24 December 2015

A Word About the Wedding Video

13 Tevet 5776
Erev Shabbat Kodesh

It's almost comical to see the religiously clueless and Jewishly unaffiliated secular politicians rush at every available opportunity to pontificate on what's authentically "Jewish" and what's not. In the end they wind up condemning Torah Judaism as "extremist" and heaping praise on those whose practice of Judaism would not even be recognizable to the forefathers.

What a gift the inciters and abusers received today. Someone revealed a video from a recent wedding at which young "hill-top" types were seen to dance with weapons in their hands and holding aloft a baby picture of the child who died at Duma. Proof that there are still informers among us even after these thousands of years. 

Although it's not quite the smoking-gun they think they have, it's enough to cool off (Amalek-style) the legitimate protest movement against Shin Bet abuse of power just when it was gaining some momentum. Now, if you raise your voice in favor of these prisoners' human rights, you will be branded as one with their cause and one with their tactics. That will give most people a pause. And yes, to most people who aren't aware of this subculture, it can be shocking. But while it may offend sensibilities, it's not illegal and it has no bearing on the allegations of torture and limitless administrative detention without due process.

After a huge public announcement a few weeks ago that new evidence was about to be revealed, to date, we've seen absolutely nothing tying these young Jews to the Duma fire. Both the Security Minister and the Defense Minister have gone on public record admitting that they have no evidence. To continue to insist that they are the perpetrators, but after all these months, no evidence has been found indicates either that the guys are guiltless or they are a lot smarter than the Shin Bet and can outwit them with their hands tied behind them. They might want to rethink what message this sends to our real enemies.

There have been such dances at some Jewish celebrations for years - long before there was anything called a "price tag". The only difference is there was no baby picture in evidence. It's not something I would do and it's not something I would want to see my children or grandchildren involved in, but that's because we are different people. This sub-culture as I define it tends to be very pro-Kahane. It's been my experience from the fringes that the neshamot who gravitate to Kahane are either Levites and Cohanim who act from a zealousness for Hashem's Name and Honor or they are Shimonites who follow their tribal leader's penchant for quick temper without the pure righteous zealotry of Levi. They like to mix it up. Shock people. Be a bit violent. And they can be very, very imprudent.

You can't say their sentiments are not Jewish just because it doesn't comfortably fit the modern "acceptable" version of Judaism. It's not my way, but it's a way. And we know that Shimon suffered greatly for his impetuosity and when the tribes settled in the land, Shimon was surrounded by Yehudah no doubt to be a positive influence.

However...  all that said... this is nothing but a smokescreen to delegitimize those rightfully protesting Shin Bet abuses and to redirect the media focus from the wrongs of the Shin Bet to the sins of those "extremist Jews" who "can bring the State of Israel down" and overthrow this government. My, oh my. These are the ones who are 'protectin' us from Hamas and Hizballah and Iran and ISIS. If these wild and hairy youth can pull off such crimes with precision and leave no evidence behind, there's certainly no hope to destroy our greater and more powerful enemies.

As I said before, it sends a very strange message to our real enemies and I don't think the Shin Bet has taken that in yet. They really need to rethink their strategy and longer-term goals.

Don't be manipulated. Don't be frightened. Don't be deterred. Stay focused on doing whatever is necessary to ensure that no human being is tortured in any manner on the holy soil of Eretz Yisrael. Justice is a requirement for remaining on our land. When we can't do anything else, we can speak up and we can cry out to HKB"H. And we can wait as long as it takes for Moshe to come back down from the mountain.


  1. Can you explain in a little more detail what exactly was going on in that video? The timing of its release was an excellent deterrent, as you noted, but the security forces say they have more, and make mention of a suspicious letter.

    1. Take anything that the government and it's minions say with a great grain of salt. Lying and embellishment is seen in the Middle East as necessary to negotiations. And they're also trying to cover their asses.

  2. B"H - http://thetorahrevolution.blogspot.co.il/2015/12/war-guess-who-will-win-it-those-who-are.html

  3. Yeah, torture is real Jewish.

    I had thought that the darkest days of my Aliyah would be what I experienced around the end of the second month, after the novelty wore off, after I had visited the kotel a few times, when the savings whittled down to scary levels, and the reality of the true challenges of language acquisition made themselves well known. However, none of that times 100 compares to my shock over the torture of teenage Jewish boys in the Duma incident and the downright bizarre comments by the Prime and cabinet ministers. American Vice-President Dick Cheney on his worst day would not order the torture of three teenage American citizens and offer the rationale that these kids threatened the very existence of the country. He’d be laughed out of office. The press wouldn’t let him get away it and neither would the average citizen. The Israeli Defense Forces must be in pretty bad shape if three teenagers threaten to conquer them.

    I have been observing PM Netanyahu my entire adult life and feel ashamed now to say that I looked up to him. He’s defending his people I’d say to those who accused him of war crimes. He orders military action only when he has no choice. That is what I thought. But now I think differently. And I suspect that I'm not the only one.

  4. My 1st thought when seeing this last night was that it was a set up initiated of course by the ones trying to clear their hands. These erev rav that incited the wedding guests were paid good money by the powers to be.

    1. It's a logical assumption, but I don't think this is the case here. And of course the family will want to distance themselves from it. They are afraid of being prosecuted or ending up in the Shabak cellars themselves. Not an unreasonble fear at all.

  5. The Shabak sent in their own people so they could make the video to justify their inhumanity. The father of the groom said that strangers arrived at the wedding that he did not know. EF

  6. Thank you for clarifying, Devash. It makes perfect sense.


  7. I have given up on most Israelis. This reaction to the wedding video entirely misses the point. These kids who celebrated the death of the family in Duma may have opened themselves up to prosecution. But what does that have to do with the other youths who are being tortured, who are being held in a Shabak detention facility and are therefore not the ones dancing in the video?. Because one group of "hilltop" youths celebrates over the death of an "innocent" family, does that necessarily mean that the youths who are being put through excruciating tortures would have also celebrated in kind?? Each individual has to be judged as an individual, and liberty for the individual cannot be determined by one's broad association with one political philosophy or another.

