30 October 2023

Please Go Back and Check Comments

15 Marcheshvan 5784

My most sincere apologies to my readers and especially those who take the time to write comments.  I was beginning to feel like a voice in the wilderness, no email from Blogger with new comments for the last three or so days at least.  Then the penny dropped and I checked the comments section of the blog and sure enough 21 comments awaiting moderation!  I received no notifications by email from Blogger.  It has happened before, but it's rare enough that it's not the first thing I think to check when emails drop off.

I'm so sorry.  Great comments and they all deserve to be seen, so I hope people will try to catch up with it as will I, and I will try to respond to them throughout the day today, as time allows.

Please do keep commenting and letting me know your thoughts and sharing your insights and ideas.  I love hearing from you.

All the best, as always,
Devorah Chayah

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  1. Ok, I think I have managed to answer all comments which asked a question. If yours was somehow overlooked, please repost it here and I will give it another shot. Thank you for your patience.