17 December 2015

"A Black Day For the State of Israel"

6 Tevet 5776

Duma Arson Suspects’ Attorney: Our Clients Were Tortured by Shabak

Legal aid organization Honenu attorney Adi Keidar told a news conference Thursday evening that his client, a minor, one of the Duma Village Arson suspects, was finally allowed to meet with him, after three weeks of incognito incarceration—the maximum allowed by Israeli law—and that the same client complained that the Shabak, including senior officers, are resorting to unprecedented, violent means against the detained youths.

Attorney Keidar said that when he met his client on Thursday he could hardly recognize him because of the extreme violence the boy had suffered.

(You can read the rest here.)

Citizens scooped up in an abusive arrest and taken to a secret location where they are held without charge, without evidence of wrong-doing, without access to lawyer or medical attention, tortured and abused without contact with the outside world. Threats against family members. Where are the Jewish human rights organizations whose hearts bleed for Arabs? Where is the vaunted Israeli "democracy"? Where is the shame? Where is the outrage?

Ad matai, Hashem?!


  1. What does israeli society expect from a zionistic mind... even in the Shoa, they cared for religious jews to be deported (eichmann deal)this is the amalek species of the erev rav!

  2. Why are we surprised? These are the same people that have no problem uprooting our graves.

  3. Ditto to all these great comments! nili