12 July 2012

More bad news for America's Jews...

22 Tamuz 5772

What a time for this to come out. But, would there ever be a good time for news like this? Jewish, Orthodox, Israeli. Three strikes and you're out Levy Yitzchak! Oh, the BBC just loves stuff like this.

Israeli jailed for illegal US kidney transplants
Levy Izhak Rosenbaum admitted brokering kidney transplants for profit, becoming the first person convicted over illegal organ sales in the US, prosecutors say.

He was alleged to have charged between $120,000 (£77,400) and $160,000 to arrange kidneys for three people.

He was caught trying to arrange fourth operation when the FBI launched a sting operation in 2009.

New Jersey prosecutors said Rosenbaum, an Israeli living in Brooklyn, used newspaper adverts in his homeland to find donors willing to give up a kidney in return for cash.

He was alleged to have paid as little as $10,000 to secure a donor organ.

He then helped set up blood test and services to ensure a proper match was arranged for those in need of a transplant in the US.
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  1. This is bad for all Jews not just American Jews but especially this gives a bad name to orthodox jews
    and to jews in Israel if this guy is
    an Israeli , Jews everywhere no doubt
    feel bad for what this jerk did .