15 October 2023

WHO IS TO BLAME? ( Addendum to Part 1)

30 Tishrei 5784 
Rosh Chodesh MarCheshvan



Before I continue with Part 2, I recommend reviewing Part 1 as well as two previous posts:  The Last Gasp and Beware the Abraham Accords.  I also suggest that to get the most out of these blog posts, if you don't usually go to the embedded links, please do so.  There is just not room here to include all the important information that you need to see, so you need to go offsite to see some of it.  Thank you!


I spent Shabbat re-reading a book I have in my home library - The Ishmaelite Exile by Rabbi Yechiel Weitzman, copyright 2006, Jerusalem Publications.  These things make more sense as time goes on, as you'll see from the excerpts I will include below.  

There is a concept that in addition to the four exiles that Am Yisrael experiences - Babylon, Media-Persia, Greece and Rome - there is a final fifth exile called the Ishmaelite exile when we are back in our Land at the End of Days.  The essence of exile is that we are still being ruled by foreign powers and suffering persecution by enemies.  Rabbi Weitzman writes:  "The Zohar tells us that 'no exile will be as oppressive to the Jewish people as the Ishmaelite Exile.' (Zohar, part 2, 17:1)".

In the book of Daniel, the prophet explains to King Nebuchadnezzar his dream of an unusual figure:  

...That image had a head of fine gold, its breast and its arms were of silver, its belly and thighs were of copper.  Its legs were of iron, and its feet were partly of iron and partly of clay.   

You were watching until one stone was hewn without hands, and it struck the image on its feet of iron and clay and crumbled them.  

Then the iron, the clay, the copper, the silver, and the gold crumbled together, and they were like chaff from the threshing floors of the summer, and the wind carried them off, and no place was found for them, and the stone that struck the image became a huge mountain and filled the entire earth. 

This is the dream, and its interpretation we shall recite before the king. You are the head of gold.  And after you will arise another kingdom lower than you, and another - a third kingdom - of copper, which will rule over the entire earth.  And a fourth kingdom will be strong as iron, for iron crumbles and flattens everything, and like iron, which shatters all these, it will crumble and shatter. 

And what you saw, the feet and the toes - which were partly of potter's clay and partly of iron - so it will be a divided kingdom, and in it will be some of the strength of iron, in view of what you saw iron mixed with clay.  And the toes of the feet were partly iron and partly clay, for part of the kingdom will be strong and part of it will be broken.  And what you saw, iron mixed with clay, [connotes] that they will mingle with the seed of men, but they will not cleave one to the other, as iron does not mix with clay.  

And in the days of these kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom forever, it will not be destroyed, and the kingdom will not be left to another people; it will crumble and destroy all these kingdoms, and it will stand forever.  Just as you saw that from the mountain a stone was hewn without hands, and it crumbled the iron, the copper, the clay, the silver, and the gold.  The great God has let the king know what will be after this, and the dream is true, and its interpretation is reliable." (Daniel 2:32-45)

Rome is represented by iron (interesting note "iron dome" - "swords of iron").  Ishmael is the clay.  The feet and toes - iron mixed with clay - represent an alliance between Rome and Ishmael at the End of Days.  

In Part 5, Section 2 in his book, Rabbi Weitzman writes...

During the End of Days, Ishmael and Esav will join forces to seek the destruction of the Jewish people.

...The final stage of the Ishmaelite exile will be fulfilled when Edom invites Ishmael (or vice versa) to join him in a world war:...

The Rambam says this as well:

...the coming [of Moshiach] will take place when the hand of Edom and the Arab world will be mighty, and when their rule will spread throughout the world.  There is no doubt about this matter, and it will not be otherwise, for it says, "He will see a chariot, a pair of horsemen, a chariot with a donkey, ..." (Yeshaya 21:7).  The chariot with a donkey is Moshiach...  The "pair of horsemen" represent men of war; that is to say, the alliance of two nations - Edom and Ishmael (Iggeres Teiman).

This combination that the Rambam speaks of is directed against the nation of Israel. 

 ...As we have mentioned [before regarding Tehillim 83], "Your enemies" refers to Ishmael, while "those who hate You" refers to Esav.

The "enemy" and the "one who hates" join together to eradicate the nation of Israel from the world.  Their true objective: "Against You have they forged a covenant."  Through the extinction of the Jewish nation, heaven forbid, this goal, too, would be realized.

