19 July 2012

Where'd He Go?

29 Tamuz 5772
Erev Rosh Chodesh

In the closing hours of the month of Tamuz, shortly before the arrival of Rosh Chodesh Av, Bashar Assad is reported "missing" and the IDF is on "high alert."

IDF on High Alert as Syria's Assad Goes Missing
With the regime of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad teetering on the brink of collapse, Israel's security officials are looking north.

The IDF raised its alert level and canceled weekend leaves on Thursday as the situation in Syria continues to destabilize.


Meanwhile, ParObama has spoken and there will be no "response" to yesterday's spilling of Jewish blood. Along with this announcement comes a warning that we can expect more of the same.

Anti-Israel attacks to mount in sync with Syrian war, looming strike on Iran

...The US and Israeli leaders agreed to work together in the investigation of the bus explosion in Bulgaria.

Our sources stress that this is just diplomaticspeak for holding off on action. Despite Netanyahu’s pledge of a “strong response” to the attack, it was decided that a proactive response to the attack by striking an Iranian or Hizballah target would exacerbate a situation which US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta described as “spinning out of control.”

Israelis have learned in the three years of Netanyahu's tenure as prime minister that expressions like “strong,” “forceful,” “determined” “we cannot tolerate” etc. mean just the opposite. Israel’s enemies also understand him to mean that he will sit tight and do nothing.

However, an escalation of attacks on Israeli “strategic targets” predicted by intelligence experts in the coming days may make this do-nothing policy untenable. After all, talking to Obama won’t deflect Iran, Syria and Hizballah from their resolve to vent their urge for revenge on Israel


  1. He's running for his life because the suicide bombing that killed his brother-in-law and Defense Minister was orchestrated from the inside. He doesn't know who to trust now.


    His wife has fled to Russia:


    They will end up like Mussolini if the people get their hands on them.

  2. Interesting to note that this type of scenario and others like it used to happen once in many decades. Now, this has been happening toward the End of Days in rapid succession and every few days and weeks. to think of all that has gone in such a short time, I think and feel that Hashem is moving things aong very quickly.

  3. Report: Iran Quds Force Commander Killed in Damascus