02 July 2012

Aw, it's gonna ruin the holiday

12 Tamuz 5772

Did you know that the Declaration of Independence was signed on 17 Tamuz 5536? It was a fast day for Am Israel and this is just another reason for it. How many Jews have been lost to the silent holocaust of assimilation? How many Jewish lives have been forfeited as a result of the US backed "peace process"? How many Jews are wandering the Holy Land homeless because of US pressure to dismantle "settlements"?

All excellent reasons to continue the fast of Shivah Asar b'Tamuz, but all the signs since Rosh Chodesh Tamuz indicate that the red tide of Edom's dominion is turning.


  1. I'm so grateful now, that I grew up without A/C, among other things.


  2. You might find this interesting:

    Aim of GHW Bush's post Gulf War I Madrid conference was to dismember Israel:


  3. Broken records:


  4. Esser, it probably wasn't regularly 100+ in the summer where you grew up.

  5. Moriah, it's pretty common knowledge, at least in Israel, that Madrid was the beginning of Oslo.

    In fact, today, you will not find one US politician or European politican and only a handful of Israeli politicians who don't subscribe to the "two-state solution," which is nothing less than the dismemberment of Israel.

  6. Point of interest. Newt Gingrich on D.C. Weather: 'Mild Taste of What an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) Attack Would Do'

    If they're having so much trouble with a week, can you imagine months or years? I certainly don't want to!