16 December 2015


4 Tevet 5776

"D-day, December 16, 2015. It’s now the dawn of that day when either the Fed Does or the Fed Doesn’t. It doesn’t matter. Let me share something counter-intuitive. Whether the Fed raises interest rates or not, this Wednesday is D-day for the Fed’s economic recovery because the Fed is Damned if it does and Damned if it doesn’t. I’ll certainly show you why, but the counterintuitive part is that you can expect the market to crash upward as it leaves Wonderland and returns to reality.

...you will very soon be able to look back and see that this day, Wednesday, December 16, was the turning point — the day when the Fed’s illusion of recovery ended because the hot air was turned off. This is the day when we move back into the Great Recession — the start of the second dip that I call 'the Epocalypse'."

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