22 December 2015

"World's MAFIA vs MASHIACH ben David"

11 Tevet 5776


Anonymous said...

Nice movie ... but ! It has a very disturbing beginning, presenting Yohanathan Eibeshutz, the famous grandfather of the whole European Shabbaten movement. He is the very first "Torah sage" presented in this movie, in the very beginning his picture is shown ! So we could question, whether this movie would have some Shabbaten background. For information about Shabbateans and Eibeshutz in particular I can refer to the famous books by Rabbi Antelman "To Eliminate the Opiate", and "Bechor Satan" as well as to the research on the topic of Shabbateanism by Gershom Shalem. I do not outright accuse this movie to be made by Shabbateans, but rather urge to check it out. YV.

Devash said...

I have forwarded your comment to the person at their organization who sent it out. I will let you know what they say.

Anonymous said...

Also, why do they have a non-Jew warning and talking about the holocaust at the end? Did not feel comfortable with the video. Maybe, it's the language barrier, but, hard to put your finger on it, but something???

jonathan said...

chas vshalom to say Hrav Yonatan Eibeshutz was part of the shabatean movement be careful about slandering a kadosh.

yaak said...

The vast majority of Orthodox Judaism has accepted Rav Yehonatan Eybeshutz into mainstream Judaism. He himself repudiated Sabbateanism and declared he has nothing to do with it. The claim by R' Yaakov Emden was fiercely debated to the point of a Hillul Hashem, but in the end, R' Eybeshutz has more or less been accepted into the mainstream of Judaism. The makers of the movie quoting him is therefore totally within bounds as he has been quoted by the great sages for the past few centuries.

Yosi said...

Already the beginning of the video is false: in the end of days Ismael will somehow keep th world in agitation for 9 months, not esav.... esav rules already for 2000 yrs.

Devash said...

Here is the filmmaker's response:

"...its a Christian guy who was intervied regarding the NWO, he says it - so what, we just quote from his words regarding the ten commandments of the NWO
his words about "mark of the beast" has nothing to do with our video and has no effect at all, every simple viewer would understand that..."

"...In Israel, every rabbi who give Torah lesson/lecture mentions Rabbi Yonathan Eivshitz,
I never heard anything negative regarding him, almost in every lecture the Rabbis mention something about him and his great Torah, This is the first time i hear something like this complaint..."

Sharbano said...

I'm not buying it. Fema camps? Millions murdered? Decades ago I researched many of these theories. What I found was a common thread among those who promulgated such ideas. They were virtually all centered around anti-semitism. It could be said this was the West's version of the "Protocols".

What I DO see is the utter corruption and a decadent society that governs Western nations. Ishmael speaks against this decadence of the West and the West claims moral superiority. I would not be surprised if Hashem isn't using Ishmael to show the West that the decadence permeating society will be punished. Just as the glorification of violence in entertainment has become more and more prevalent in its gory images so has Ishmael brought these images to the real world. I could go into greater depth but this should make for some thoughts on the matter.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Yishmael causes problems - peri Adam but the war is with Edom. It's Rome!


Anonymous said...

Rabbi Marvin Antelman and Gershom Sholem are the greatest experts in the field of Shabbateanism. Both are 100% sure and present in their books overwhelming documentary proofs, that Eibeshutz was not only completely Shabbatean, but in fact was the main figure in the whole Shabbaten movement conspiracy of the whole Europe ! Yes, it is not obvious at the first glance. He was a secret Shabbaten, posed as a normative Orthodox rabbi. That's why was he one of the most dangerous of them all indeed ! That's why one of the foremost holy Sages of that generation, the holy Rabbi Yaakov Emden, Kadosh and Tzadik, has totally dedicated his whole life to the fight against Eibeshutz and his influence, to the fight against all that poison which has penetrated into the soul of the Jewish people. We cannot just dismiss the very well researched scholarly opinion of Rabbi Antelman and Gershom Sholem, which is very well founded and proven by multitudes of documents and facts, and we cannot ignore the greatest Sage of that generation the famous Rav Yaakov Emden saying that Eibeshutz was Shabbatean. Just read the books by Rabbi Marvin Antelman.
In his books he also addresses the phenomenon of a sizable sector of Orthodox Judaism having now accepted Eibeshutz and forgotten about his Shabbaten background. Rabbi Antelman in his book proves that this acceptance of Eibeshutz is the result of a huge conspiracy of modern Shabbateans who infiltrated a lot of Jewish organizations, and unfortunately also infiltrated quite a few in Orthodox Judaism as well !!! An obsession with Eibeshutz, as in this film, could be a sign of a Shabbaten influence. In this case it would be a good thing to check the origin of an Eibeshutz quote. Meaning that the Rabbi in the film quoting Eibeshutz seems to be absolutely innocent of Shabbateanism, but it would be interesting to find out, who was his teacher, who've taught him about Eibeshutz, and the teacher's teacher and so on ... until we actually discover the conspiratorial hand of the secretive Shabbaten network with an agenda to manipulate the history, make the people forget about Shabbaten roots of Eibeshutz, and made people accept Eibeshutz and other Shabbatens into the Orthodox fold and slowly slowly disseminate the corrosive Shabbatean ideas into all corners of the Jewish people including unfortunately also a part of Orthodox ! YV.

