state about USA being Esav (read backward).

      Thing is:

      (1) I believe I heard Yuval Ovadya bring blood moons into the pic. in one of his very recent video's.
      So it's not just R' Kessin.
      Also, I've seen blood moons emphasized in at least one very conservative Jewish periodical.
      And the list is probably longer than that.

      (2) R' Kessin seems quite substantial to me. I get the feeling he's a peaceful spiritual person. I'm more attracted to his relaxed style, than to certain other lectures which disquiet my nerves due to cumulative years of stress. Heegeeyu mayim =beyond= nafesh. Both in Israel and the U.S. I've been =massively= wounded by various authorities.

      Consider it like the blind men and elephant. We've each accumulated our shares of disillusionments, albeit with our own points of reference. Perhaps we can take in "just so many" contradictions until we reach popping point. So I figure, I may as well chill out and listen to contradicting viewpoints on Coast-to-Coast as anywhere. Um, well...at least the interesting ones...

      Insofar as USA vs. Aliyah to E"Y, why doesn't Rav Kanievsky (and autistics) provide practical one-on-one helpers for painfully-ill isolated people like myself, who are in stressful circumstances, such as Sjogrens and much more. Funds transfer and so forth (however minimal the funds)? And there's way more to the story beyond the scope of what's postable. It would require a real-life helper.
      So, knock-knock - autistics - are you ready to address those like me too?

  4. FYI, an aspect of R' Kessin conveying his hashkafa.
    (note - the beginning of the vid. is a bit jumbled)

  5. And finally, interestingly, the below vid. has R'Kessin's audience telling him about the 15-yr old's dream, complete with Gog-Umagog having started.

    You can hear R'Kessin's responses at the tail end of the vid.