22 October 2023

The Comeback: The Road From There to Here

8 Marcheshvan 5784

Back on September 11, 2022, which was the 15th day of Elul, I wrote a blog post entitled The Final Tikkun: Revisiting the Golden Calf.  At the end of it, I added the following note (in part): 

This is likely the final blog post here at Tomer Devorah.  I'll qualify it with a b'li neder.  This is my intention, but if HKB"H has other plans,  I remain open to that.  The blog will, of course, remain here as an archive and there are fifteen years of almost daily posts to refer to on various subjects of Jewish interest.  I feel I have said everything there is to be said....

Before anybody gets upset, I'm not saying good-bye again (yet), but I want to make a point and in order to do so, I needed to remind you of this.  Okay.  So...

When I came back, it was July 10, 2023, which was the 21st day of Tammuz, and the first thing I wrote was, I guess picking up where I left off (fighting Eisav), A Critical Message for Am Yisrael: How Are We to Fight an Enemy Who "Loves" Us?

Three days later, I wrote the following in a blog post called Catching Up: Signs of the Times:

For whatever it is worth to you, dear readers, I will seize this opportunity to share with you my take on where we are holding in the process of our Redemption currently.  In short, I have never been more hopeful or more certain that we have passed through the pregnancy and through the labor and are now well into the birth as the head begins to crown.  

Our righteous Meshichim are here among us in Eretz Yisrael.  Several fit candidates can be observed.  The birrur process of separating out those who will merit, through their faith in and loyalty to HKB"H and His Torah, to live in the Messianic Era and those who will not is nearly complete.  

All of our enemies stand exposed and vulnerable to collapse and judgment.  The gods of "Egypt" are falling.  The power of the Erev Rav to rule over us is in steep decline.  Many, many good Jews have had their eyes opened to the perfidy of the State and it's illegal institutions and are ready to seek out a better way - Hashem's way.

I expected Tammuz/Av to be highly significant this year.  These two months are associated with Eisav and the height of Edom's power in the world.  It's no coincidence that the US unleashed the nuclear option on the world in the month of Av (Aug 6/9, 1945 : Av 27/30) or that a $100 million, 3-hour blockbuster movie named for The Jew held most responsible for it - "Oppenheimer" - would be opening to remind the world of this fact on this July 21st - the 3rd of Av.

The two nations who appear to pose the greatest threat of nuclear attack on the West are Iran and North Korea.  

It goes on about Iran and the famous quote from the Yalkut Shimoni which is ever more pertinent to our reality as the days roll on.  I wrote:  "America's power must be removed before Mashiach can be revealed.  It's the next step.  Watch for it."

On July 18, 2023, I wrote in response to a comment welcoming me back: 
"Nobody could be more surprised than I am to be back. I had no idea or plan for it, even when I wrote the first blog post on 10 July. It was supposed to be a one off. Yet, here we are. B"H!

Then, on August 3, 2023 (16 Av 5783), I posted For This We Wait all about the wars at the End of Days.   

From then until now, I had no plan for what to write.  Every time I wrote a blog post, I was inspired by something I saw or read or heard, and wrote with a very strong feeling of compulsion, like the information just had to get out.  The subject matter concentrated on getting us ready to received our Mashiach and preparing to weather the storms of war that were coming.  (It would be worthwhile to review the August 20, 2023/3 Elul 5783 post Three Steps to War?)

The War theme continued.  On 7 Tishrei 5784, I wrote, They Come For Us at This Time of Year, and I said, "The War of GoguMagog has already begun."

The day after Yom Kippur, I wrote in The Last Gasp:

I view this "accord" between Israel and Saudi Arabia as America's last gasp.  I think that when the truth comes out, we will find that it is the absolute most catastrophic thing they have done to us to date, which is saying a lot if you actually know the history of our "relationship."

I think we will soon see that this is the actual fulfillment of the famous Yalkut Shimoni, that the king of Arabia and the king of Edom [US] will collude together and [as a result] the King of Persia [Iran] will "destroy" the whole world.

