04 October 2023


19 Tishrei 5784 
Moadim l'simchah!

Very often I discourage people from taking sides - like "right" and "left", Democrat or Republican, Eisav or Yishmael, etc.  But when it is US against THEM, you'd better take a side!

The Christians like to claim they are fulfilling the prophecy of Zechariah which describes a time when all the nations will come up to Jerusalem to celebrate Sukkot.  But, we know that can't be since that comes only after the War of GoguMagog is finished and it is the "survivors" of that war who come to acknowledge the sovereignty of THE ONE G-D of Yisrael.

However, as I indicated in a post last week, I would buy that they are fulfilling the "invasion of the nations" described there and even more so that it says some from Judah will fight alongside them.

Surely, my readers are aware of the unprecedented onslaught of missionary activity on the streets, in the marketplaces, at the holy sites and on public transportation that has erupted in Israel in recent days and weeks.  These missionaries are rude, offensive, insulting and outright hateful in their rhetoric, using microphones to accost Jews and Jewish sensibilities.  They've even gone directly into religious neighborhoods on Shabbat.  Some admitted in the videos that they posted of their activities that they were lying in wait for Jews at the conclusion of Yom Kippur to shout at them that their their deeds could not save them, only Yeshu could atone for them.

Whenever asked to leave, they claim legal protections of free speech.  And the police clearly have orders to leave them be.  Conversely, any public show of protest by religious Jews against this activity is met with a harsh response.  The latest incident involves video of Asian Christians carrying a giant cross through a crowd of religious Jews draped in their tallitot, carrying their arba minim and some of them, in accordance with long tradition, spit on the ground at the sight of the giant cross.  This was in a crowded alleyway of the Old City.  

It was this past Sunday, the first day of chol ha'moed.  The video went viral and has now been condemned at every level of society in the land, from the government to the media to the rabbanut, as well as from many self-righteous "religious" Jews. 

To add insult to injury, they have now identified and ARRESTED!! some of the men from the video for this "spitting ATTACK"!!!

Whether you view spitting as a disgusting act or not (and it is meant to be, by design, to show disgust and disdain for the cross), it is the very least offensive thing that a Jew can do in defense against all the powers arrayed against us.  Give some consideration to what has been done to Jews under the sign of that cursed cross over 2,000 years!!  And when we beg for protection from the verbal attacks of the missionaries, we are ignored and they are rewarded!  We have no rights in our own country, not even the right to self-defense - not from Yishmael (as is clear) and not from Eisav either (just as clear).

Who cares about the Jews??!!!  No one except our Father in Heaven, but He is all we need or want!!!  And their time is coming to an end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


I support the right of Jews in Eretz Yisrael to spit in the direction of, or even directly upon, any cross that approaches them in the public sphere.  

Once, quite a few years ago, on Tisha b'Av, I spit on the front stoop of Christ Church in the Old City of Jerusalem as I was passing by it.  And I would do it again.  It's the least I could do.

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  1. I also support the rights of Jews to express their disdain and disgust for bringing their god's cross here and shoving it in our faces! I just haven't seen any myself, either on foot or on public transport.

    But, I can't wait for H' will show His jealousy over us at some point, quite clearly! Meaning that He will keep our would-be "powers" over us away from us in some obvious fashion.

    Moadim b'simcha l'kulam!

    1. Chagim uzemanim l'sasson! Thank you, Hava.

  2. Great Threat.



  3. I am in Canada - please spit for me

  4. May Hashem, judge you, Devorah and the rest who agree with you.

  5. A symbolic spit on the ground is one thing. But to physically spit on anyone or an object is disgusting and can carry disease. We have our beliefs, they have theirs. We must focus on mitzvot, study, davening etc. If they attack us then OK, we have to defend ourselves. In which I would include banning them from walking through a religious area on Shabbat/Chagim if they are carrying crosses to provoke us. As for missionaries, I hope there can be a law preventing them. In the meantime they should be lawfully but solidly "Ushered away" from Jews.