11 July 2012

Building Tension 2

21 Tamuz 5772

(Hat tip Leah S)

Tension is building against the Jews in America. They are being set up. Slowly, slowly the heat is being increased and the pot is coming to a boil. The question is, how much longer until it boils over?

When Bernie Madoff "made off" with millions of his investors' dollars, he became a very high-profile Jew and for all the worst reasons. Marc Rich, who also got "rich" from financial misdealings, was another high-profile Jew. He received a controversial presidential pardon from outgoing President Bill Clinton in January of 2001, allegedly because his wife Denise (nee Eisenberg) made a very substantial "donation" to Clinton's Presidential Library. But that was before 9/11 and before the current financial crisis, so the pot only simmered. However, his name is back in the news today, a reminder of what was past, because Denise Rich, a very high-profile Jewess in her own right, has renounced her US citizenship in order to save millions in taxes.

Of course, there are plenty of high-profile non-Jews doing the same kinds of things, but it is the Jews who are remembered. And then, something like this comes along, which just adds fuel to the antisemitic fires...

Democratic Politician Claimed No Jews Died in 9/11


  1. This building tension number 2 is the most frightening. Many Jews in America seem to have concluded that Obama's hatred is against Israel and its legitimization of the yishuvim in Yesha, and not against Jews in general. They have either the stupidity or the arrogance to assume that as long as they don't rock the boat, they are safe. Many on the left ingratiate themselves with their non-Jewish friends by showing contempt for Israel just like the contempt of their non-Jewish friends. The Satmar Rebbe uses this as an opportunity to back his call for perpetual galut until ben David shows up in a form that he might recognize him and is therefore afraid of any attack against Obama so that his Chassidim can remain in the American fleshpot. Yes, and many, but definitely not all Xtians will turn against us when their version of eschatology fails to pan out. There literally is nowhere to turn in the States anymore. Perhaps short of Aliyah (remember it is their choice), they should find a group of righteous gentiles to buddy up with when it hits the fan.

  2. The most dangerous xians are those fundamentalist evangelicals who are today touted as our "best friends" and supporters. In actuality, they are enamoured of Zionism, not Judaism and when our Mashiach comes and begins to turn this into a halachic state, they will turn on us big time.

    Think about it. Their Messiah is our anti-Mashiach - he did the opposite of everything our Mashiach was prophesied to do. And our Mashiach will be their anti-Mashiach or antiChr*st because he will do everything their NT tells them the anti-(Christ) Messiah is coming to do, except proclaim himself to be G-d. Yeshu did that already.

  3. Actually while Yoshke did a lot that was very wrong and probably deserved to die, he never claimed to be G-d Himself. Others claimed that for him after his timely death. And yes some of them are in the NT. I was not speaking about those Xtians who will likely think that either Mashiach ben Ephraim or ben David is the anti-X. Yet, there is a group of American Xtians who understand that human decency (the Noachide system) for its own sake is more important than their personal salvation. Some of them are fundamentalists, some of them are not. America bred these people in large part because a Noachide, Thomas Jefferson, played a major part writing America's founding documents. Also Gog Washington, one of the most pre-eminent FreeMasons of all time saw to it that America would be founded as a nation under G-d and not a nation under Yoshke. Now while America's tachlis is to serve G-d in order to make money (a golden calf type worship to be sure), America itself has born and bred a different breed of Xtians whose morality trumps both their eschatology and their personal salvation. The key is to discern between the two types of Xtians to befriend the goodies and not the baddies.

  4. I only believe that this is important because it is important that Jews in America who for whatever reason cannot make Aliyah, that they befriend righteous gentiles. So they better know how to recognize one to befriend one. Being in a group of righteous gentiles will keep them alive in the Perfect Storm.