And in the comments, I told someone:  "I have big hopes for this Hoshana Rabbah."  If you go back and look at the subsequent posts, I think you can get a sense of what I was feeling at that time...

Hoshana Rabbah, the Aravot, and the Erev Rav (13 Tishrei) - "This may seem premature as Hoshanah Rabbah is still a week away, but we need the mental preparation for what is coming.  I just read a comment that said, 'The country is falling apart....'  And my immediate thought was, 'The whole world is falling apart.'  In reality the World of Lies is being slowly and methodically disassembled to make way for the World of Truth."

What Kind of Sukkot Are We Going to Have? (14 Tishrei) - Even though it was primarily about the weather, it still carried a bit of the flavor of doom:  "'Behold God's awaited day is coming,... I shall gather all the nations to Jerusalem to wage war....  and the Mt. of Olives will split at its center....'  (Haftarah, First Day of Sukkot)  ...  Remember:  All is for our ultimate good.  We win in the end!!"

Moadim l'Simchah - Sukkot 5784 (17 Tishrei) - "It really feels like the world is standing at the foot of a giant dam behind which tremendous pressure is building up day by day and right now, that dam is full of cracks that grow larger by the hour.  At some point, it's going to break, we just don't know when.  Only don't be surprised when it happens.  It's inevitable."

THIS IS WAR@ SUKKOT!!! (October 4/ 19 Tishrei) -  "We have no rights in our own country, not even the right to self-defense - not from Yishmael (as is clear) and not from Eisav either (just as clear).  Who cares about the Jews??!!!  No one except our Father in Heaven, but He is all we need or want!!!  And their time is coming to an end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

Are We Ready Yet? (October 5/20 Tishrei) - "Tonight/tomorrow is Hoshanah Rabbah - the final sealing of the fate which was decreed for each of us on Rosh Hashanah.  Are we ready for Mashiach yet?  That is the big question.  He is going to do some very unpopular things that are going to upset the nations and the turncoat Jews.  Are you ready for that?"

This was written on October 6, 2023 (21 Tishrei/Hoshana Rabbah).  It concentrated on HKB"H's aversion to idolatry and His anger at our violation of the covenant, ending with the quote...

 "The Evil will befall you at the End of Days"

And we all know what came the next day. - October 7th (22 Tishrei).  Nothing I could have ever imagined or anticipated, but I just had this feeling that something reality-shifting was hovering - the thing that would really launch us into the final stretch of the complete redemption.  Like strapping us into a ride that was going to be wild and dangerous and scary but would not stop until we had reached the end.  

Since October 7, 2023 - I have written for hours and hours, every day but Shabbat - 16 blog posts in 15 days, all about the aftermath of the Simchat Torah Massacre which I interpret to be the opening shot of the third and final War of GoguMagog.  I feel like I was brought back to the blog just for this and for the lead-up to this.  For the aftermath - beyond today - I don't know.

Today, I finally felt able to relax a bit - like the  job is about done.  We've already been warned by Homefront Command that we might be without electricity at some point.  There might come a time when I won't be able to publish any more blog posts for awhile, so I wanted to get everything down and out in the public sphere in time for that possibility.

I still say "This is IT!!" as explained over the past two weeks.  Just keep telling yourself "ayn od milevado."  HKB"H is the Master of the Universe and He is in complete control.

"The Road From There to Here" - where does it go now? War for the foreseeable future and everything that goes with it.  Grab hold of HKB"H and don't let go!!!


  1. This political/military analysis is well worth the time to listen. Always sad, however, to see at the end of these things how the ultimate conclusions are skewed by false Western interfaith ideas. While her doubts about US intentions are spot on, her faith in Netanyahu is blind spot imho.

    Why has Israel not gone into Gaza yet???

  2. Amen v amen! You've been instrumental throughout these last few months... THANK YOU! I hope that soon we will come here to read posts marveling at the salvation and miracles of Hashem! Stay safe and b'sorot tovot!