24 July 2012

They're digging their own graves

6 Menachem Av 5772

Israel’s security chiefs rally to disperse war clouds with Syria

...The chief of staff, like the defense ministry official, ...broke ranks with the muscle-flexing President Shimon Peres, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak, by urging a large measure of restraint against Syria’s admitted possession of chemical weapons.

The two Israeli security chiefs answered the Syrian Foreign Ministry’s warning Monday - that Damascus would only use chemical weapons if faced with “external aggression” - by making it clear that Israel is not planning to attack Syria. Therefore, Bashar Assad has no cause to target Israel for any unconventional warfare attacks he may plan.

Amos Gilead dismissed as “not credible” the rebel Free Syrian Army’s Tuesday statement that the Damascus government has moved chemical weapons to airports on its borders, along with equipment for mixing chemical components. He also said emphatically: “Hizballah does not have Syrian chemical weapons at this time,” thereby laying the ground for Gen. Gantz’s assurance.

Both sought to cut through the war clouds gathering between Israel and Syria since July 20, when US Pentagon sources first disclosed that Syria’s chemical weapons had been moved out of storage.

Debkafile’s military sources strongly doubt that Gilead and Gantz will achieve their purpose - either in Damascus or at home. They have only generated the troubling impression of an Israeli leadership divided against itself by broadcasting mixed signals on the highly incendiary issue of the largest chemical arsenal in the world in the hands of one of its most ruthless despots.

...Rather than inspiring confidence and calm in the Israeli street, Gilead and Gantz sowed confusion and alarm -most of all by their assurance that Assad is in “full control” of his unconventional weapons arsenal and it has not yet passed into “negative hands.”.

...By flatly contradicting the statements of Israel’s prime minister and defense minister, the two security chiefs caused extreme damage to Israel’s credibility without serving any beneficial purpose. How will this be taken in Damascus and Tehran?


  1. How does this dig their own graves? They are still in power and will be sending Israel's finest to fight a war, if it comes to that, for their own personal popularity and self-aggrandizement amongst gentile international media outlets and Heads of State. Perhaps we only have to wait a couple or more days to find out. G-d, I pray so. The first sign will be when Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner gets Benny Gantz's job.

    In the meantime, tonight is the 7th anniversary of the only Asifah, besides Siyum HaShas, that has really mattered during the last 7 years. 600,000 Jews gathered or tried to gather at the Kotel on the 5th and the 6th of Av to beseech the Almighty to prevent the evil decree from being implemented to prevent the destruction of Jewish life in Gaza and the Northern Shomron. 7 years to the day.

  2. The "cracks" are getting bigger and chunks are beginning to fall off. The entire edifice is just about to collapse. That's what I see.

  3. The decisions that they are making now which are intended to cement their "leadership" positions and bank accounts instead will bring about their downfall. Watch and see.

  4. We are running out of time. The evacuations of Migron to Lower Migron and the beginning of the demolition of those five buildings on Ulpana Hill begin next Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. From my kitchen window I can plainly see the lights and trailers of Migron on top of its hill. Something has to give by next Monday. Whether it is the collapse of the Euro, World War with Syria, something to do with Persia and the Olympics, or something else. We need a miracle now, not with the decay of an Erev Rav edifice that could take weeks. And a world war over Damascus keeps getting pushed off. We need HaShem's help within a blink of an eye.

  5. You've named several possible "earthquakes." In your experience, how many minutes (seconds) does it take a weak structure to collapse in an earthquake?