24 July 2012

Only the sincere & serious should read further...

5 Menachem Av 5772

Rabbi Sholom Gold speaks on the real reasons for
Tisha b'Av and it's NOT sinat chinam or misplaced zealotry. If you only listen to ONE shiur about Tisha b'Av, THIS should be IT.

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  1. Unfortunately it downloads with a file extension on the file name, so the computer doesn't know what program to run it with.

  2. yonatan, please try windows media player its works...

  3. This happened to me at work and I told it to open with Windows Media and it did. In case you continue to have trouble and if anyone else is experiencing difficulty, I will try to upload the file to Youtube. If I am successful, you will see it posted.

  4. This shiur is not to be missed!!