"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

11 July 2012

Building Tension 1

21 Tamuz 5772

Tension continues to build towards WW3, but the following comment seen at a particular blogpost puts it in proper perspective:

"A Yid" wrote:

...Rabbi Yaakov Yagen, big Kiruv rabbi who travels the world for Jewish outreach was recently in the L.A. area...I will paraphrase what he told a crowd of over 400? some people...

On one of his latest trips to Israel he met with Rabbi Sholomo Cheshen (a Torah Gadol) who is a 7th generation direct decendant of the Chavruta of the Gaon of Vilna -- Rabbi Saadia Moliver.

Rabbi Cheshen wouldn't take any questions from Rabbi Yagen until he went and bought himself a newspaper and read that day's headline...(this will become relevant at end of comment).

Close to 200 years ago the Vilna Gaon dreamt of making aliyah, but was ultimately stopped each time. His Ruach HaKodesh made it known that he was not destined to settle there in his lifetime so he dispatched his 70 prime Talmidim, led by his personal Chavruta Rav. Moliver. These are the ones that ultimately settled in Tzvat, and following the great earthquake relocated to Yerushalayim.

Before his Chavruta left for the trip the Vilna Gaon told him 3 things to cheer his spirits as he was quite upset for leaving the Gra.

#1. Just like they studied together in Olam Hazeh, they would study together in Olam HaBa.

#2. He told Rav. Moliver -- You should know, that when your 10th generation is born in Yerushalayim the world is going to go crazy. This is the last step before the Redemption.

#3. When the Russians decide to come to the defence of Iran with missiles (or whatever was the exact word the Gaon used) against the Jews -- it will be time to acquire your Shabbos clothes to be Mekabel Pnei Moshiach Tzidkenu.

Rabbi Cheshen proceeded to share his news with Rabbi Yagen. He has an older sister who had a daughter (8th generation)...who had a daughter (9th generation)...who 16 months prior got married...and just a few weeks before their conversation Rabbi Moliver was informed of the news: a baby boy was born in Yerushalayim's Haddassah... Hospital. The 10th generation.

Rabbi Cheshen then told Rabbi Yagen to go read the news again..and recognize where we stand.

What did that day's headline read? -- Russia, suspecting Israel of attempting to preemptively attack Iran's nuclear program, was deciding to provide them with sophistacted anti-aircraft missiles to knock out enemy fighter pilots. Also see for the latest: Moscow may hand Iran S-300, breach arms embargo if Assad ousted....

That was from 5 July 2012. Here is from today:

Russia Sending Warships on Maneuvers Near Syria

MOSCOW — Russia said on Tuesday that it had dispatched a flotilla of 11 warships to the eastern Mediterranean, some of which would dock in Syria. It would be the largest display of Russian military power in the region since the Syrian conflict began almost 17 months ago. Nearly half of the ships were capable of carrying hundreds of marines.

NATO, Russian naval-air buildup in E. Mediterranean, French units to Gulf

NATO, which proclaims non-involvement in the Syrian conflict, and Russia, which vows to block foreign military action against the Assad regime, are both moving large naval forces into the eastern Mediterranean opposite Syrian shores.

A flotilla of at least 11 Russian warships has been detached from Caspian Sea, Black Sea and North Sea fleet bases and is on its way to the Syrian coast for a maneuver; NATO has consigned its rapid response Maritime Group 2 to the same stretch of sea - where also five Israeli warships are deployed. The Western alliance has also increased surveillance flights over the Mediterranean from the Geilenkirchen air base in Germany.

This rush of military movements is explained officially by the big air-and-sea exercise launched by Syria Sunday, July 8, to simulate outside aggression. It follows Iran’s practice of continuous military drills for repelling mock Western or Israel attacks.

The exercise began with a barrage of dozens of surface-to-sea missiles simulating naval and shore defense against approaching enemy craft and landing forces.
At about the same time, Iran embarked on a big air-cum-missile defense exercise in the south to fight off potential aggression from the direction of the Gulf of Oman and the Gulf of Aden, where US air force units are clustered.

Debkafile’s military sources report that this is the first simultaneous, coordinated Syrian-Iranian military maneuver for drilling action against an advancing enemy. It is synchronized from a joint headquarters established for the purpose in Damascus.

While these coordinated maneuvers are being presented as designed to fend off foreign intervention in the Syrian conflict, our sources report that they are in fact preparing for a potential US attack on Iran’s nuclear program, which is now expected in Gulf and European military quarters to take place in October, three months hence.

High-ranking Saudi princes associated with their national military and intelligence agencies frankly confided to Arab and Western officials on recent visits to Riyadh that the US and, possibly Israel too, are on the verge of war on Iran. “It is already decided,” they say. The only question still open is the date, which could be before or after the US presidential election on November 6.

In line with this prediction, France is reported in Paris to be massing a large naval force in the United Arab Emirates. The French nuclear aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle-R91 is expected to dock soon at the French naval base in Port Zayid on Abu Dhabi’s northeastern coast opposite the strategic Strait of Hormuz. The French are also boosting their air units at Al Dhafra Air Base, stationing them alongside a large American air force presence.


  1. You might find this interesting:


  2. BS"D

    Also apparantly the Vilna Gaon also said that when the Russian Navy sets sail through the Bosphorous, time for the Shabbos clothes as well!

    Well...that has now been ongoing...

  3. Thank you so much this is an excellent bit of information and I have added it to my documents that are available showing how close we are to Geula, B"H

  4. Moriah - How were you able to sit through that!? I only lasted 3 mins.

    A Yid - Thanks for publicizing this. Sorry I did not have where to email you for permission to repeat it, but I figured it's public domain now.

    Menachem - Glad to be of help.

  5. Comment received by email from Rav Yehuda:

    Greetings good Jews !!!!! If I'm not mistaken there is no source in the Gras books with that message,its just hear say..Keep up the great work..Kol tuv

  6. I would not expect that a personal message from the Vilna Gaon would end up in a book about the Ga'on. Stories of personal contacts with true Gedolim do not always end up in books. This is part of the reason why people find it hard to accept Kol HaTor. The Ga'on never wrote anywhere that he had given over these teachings. But the Ga'on's personal writings were sparse after the age of 40. So we have to rely on the words of his students. In this case I am inclined to believe the hearsay.