09 July 2012

An Explication for this Blog

19 Tamuz 5772

Oftentimes, I post stuff without making it clear what the purpose is behind it; why I think it is important information to share. So, let me just say right here and now that the primary objective of this blog is to declare that there is no such thing as coincidence; that absolutely nothing happens randomly; that there is a Master Conductor directing the Great Orchestra of Nature and no event is without its Divine Purpose. Both the concealed and the revealed are attributable to the One G-d of the Universe Who has no equal.

If it seems that it is overly focused on what happens in the Unites States, this is only because the Unites States, as the “one remaining super-power” in the world, is the inheritor of Rome. (Ever hear of
Pax Americana? The term derives from and is inspired by the Pax Romana of the Roman Empire. ) As America goes, so goes the world.

According to all our sages of all times, Rome is the final exile and it will fall to Mashiach when the Final Redemption arrives. Therefore, documenting its slow, but certain, demise is a way of documenting the arrival of the redemption itself, which is the second objective of this blog.

So, when you’re reading my blogposts and I fail to properly explain the reasoning behind it, just look and see which category it might fit into. Very often it will be both. Take the previous post.

I see it as very significant that the US is suffering this heat wave since Rosh Chodesh Tamuz and that it is not only causing suffering, but is continuing to drag down their economy, which is where Hashem seems to hit them the hardest, no doubt because materiality is one of their false gods (Maybe the main one and also why the World Trade Center fell.)

(Why does this phrase only appear on the money???)

It was during this month that Rome invaded Jerusalem with the goal of burning down G-d's Temple on Earth. "Measure-for-measure" is how He repays His enemies. Look for it to get ever "hotter" (in one form or another) leading up to Tisha b'Av, the day the Holy Temple was set afire.

Technically, all the Christian nations are identified with Rome, so the EU, Russia, Australia and New Zealand will not be left out.

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