11 July 2012

Building Tension 2

21 Tamuz 5772

(Hat tip Leah S)

Tension is building against the Jews in America. They are being set up. Slowly, slowly the heat is being increased and the pot is coming to a boil. The question is, how much longer until it boils over?

When Bernie Madoff "made off" with millions of his investors' dollars, he became a very high-profile Jew and for all the worst reasons. Marc Rich, who also got "rich" from financial misdealings, was another high-profile Jew. He received a controversial presidential pardon from outgoing President Bill Clinton in January of 2001, allegedly because his wife Denise (nee Eisenberg) made a very substantial "donation" to Clinton's Presidential Library. But that was before 9/11 and before the current financial crisis, so the pot only simmered. However, his name is back in the news today, a reminder of what was past, because Denise Rich, a very high-profile Jewess in her own right, has renounced her US citizenship in order to save millions in taxes.

Of course, there are plenty of high-profile non-Jews doing the same kinds of things, but it is the Jews who are remembered. And then, something like this comes along, which just adds fuel to the antisemitic fires...

Democratic Politician Claimed No Jews Died in 9/11