22 October 2023


7 Marcheshvan 5784 

It may already be too late!!!

This is a follow-up to The Flood of Hamas.  It alludes to The Flood of Violence (חָמָס) that accompanies The Flood of Antisemitism at the End of Days.  See, Heaven's messages are everywhere!  HKB"H is screaming to His Children, "Choose life!!"  

How can the Jews of the Diaspora not see this!??  Don't be fooled by fear of what is happening in Eretz Yisrael.  It's not what it seems.  (See the next post which should be ready later today, iy"H.)  If you are already here, this is NOT the time to leave!!!

  • "Yehudit: '...in America, antisemitism will rise to unimaginable heights.'"
  • "Rav Sheinberger: 'The whole world will flood and Eretz Israel will be like Noah's ark, floating on top.'"
  • Ovadia HaNavi (1:17):  "On Mount Zion there will be refuge...."
  • The Lubavitcher Rebbe (During the Gulf War):  "There is no safer place in the world today than Eretz Yisrael.  Heaven forbid that anyone living in Eretz Yisrael should think of leaving at this time.  On the contrary, whoever is planning to visit Eretz Yisrael should go without fear and should let others know of his trip as well, for this will raise the confidence of the Jewish people throughout the world.

Today it is "thousands," tomorrow it will be millions and nothing will stop them.  Hashem yerachem!  

Do you think what happened here cannot happen there??? 

Do you think you could possibly be safer outside the Land G-d gave us???


  1. Is this article supposed to scare Jews outside Israel that there are many terrible months ahead of galut? I have close friends in America and don’t want to see a long holocaust start there. I am praying Moshiach is not that far away.


    1. If it works that way, all the better, but it's really geared towards keeping Jews from leaving Eretz Yisrael. A precious family left last night and another I know over Shabbat expressed the possibility that they may leave, too. "Just for a little while - until it's over." What a tragedy in the making!!!

      With no intention of being rude, what we "want" is of absolutely no consequence. The handwriting was writ large across the blue skies above NYC in 2001 and an entire new generation has been born and reached adulthood in the intervening years. Nefesh b'Nefesh made it so easy during that time. Nobody can say they were not warned or did not have the time or means to make aliyah. People with young children or elderly parents whom they can't leave behind - it's highly unlikely that this was their situation 22 years ago. Everyone was given an opportunity but so many waited too long.

      Just like the Jews of Europe were warned, so too, the Jews of America and Canada and Australia and London... They made their choice and can't blame HKB"H for the sad ending. Yes, people will survive. They will survive like their forebears in Europe survived (if they are counted among the righteous) and Mashiach will bring them back when it's all over. But who among the survivors of the Shoah would choose that route again?

      This world was built on a system of reward and punishment. And we plainly see that it works that way. So, why do people insist on only recognizing the reward aspect and completely disbelieve in the punishment aspect?

      It seems like today nobody believes that they should or will be punished for their sins. Maybe they don't accept that they sin at all. The "purification" of the 1/3 who are destined to survive will be like the action of gehinnom - suffering as a means to atone for our sins and to purify us of the effects of the sin on our souls. Every one of us has something to pay for. We are not waiting for the Xian 'messiah' who reputedly takes all that suffering upon himself. We Jews must each pay our own way (and so do the gentiles whether they know it or not).

      As the media is trumpeting with no understanding what they are actually saying - "We are coming to a new reality here."

  2. You are correct. See this article, the Jews who are involved with the inter faith dialogue with Muslims think they can build a friendship. This lady paid with her life. https://www.breitbart.com/crime/2023/10/21/detroit-synagogue-president-samantha-woll-stabbed-to-death/

    1. There you go. And there is going to be a lot more of that. She was a beautiful young woman but her thinking was all mixed up and in contradiction to God's will. Likely, had she been in Mitzrayim, she would have been doing the exact same kind of thing and found herself among the 4/5ths who didn't make it out.

  3. I remember reading that there r 5 things in the Torah that will last 12 months The makos in Egypt, punishment of iyov and gog Magog war The other 2 I don’t remember. The problem is I read so many predictions about moshiach coming last year I’m so confused bec the more knowledge I have the less I realize I know. I absolutely cannot wait another year for moshiach to come ! I even started giving my savings away cuz I felt so sure that he was coming any day. Now I’m reading tons about moshiach coming this year. I don’t believe anything anymore. I know he is coming but I’m not waiting to hear about the next Mekubal or story about this person in a coma who went up and heard the Malachim arguing that it’s not the right time for moshiach to come. The disappointment is acute and I can’t handle it anymore. Malky

    1. I've never heard that but I'd love to see the source if you recall it later. Sounds so interesting!

      You weren't wrong, Malky. We were getting there, step by step, but the most reliable signs are there for everyone to see and recognize. All the nations are gathering close to Jerusalem. Ships from Kittim are here off our coast. Did you see that Chinese warships are arriving now? Look at how many things are out of all proportion and unprecedented in Israel's modern history. All of the nations came and collected their nationals. Every major Western leader paid a visit to Israel under missile bombardment. It's just unheard of - anywhere in the world! And Edom, Paras and Arabia are in the thick of it.

      Hold on a little longer. We are almost there! The laboring mother always feels like giving up just before the birth.

    2. The source is from Mayim hachronim The latest post Hamas in the Torah. Thanks for the encouragement! Malky

  4. Fortunate those who wait patiently….Come home and fear nothing in His Palace. Redemption is on the corner but the real question is will everybody make it or only those 20%?

  5. The thing that no-one in the English speaking geulasphere seems to be talking about is the TSAAKA for Moshiach, veyitsaku venei yisrael, hitorerut shel mata. We don't have to be perfect, we do have to want the geula For years there have been calculations etc, intellectual geula watching, now it has to come from the heart, just a tsaaka from the depths of your soul for Moshiach to come today. On Simchat Torah, the sounds and smells of the Shoah were present here in EY, literally, not hyperbole. Now we are in the extremely painful aftermath, the grieving, the injured, the many still unaccounted for, the many still not buried, the hostages, an entire nation shocked and shaken to its core and the ongoing nightmare international and military situation. Surely this should be more than enough to rouse our hearts.

    As for not making aliya, at the very least Jews could have educated their children from a young age to make aliya, and sent them whilst in high school or straight afterwards. At those ages, young people don't have the trappings and obligations of adult life and they get financial support for various programmes. Well, here we are. Jews should still be PLANNING their aliya regardless of external circumstances and praying for a nes. Anyone not PLANNING is saying that they are not interested in EY.

    As for leaving EY to sit things out, it doesn't work like that. There are many stories of people who tried just that throughout the years, and unfortunately it didn't help. That doesn't mean that it is easy here, but you can't escape Hashem's plans.

    Hashem is removing all the things that we rely on whether the army, the security fence, foreign governments, whatever it is. Wherever Jews are they have to know that ein lanu al mi lehisha'en......

    I daven for Moshiach Now, and for Hashem to protect every Jew everywhere, and for hitorerut shel maalah, cos obviously with shel mata we are not there yet.

    We simply cannot, must not, go back to business as usual. It's unthinkable.