22 December 2015

How Can We Remain Silent???

10 Tevet 5776

At the same time they were bragging about how well they treated child-murderer Samir Kuntar when he was in Israeli custody...

Popular Al-Jazeera host Faisel el-Kassem posted the following photo to social media explaining “This is how Samir Kuntar left Israeli prison, with a belly and a doctorate, and this is how one appears leaving a Bashar el-Assad (Syrian) prison, profoundly undernourished.

...During his imprisonment, he was married. While he was later divorced, during his married years his wife received a monthly stipend because she was granted the status of a wife of a prisoner. He was permitted to enroll in the Open University of Israel, of course at Israel’s expense, and during his years in prison, he earned a bachelor’s degree.

...They were justifying this treatment of young Jews [WARNING: Graphic Re-enaction]...

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