Anonymous said...
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TB said...


hbza@gmail.com said...

The Vilna Gaon, ZY'A, writes very clearly that Harav Eibshutz ZY'A was
NOT a shabbathean and he saw (one of) the Kmaiya in question and said there is NOTHING wrong with what HaRav Eibshutz wrote.
I will take the psak of the Vilna Gaon over Sholem and Antelman....I mean REALLY???
I would also kindly and respectfully ask the owner of this blog to remove any and all negative inferences to the Gaon Harav Eibshutz ZTK'L. I repeat....The Vilna Gaon ZY'A held HaRav Eibshutz (and Harav Emden ZY'A, by the way) in the highest regard.
My sources for the aforementioned are many, on of them is the sefer "HAGAON" written by Rav Eliach, which comes with an approbation from Harav Chaim Kanievsky Shli'ta. In this book, there are copies of manuscripts in the handwriting of the Gaon, supporting Harav Eibshutz ZTK'L.

yaak said...


As I said from the outset, more or less the entire Orthodox Jewish world has accepted Rav Eybeshutz as a great rabbi and pious Jew. Your proofs from Gershom Sholem, who is a scholarly, yet unabashedly irreverent author, who has written volumes against Kabbalistic works - are in my view irrelevant. I see nothing good coming out of that author, so whatever he says should be taken with a huge grain of salt.

Whether or not we should accept Rav Eybeshutz should be based on whether or not you will find his works in Batei Midrash around the world. After all, if he were considered Sabbatean, they would not be found. Batei Midrash don't just keep scholarly books around if the author is not up to par. And it's not like Rabbis and Roshei Yeshiva don't know about the controversy about him - it is extremely famous.

So, I challenge you to go out to the big batei midrash around the world and ask if you will find a Ya'arot Devash or a Kereiti Ufleiti or an Urim VeTumim. And I will say right now that you will find such books in virtually 100% of big Batei Midrash.


Devash said...

Thanks for setting that straight. I had no idea.

Devash said...

I already removed all the extraneous information after reading Yaak's comment. I left the original to give context to Yaak's responses and for anyone else who raises the same issue.

x said...

Yaak saves the day, as usual ::))
That was very interesting, thank you, esp as I have no clue about Gershon Scholem but one of his relatives lives next door to me and keeps talking about him. So thanks for the info, now I can have a clearer picture.

shlomke said...

Shalom all. Both R Emden ZTL and R Eiybshitz ZTL are amazing tzaddikim and talmidei chachomim. Our Rosh yeshiva said a story that they are chavrusas in shomayim

Devash said...

YV, be advised that this discussion is over here. If you want to continue it, contact Yaak directly.

Anonymous said...

I met R' Yuval Ovadia and his wife on their recent US lecture tour. She was a fascinating speaker, and I spoke w/her afterward about something pertaining to one of his warnings, namely, tzniut. I asked her - what is someone like me to do about the sort of neckline modesty her husband suggests, if I have developed very painful skin tags on my neck? And don't think i've not seen a dermatologist about them. He did nada, which is par for the course.

See, most doctors these days are probably part of the Cabal, as I've discovered over the course of decades, to my utter pain and disillusionment. To more better explain only some of the road i've travelled - read about Dr. Perry Rosenthal and his patients
in this site and elsewhere:

...and then you may realize why it states "Tov she'berofim l'gehinnom"

Dr. Becker of Body-Electric fame was also gagged.
Dr. Lagerholm, Karolinska, was also gagged by colleagues.
the list goes on ad nauseum.

Everyone thinks its mostly the "dollar" that's the golden calf.
Think again.
it's dollars =plus= doctors =plus= hi-tech & more

BTW, empathic doctors are a TINY minority vs. the Cabal.
As are many genuine therapies, which have been suppressed.
Here's one of the simpler NWO Pyramids explaining why: