15 October 2023

A GENERAL WARNING TO THE JEWISH PUBLIC and A Purim Lesson for Simchat Torah

1 Marcheshvan 5784
Rosh Chodesh Bet


Every Christian and missionary organization is hoping to capitalize on the crisis situation in Israel in order to push their man-god idolatry onto Jews.  I wish I had the room here to name all the names and show you how much money they have already collected in "donations" to "help Israel."  [One prominent group actually living in Shomron is trying to raise 29 million dollars].  But anyway we don't want to give them the publicity.

They are talking amongst themselves about the great opportunity this presents to give gifts to Jews in the name of their man-god while they are feeling most vulnerable and hope they will think kindly toward that false religion as a result.

It is forbidden to accept these gifts, even in the name of pikuach nefesh.  The supplies on offer are also being provided by Jewish sources, so if you feel the need of them, you must go to a fellow Jew for those items and take nothing from the Christians.  It would be a chillul Hashem because they report back to their followers how the Jews do not take care of each other and how it is left to them to do it as an act of Christian kindness.  

Their "love and kindness" is a poison.  It's a sham and a spiritual crime deserving of the death penalty al pi halachahHKB"H can provide all your needs through acceptable avenues.  If He doesn't provide it, you don't need it.

A Purim Lesson for Simchat Torah

Since the murderous bloody massacre of our people on Shabbat-Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah, I've seen a particular phrase used over and over in shocked awe:  "They [Hamas] killed men and women as well as babies and old people." 

That echoed in my mind.

"...to destroy, kill, and cause to perish all the Jews, both young and old, little children and women, on one day...."  (Megillat Esther)

"...in every province, wherever the king's orders and his edict reached, there was great mourning for the Jews, and fasting and weeping and lamenting; sackcloth and ashes were put on the most prominent."  (Megillat Esther)

"...the Jews be ready for that day, to avenge themselves upon their enemies."  (Megillat Esther)

This is the Jewish response to this kind of threat.  Sadly, the warning has come too late for so many.

With hopes and prayers for better days and good news...



  1. https://youtu.be/-SWYALKkTKw?si=ikKW6yinCGuTpkw-


  2. I have started a new label "wartime." Click on it to see those missionary groups are not deterred by the current war, and are taking advantage of the situation, and vulnerability of Jews. Please also make sure to follow this blog on social media, and share.

    The posts are also in both Hebrew and English, so you can share with your Hebrew speaking friends. Native Israelis tend not to have the same understanding and experience as those from English speaking countries.

    Unfortunately, this also means that the Jewish collaborators (however ignorant and well-meaning) tend to be native English speakers, feeding non-English speaking, Israeli rabbis tainted information.

  3. The "wartime" label will be updated periodically, as will this blog in general. So, please follow!

  4. I have been following your blog for years and missed it when you took a break .One thing I want to say to you why is there so much of venom against the Christians giving help .
    Please close your eyes tonight and ask Hashem if you are right in doing so.Yeshua is mentioned throught The Tanak .He is a Jew and you are hating a fellow jew.

    1. I wouldn't expect you to understand this but it's a mitzvah for Jews to hate idols, idolatry and idolators. It is an especially egregious sin which HKB"H hates, hates, hates!

      It's a special mitzvah to hate Yeshu as he was not only a traitor to both God and his people, an apostate and a rodef, a blasphemer and a cult-leader that managed to mislead his billions of followers for two millenia after his death, but he inspired and justified the bloodlust that led to the wholesale murders of millions upon millions of Jews since his advent.
      You are right that he appears in the Tanakh. The Ariz"l identified him as the gilgul of Eisav. The same letters rearranged spell his name.

      Apostates are no longer "brothers" and "fellow" Jews. That's the Law, something you don't know and can't appreciate in any case.
      Don't bother to comment again. You are not welcome here.

    2. Amen v amen! Well said Devorah Chayah!

  5. THIS IS VERY BAD NEWS !!!!!!!!
    Israel minister drafts law to arrest citizens who ‘harm national morale’
    Law would crack down on Israelis who blame government for October 7th massacre


    Israel Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi has drafted regulations that would allow authorities to arrest taxpaying citizens and seize their property for “harming national morale,” Israeli media reported Sunday.

    The proposed regulations, which were drafted after consultation with Israel National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, come as 80% of Israelis reportedly blame the government for the October 7th attacks in which Muslim invaders massacred over 1,300 Israelis.

    Security analysts are baffled by how the attackers were able to cross Israel’s heavily fortified border unimpeded and why it took Israel’s highly trained security forces over six hours to respond to calls for help. As we go to press no official investigations have been launched and IDF officials have said “now is not the time” to investigate what went wrong.

    “In the 40 or more years that I’ve been following Israel one way or another, I’ve never seen this happen,” commented Trump-appointed former US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman. “I’ve never seen the border breached in this manner. Usually, even one person from Gaza gets close to the border, they’re intercepted and neutralized long before they can do anything. This is just something I’ve never seen before. It’s of course a large intelligence failure.”

  6. Thank you Devorah