The goal of the New World Order is a grand Amaleiki conspiracy to overthrow HKB"H's sovereignty and take His throne for themselves.

Rabbi Weitzman continues...

Bil'am revealed in his final prophecy that the last stage in the process of Israel's perfection will be characterized by the alliance between Ishmael and Esav, an alliance aimed at tormenting the entire world and the Jewish people in particular.  This will be followed by the downfall of Ishmael and Esav, a downfall that will usher in the redemption.

Iran and "the Left" have been demonized today, and not that they aren't wicked entities, but the greatest threat to us has always come from "the Right" for the simple reason that we believe them when they say they are on our side.  We let our guard down with them and trust them that they "share our values" and will keep their promises of protection and help. We don't recognize it for the trap that it actually is.

It was the political Right in Israel which has given away all the Land lost to date.  And it is the "Right" which is overseeing this evil plot to destroy us even now, both here and in America.  [In reality, there is no Left and Right.]  

I think the alliance germinated with the Bush/Saudi connection and then flowered into the Abraham Accords under the Trump/Kushner/bin Salman triumvirate.

Though not a signatory as of yet, Saudi Arabia is a major promoter of the "deal".  And it includes Arab countries who are "moderate" and "western-oriented": United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan, Morocco and Israel.

I am convinced that the active involvement of the American government in this war is proof positive that the US/Saudi (Eisav/Yishmael) alliance is the one who planned and executed this unspeakable series of events.  Rabbi Weitzman...

...in the prophecy of Bil'am before he returned home.  "Great vessels from the shores of Kittim will harass Assyria and harass Eber.  He, too, shall perish eternally" (Bamidbar 24:24)

...Yonasan ben Uziel, in his ancient exegetical translation of scripture, elaborates on the verse as follows:

Great ships full of weapons will depart as a large fleet from Roman Italy and will join up with a legion that will depart from Constantine [this is Ishmael].  They will harm the inhabitants of other lands, and subjugate the descendants of Eber [a reference to Israel].  But in the end, they, too, will fall into the hand of Moshiach, and will perish forevermore.  

Current news... 

October 12, 2023 report: The Gerald R. Ford Carrier Strike Group arrived in the Eastern Mediterranean Tuesday, a senior defense official told reporters Thursday.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin ordered the strike group, led by USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78), the largest aircraft carrier in the U.S. Navy, to the Eastern Mediterranean in response to Saturday’s attacks in Israel.

October 14, 2023 report: A second U.S. aircraft carrier strike force will join a group of six American warships in the eastern Mediterranean Sea in a growing military response to the attack on Israel by Hamas.

The five-ship USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Strike Group will bolster the five ships headed by the USS Gerald R. Ford, the U.S. Navy’s largest and most advanced nuclear aircraft carrier, the Pentagon said Saturday. The Ford strike group arrived Tuesday.
(See also: The US is moving quickly to boost Israel’s military. A look at what assistance it’s providing; US Armada is Growing Off Israel's Shore, What's Next?)

Nothing on the horizon from Turkey, unless that reference was only meant to identify the origin as Yishmael.

I think the Saudis have held out for a "separate peace" so to speak because of the price of their commitment.  Publicly, they have expressed a desire for Israel to ensure their takeover of the administration of Har Habayit from Jordan and for the US to approve and aid their acquisition of nuclear power, as well as providing a defense treaty.

I think the undisclosed price is the elimination of Iran, who has only brought this upon themselves by being such a vociferous enemy of Israel and provider of arms to terrorist groups who attack us on a regular basis.  However, in the case of this terrible attack in the south of Israel, I actually believe their denials and protestations of involvement.  

Bin Salman is obviously the pick of the NWO to rule over the Middle East after their takeover (if they ever really plan to let Arabs live in their "new world" at all).  His allegiance is to Western powers and interests, as is evident from the pictures in that blog post titled "Beware the Abraham Accords."  

Iran has been turned into a pariah because it is an Islamic State.  And for the same reason, they won't tolerate a Jewish State.  Hamavin yavin.  I think the goal of this false-flag attack being blamed on Iran - a convenient scapegoat - is possibly for Iran and Israel to cancel each other out.  Hamavin yavin.

