04 July 2012

Second Punch - "An Act of God"

15 Tamuz 5772


  1. Wow, while here in Israel we have been enjoying mid 80s. Comfortable bearable weather. Never have I heard of June being so hot, makes you wonder what July and August will bring. We need to really ask HaShem's mercey if it be his will on the USA.

  2. When those Ulpana families in trailers with poor air-conditioning are back in their homes, perhaps this will come to an end. In many ways that hill, Ulpana Hill, in Beit El is the nerve center for Eretz Yisrael. On that hill Ya'akov had a dream of angels going up and down a ladder from Heaven and back. I have been there and seen the ancient mikvah and the circle on which Ya'akov fell asleeep about 300 meters from the apartments slated for being sliced up into 108 pieces in order to be moved. And the top of that ladder was right over his head. And if those bulldozers come to dismantle those apartments after Tisha B'Av, oy vavoy what will happen to the world.