31 July 2012

"Hanukah in July"

13 Menachem Av 5772

Excerpt from Eytan Kobre's column in the 23 Sivan 5772 issue of Mishpachah magazine:

...Chanukah will be arriving in mid-summer.

The great celebration of Torah known as the Siyum HaShas of Daf HaYomi will take place, b'ezrat Hashem, on August 1, at the very same time that the quintessential manifestation of Yavan, the Olympic Games, reach their midpoint in London. It's hard to imagine a clearer, better-timed contrast than this between the radically divergent worldviews of Yerushalayim and Athens, or a more bracing expression than this of an epic kulturkampf that first flared two millenia ago, yet continues in full strength to this day.

The Olympic Closing Ceremonies, estimated to be watched by 4 billion people across the planet, are scheduled to take place on 12 August 2012 or 24 Menachem Av 5772.

Now read this from the Chabad.org Jewish Calendar:

[On 24 Av] "The Hasmoneans reinstated the rule of Jewish civil law, replacing Hellenist secular law, and declared this day a holiday."


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