    Yet, apparently most Israelis fail to grasp that central cogent point which is a sign of rudimentary human decency. Watching this garbage unfold along with Livni, the Witch of EinDor's response in the knesset convinces me that G-d will have to destroy the existing ma'arechet on His clock because there is absolutely nothing that we can do as individuals to make the masses of Israelis into better people than the ingrates that vote over and over for other ingrates like Livni, the Witch of EinDor.

    Unlike you though, I can't "patiently" wait things out as the b'itah scenario unfolds because righteous Jews are dying every other day that we wait this out learning Torah and doing Mitzvot, even if G-d has given us no choice. It is not so simple to do our mundane Avodah as holy Jews are dying day in and day out. I have not fully figured out though what extra-ordinary action I can do to stop the bloodshed beyond the things that you recommend in the previous post. One thing is for sure, if the population here is so affected by this video to then sit in judgement of the tortured youths who did not participate in this Dance that they should be inflicted with 6 more months of torture, I have absolutely nothing but the most visceral contempt for those who think that way, and I will now sue for a divorce from any areivut with such "Jews" in the Heavenly Ct. That is one thing that at least I can do in these extra-ordinary times. Let human scum like Livni, Herzog, and Lapid and all their merry voters suffer for their own sins including this abhorrent sin of demanding that Jewish youths being held by Shabak BE TORTURED for several more months because a separate group of Jewish youths celebrated the crime at Duma during a wedding dance.

  8. A wedding is an affirmation of the continuance of life and the assurance of a future generation. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to me that the youth have adopted a song and a dance that celebrates the downfall of our enemies and the triumph of Jewish life in the face of it.

    And it is only warped western values which puts this stigma on "innocent babies". In another 14 years or maybe not that many, this baby would be slitting the throat of an innocent Jew. This is what he was being raised for. Our commentators tell us that killing the children of the seven nations was a mercy for them because they were never going to be able to rise above the perversions of their society. And an honest person will admit that this is precisely what we see here with the so-called 'Palestinian' society.

    The Powers That Be know how to bring peace to the Middle East, but they won't because it is their intent to bleed both the Jews and the Arabs dry and then take ove.

  9. These are the same people that committed a political assassination on Moshe Feiglin. He is the only one telling the truth all along. You may not like him. Maybe he made a mistake staying with Likud but he is the only only one saying the enemy has to go . He also is a student of Rabbi Meir Kahane. May G- d avenge his blood and the blood of all those cut down because they are Jews..

    Forgive me for saying this but someone said those burnt in Duma are innocent. How do you know who is innocent? Were all the men, women and children- flocks and herds of Amalek, also innocent? Really? Why did Hashem wanted them wiped out?


  10. Photo debunking the lies

    From Yossi Davidov (sorry. no time to translate):

    סרטון חתונת ״הימין הקיצוני״ שפורסם בתקשורת

    קצת מעניין שהיחיד בסרטון שהחזיק את בקבוק התבערה -היחיד- שהונף בחתונה, הוא אדם שלבוש בבגדי חול אשר שונים מאד מהבגדים (מכופתרות לבנות מחוץ למכנסיים) שלובשים שאר משתתפי החתונה.

    עוד קצת מעניינת העובדה שהחתונה בכלל התקיימה לפני שלושה שבועות אבל זה לא הפריע לתקשורת לפרסם זאת אתמול בשפה ערמומית שתגרום לצופה לחשוב שאתמול בערב התקיימה החתונה.

    אז אולי בכלל מדובר בשתול שנשלח על מנת ליצור פרובקציה מצולמת שתכשיר את דעת הקהל בבוא העת בעזרתה האדיבה של התקשורת ? כי הרי השב״כ תיאר לעצמו איזו ביקורת ציבורית תהיה כשיחקרו באכזריות הנערים היהודים.

    אה, ואחרון אחרון, מעניין שאותו האדם עם המעיל, מחזיק גם את בקבוק תבערה וגם את תמונת התינוק הערבי שנשרף. זו לא אחיזה נוחה לדעתי, לא? אז למה כזה חשוב לך להחזיק גם וגם?

    כמובן זו קונספירציה אישית, אבל מעורר מחשבה.

    הלכתי לשתות קצת ״שמפניה 2״

    Roughly, he says that the wedding took place three weeks ago, and that the person holding up the bottle and baby picture is not wearing the same clothing as the others. Interesting...

  11. On my wedding someone brought the full beans, FAVA. Without to ask, while there where 2 people deadly allergic to it. Does that make me, my husband, the rabbi or any of our friend a atempted killer???
    Same logica, right?
    Mida keneged mida step by step, don't worry about that.
    The SHECHINA is hovering above, so all the evil ones get the last chance.
    Hold on HASHEM.
    Hold on Hashem.
    Hold on Hashem.

  12. Holding on to Hashem is what Hashem is waiting for. Every real Jew who understands and sees what is really going on must now realize that he only has Hashem to hold onto. We are now in keitz hayamim and the world has turned upside down and the evil is so pronounced that even an idiot can see and feel it. This is all a setup, no doubt. We have to just put our faith in Hashem and distance ourselves from the phony rabbis (erev rav in sheep's clothing) who seem not to have any rachmanut on fellow Jews being tortured. We need a lot of tefilah and emunah shleima that Hashem will send our Moshiach Tzdkeinu ASAP.

  13. Right on target with the truth. Thanks.