22 December 2015

If This Doesn't Make You Weep, You Have No Jewish Soul

10 Tevet 5776

On this the first fast day of the year done in remembrance of the loss of our Beit Hamikdash, we certainly have what to mourn. For if we were worthy of having the Beit Hamikdash restored to us, we would not be hearing news like what came out today.

The attorneys for the young Jews who have been locked up and tortured by the Shin Bet in an effort to get them to confess to a crime for which there is no evidence of their involvement brought out a further detail of their horror. Today, it was announced that in addition to other horrific torture, one of the "detainees" was sodomized. 

Oh, it gets worse.

Defending the Indefensible

Just hours later, Naftali Bennet, the head of the inappropriately named "Jewish Home" party came out firmly behind the Shin Bet and said whatever they decide to do in the course of their work is "legal". Yes, and what the Nazis did in Germany was also "legal".

Shortly afterwards, the Prime Minister himself confirmed that the rot starts at the top and runs right through the entire corrupt system as he confirmed that his office, the Justice Department and the Judicial Departments all back the Shin Bet on this issue. He confirms that the entire government supports the Shin Bet in their brutal torture of young Jewish religious men. To add insult to injury, it is the Arab Justice on the High Court which is ruling in this matter.

And I'll have you know that in their minds, if you dare to question them, you are also "The Enemy". That's how  all repressive regimes work. As George W. Bush put it after 9/11 - "You're either with us or you're with the terrorists." In other words, if you disagree with the government's policies, you might as well be one of the terrorists and deserving of their fate.

It's a dark, dark day when such blatant evil is so vociferously defended by a government against it's citizens. And whoever remains quiet in the face of such wanton injustice will have much to answer for.

Where is the outcry from the Diaspora leaders where they know what a real democracy looks like? Where is the outcry from the Chief Rabbis?

How can we not mourn the lost innocence of these young men who only want to live holy lives in accordance with the Torah; who only want what we've been praying for these past thousands of years - the restored Kingdom of David. The government's over-the-top reaction to these aspirations is a measure of their fear that they will one day lose control. That's a given. Their days are  numbered. They are tragically deluded if they think they can fight God Almighty.

This evil regime will fall and our King will reign - Long Live the King!


  1. They are all backing the Shin Bet in order to bring the same din of destruction on their heads in Shamayim, without them needing to actually do same to more Jews Hashem should save us.
    And now what, with smoke bombs in the midst of another PA house, with the same Muslims laughing their heads off??? We can now justify our own in house wars and get more Jews suffering to boot! Just put some Hebrew outside! Why didn't we think of this earlier?
    Hashem wants us to scream out to Him to save us.
    Forgive the anonymous comment but this Emuna Gal is officially going quasi off the record. I dont need no one coming after me, thank you very much.
    PS Dont think any other country is better. I told hubs about the situation, and he was like of course. Everyone country does that - they find someone they dont like and fit them to the crime, and torture them to get out a confession. Usually they get a confession easily. What else is new? Just that we don't expect this of Jews, that's all.
    At the time, everyone guffawed when Rabbi Ovadia Yosef said that "Bayit Yehudi" was "Bayit Goyim." Well, Bennet was majorly in favor of administrative detention for "Jewish terrorists" (so called ahem find me ONE please) so this doesn't surprise me to go further. Who was right - the scoffers, or the tzaddik???

    1. He (Bennett) was also the most vocal for a death penalty for terrorists and smart people were saying no, they'll use it against Jews.

  2. I cannot believe what I'm reading.... this feels like a nightmare!! All the way up to the top, NO ONE is even QUESTIONING any possibility of "misconduct"???? The world certainly won't bring Israel to own up to this! We are exactly in the position of having nowhere and no one to turn to, but Hashem Himself. Hashem have mercy on these boys!!! My heart breaks for them!!

  3. This is exactly what our holy Sages have foretold that we will have no one to rely on but our Father in Heaven. We are all screaming out to Hashem, please "shfoch kvar chamatcha....." and send us Moshiach Tzdkeinu 'b'rachamim'!


  4. There are simply no words and I am completely heartbroken. I can't believe what I am reading and the only thing I can do is cry and scream to Hshem... there is no one to talk to on any level, or front... I feel that we real Jews with a Jewish soul are a tiny minority... completely alone and I am not going to lie and say that I am not scared... I am just a simple person and I feel what is happening is beyond what I can even "manage" on any level... I also can hardly daven because there is not enough time in the day .. there is no day! I can't believe what is happening... Leah

  5. The holy Minchas Eleazar wrote, based on ancient jewish sources, that the seat of the Satan is in Eretz Yisrael, specificaly in Jeruschaloiym, that's why, but not only, the Beis Hamikdash was there to counter the darkness with kedusha and light. Today without the Beis Hamikdash we see the results. May the hekpers of the satan be fully destroyed and may they be obliterated in both worlds. And remember Rabbi Ovadia Yosef named them knowingly Beit Goyim, not Beit Yehudi. May Hashem protect us and send the gardener to uproot all the evil weed from israel. May it be soon in our days.

  6. Nobody can say they are surprised anymore in this sick world. The evildoers have to somehow release all their passions and just look. What bothers me the most is Israel is full of third world immigrants and absolutely nothing is being done about this and not many people seem to care. They brought their diseases and influence and the good people are suffering. Did you hear what the black man in america wants to do? He wants to move the lower-classes in inner-cities to white suburbs and he can do it. Also, we have no great rabbi's today and not so many others. The last of the greatest (as stated by the autists) was ovadia yosef bless his soul. Thank heaven this hell on earth will end soon.

  7. Unbelievably, this was the daily portion of Rambam Mishne Torah (10th Teves) for those who learn one perek a day

    Halacha 15
    A woman receives precedence over a man with regard to being given sustenance, clothing, and to be redeemed from captivity.[The rationale is that] it is common for a man to beg, but not for a woman and this is extremely embarrassing for her. If they were both held in captivity and they were both solicited for a (sexual) transgression,the man should be redeemed first, because this is not ordinary for him.