12 July 2012


22 Tamuz 5772

People have been used to doing a lot of underhanded things and not getting caught. But, the Light of Redemption is shining brighter every day and its energy is beginning to make this impossible any longer. Everything is being revealed. If you have any secrets, best bear this in mind.

The World of Truth is coming and it will completely sweep away the World of Lies.

A scandal over rate-fixing is about to hit the US

...The potential scope of the unfolding scandal, now acquiring global significance, is enormous. Other banks that have disclosed that they are under investigation for LIBOR manipulation include big U.S. banks,....

Economists and analysts predict the LIBOR scandal could be one of the most expensive to hit the banking sector since the financial crisis, engulfing more multinational banks with fines that dwarf the one handed to Barclays and further eroding investor confidence in the banking sector.

...Robert Shapiro, former Under Secretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs in the Clinton administration and now chairman of Sonecon, an economic advisory firm, warned Wednesday that the LIBOR scandal could become the largest financial fraud in history.

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