I also think there are two competing Eisav/Yishmael alliances.  I think the WEF/West/Saudi alliance is vying with a Russia/China/Iran alliance for ultimate control of the world.  Putin says as much in his speeches.  (See Xi, Putin Pledge New World Order)

I think now that this attempt to remove Iran - Saudi Arabia's known nemesis (despite occasional periods of rapprochement) - is what is referred to in the famous Yalkut Shimoni "then Persia goes and destroys the world".  Instead of reading it as Iran does it, read it as it comes about because of Iran - because they want to eliminate Iran.  Because the Western Alliance tries to eliminate Iran via Israel, the Eastern Alliance responds and that is how I think it moves quickly to a world war.  

Furthermore, I think the West is doomed (see Ovadia) and will fall to the Eastern Alliance at the beginning while the East survives to come against Israel at the End, where HKB"H rains his judgment down upon them (fulfilling Ezekiel 38) and the Kingdom will be Hashem's.

I'll leave you to ponder this and with Hashem's help will continue with Part 2 soon.  

Blinken meets with Saudi crown prince during crisis tour amid Gaza war

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, on a crisis tour of the Middle East, meets with the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia, which has put on hold normalization efforts with Israel. The top US diplomat began meeting Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at his palace in Riyadh just after 7:30 a.m. (0430 GMT), a US official says.




  1. Seems our "good friends" in Germany, the grandchildren of Hitler's henchmen, were on the ground in Gaza training and preparing the executioners before the attack:
    He is
    the Flying Nazi -Sven Kühn von Burgsdorff Yimakh shemo, recently retired European Union ambassador to the Occupied Palestinian Territories, served in that post up until July.

    He is very much in demand, giving interviews and speaking engagements in USA.

    says Israeli pain and anger cannot justify war crimes in Gaza, where Israeli bombardment has already killed over 1,500 people. Now with Israel demanding the relocation of 1.1 million people ahead of an expected ground invasion, von Burgsdorff says Israel must adhere to international law and protect civilians. “No matter what Hamas did, it does not justify the incredible use of lethal force without distinction and without proportionality as far as the Palestinian population is concerned in Gaza,”

    Wiesenthal Centre open letter : “We are aghast at EU representative’s words: ‘Terrorist attacks against Israelis should not be surprising!’... ' von Burgsdorff must be fired!”
    June 2, 2022


    As a German national, he has apparently forgotten his history and responsibility to the Jewish people, by such statement as, “terrorist attacks against Israelis should not be surprising given the depth of Palestinian suffering from the 74 years of conflict with Israel!”

    Another of his jewels was: “when you are a Palestinian child living next to the separation wall, what do you think this child would grow up with?”
    Madam, no mention of the children in Israel, especially those running on a daily basis to shelter from the rockets launched by Hamas.
    Likewise, he charged that thousands of Palestinians had been killed since 2008, without mentioning Hamas criminals and ammunition, hidden in schools and their children used as human shields

  2. Regarding iron, they do seem to be a bit obsessed with its use in their names. You omitted Iron Beam, their latest toy, which recent reports indicates is going to be deployed.

    1. Yeah, I did miss that one. Thanks for adding it.

  3. Amaleik never changes, but their time will soon be up together with all sonei Yisrael. They are all at war against the Creator and His people.
    Always knew that the nazis yimach shmom v'zicrom only went to sleep and not gone as people thought. H' has brought back all the reshaim that ever were for they must be brought back for judgment to go to their eternal gehinnom.
    (Amaleik encompasses all the true evil, no matter their origins) and must have their sof. H' Says, My Name and My Throne cannot be complete until they are gone forever.)

  4. "Furthermore, I think the West is doomed (see Ovadia) and will fall to the Eastern Alliance at the beginning while the East survives to come against Israel at the End" This is what happened in the Roman Empire: it split and the eastern side ruled much longer. History repeats itself. Devorah Chayah, I think you are on the mark and this is what is happening here now. I also think that the West and Saudi Arabia are behind the Simchat Torah atrocity, trying to blame Iran, and that they are helped by this evil erev rav Israeli government (Netanyahu who I think will go down in history as one of the most evil of men). I think it was Netanyahu who gave the stand down order to allow what happened to happen. He was SMIRKING in that first news conference. Pure erev rav. May Hashem helps all the real Jews and the righteous gentiles!