18 July 2012

Too Much News to Keep Up With

29 Tamuz 5772
Erev Rosh Chodesh

I just have to say that we have halachah about not traveling for pleasure during the three weeks for a very good reason. And there is halachah about when it is allowed to travel outside of Eretz Yisrael for a very good reason.

7 dead in bombing of Israeli bus in Burgas
32 injured after attack on Israeli tour bus at the Burgas Airport in Bulgaria on 18th anniversary of Iran-sponsored bombing of Jewish center in Argentina

WAR DRUMS: Israel blames Iran for Bulgaria attack...

Netanyahu Vows 'Forceful Response to Iranian Terror

Shin Bet Orders Flights to E. Europe Delayed

US 'Won't Allow' Iran to Close Strait of Hormuz

US secretary of defense Leon Panetta has issued a stark warning to Tehran as tensions rise in the Persian Gulf.


Levaya of Maran Posek HaDor ZT”L Underway

...the levaya gets underway, preparing to begin the journey to the beis hachaim in Givat Shaul, emergency medical personnel have already treated dozens of people. One can hear shouts for “Hatzolah” from balconies and in the crowd as there is barely space for movement on this exceptionally hot Jerusalem night. Police fear that chas v’sholom some of the balconies of the old buildings may give way as they are all severely overcrowded as is any and all areas providing a view of the levaya.

...A fence of some type collapsed atop people attending the levaya. There is a considerable amount of screaming as EMS personnel are trying to get to the area to determine the extent of injuries, which according to preliminary reports are all light. This is among the serious concerns of police, who are all too well aware of the old buildings and balconies that are simply not designed for the weight and the amount of people.

There are also many cases of people passing out, apparently a combination of the heat and emotions.

An earlier report said:

The police presence is visible everywhere, including the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway as hundreds of buses are traveling to the capital for the levaya of Maran Posek HaDor HaGaon HaRav Yosef Sholom Elyashiv ZT”L ,....

There is really no where for anyone who plans to attend the levaya in Meah Shearim to go. The streets are filled to capacity and needless to say the crowd swells far beyond the borders of Geula and Meah Shearim. Nevi’im, Slonim and all areas streets are simply packed with people wishing to be melave the meis of the gadol hador ZT”L.

Bus transportation in Jerusalem has been seriously disrupted to accommodate the levaya and residents are wise to distance themselves from any areas along the levaya route as well as the entrance to the capital from Highway 1 as the endless stream of buses continues entering the city.

...Announcements can be heard at this time urging residents not to lean on the guardrails of balconies, which are not designed for the weight and amount of people seen on balconies and rooftops in every direction.

NOTE:The high in Jerusalem today was 104 F / 40 C. That is the hottest day I have experienced in my 16 years here.

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  1. Who are you to judge exactly? Were you born the way these Israelis were? Yechi Hamelech!