03 February 2024

REPOSTING: "Three Steps to War?"

25 Shevat 5784

Originally written 7 weeks prior to the Hamas Invasion and Massacre on Simchat Torah...

3 Elul 5783 

As events progress, the possibilities come more clearly into view.  My basic assessment about a multi-front messianic war remains the same, but it appears from reports that two related things may come about first.  Keep in mind that the stories I am linking to are "trial balloons" meant to either influence the public, like to prepare them for what is to come so as to lessen opposition, or to gauge public reaction in advance of a planned campaign, or both.

Working backwards from the war scenario...

  • Why would Hezbollah, Hamas, PIJ, Fatah et al. go to war with Israel? 
  • Assuming it is on orders from Iran, why does Iran feel the need to launch a multi-front war on Israel?
  • Assuming it is because they want to pre-empt or respond to an attack by Israel, what has changed to make Netanyahu feel he is free to attack Iran?
  • Assuming the US has sanctioned an Israeli attack on Iran, how was their support bought?
  • Assuming the US made a deal in exchange for Israeli concessions to Saudi Arabia, how does Netanyahu get his right-wing government to go along with it?  Answer:  He can't.  So the current government has to be changed.

Opposition MK floats unity government in which Netanyahu resigns after 2 years

National Unity party MK Matan Kahana joins calls for a unity government, suggesting that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu serve for two years and then resign ahead of a new election.

Modestly referring to his proposal as the “Kahana plan to save the State of Israel from crisis,” the MK says that National Unity and Yesh Atid would join the Likud-led government with “anyone else who accept values in the spirit of the Declaration of Independence.” Two years from now, he says, Netanyahu would “retire to his home in dignity” and a new election would be held.

“Do you really think there is a better solution to the deep crisis the country is in now?” the former religious affairs minister wrote, “Such a government will be able to heal the deep internal divide between us and will give space to all parts of society in Israel, will reunify the military and deal with the increasing external threats around us, would be able to formulate a constitution, or at the very least enact a set of Basic Laws that would better balance the balance of power between the government authorities, will bring peace with Saudi Arabia, and will restore the economy and restore the confidence of the world markets in the Israeli miracle. Such a government will bring the peace we all long for.”

He added that he knows National Unity head Benny Gantz well, and that “he has already proven in the past, for him Israel really comes first,” expressing his confidence in the party leader to join such a government, despite previous refusals.

...The proposals for a unity government initially came on the heels of a column by New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman, who in his writings on potential peace between Israel and Saudi Arabia suggested that US President Joe Biden may require Netanyahu to drop his coalition partners - Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich’s Religious Zionism Party and National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir’s Otzma Yehudit Party - and replace it with National Unity and Yesh Atid.

...If successful, the plan would not need the support of any other parties in the Knesset. The Likud’s majority seats, 32, combined with National Unity, 12, and Yesh Atid, 24, would be enough to form a majority in parliament.

It appears to me as if the order has already been given.  Now they just have to get the Israeli public used to the idea.  

Keep in mind also that the only reason Biden is on board is because of China's involvement.  The Saudis, under constant attack by Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen got tired of waiting for the US/Israel attack on Iran to solve their problems for them, so they responded favorably to a Chinese initiative to restore diplomatic ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia.  Now, Biden has not only lost an important US ally, but to add insult to injury, his nemesis in China is reaping the spoils.  

Saudi-Iran Deal: A Test Case of China’s Role as an International Mediator 

What are the Limits of Iran-Saudi détente?

Iran and Saudi Arabia Battle for Supremacy in the Middle East

So, what has changed?  Why now?  What's in it for each of the participating parties?

The US wants to reassert its influence in the Middle East and push China back.  Saudi Arabia knows there's an expiration date on the deal with Iran.  They've gotten together and broken up a couple of times before.  It was not their preference.  Saudi Arabia would much rather have Iran removed as a competitor to rule over the Muslim world and in addition to that, having control of the Temple Mount would solidify their position as caretaker of the holy places and strengthen MBS with his own people.  Israel would be "normalized" then across the entire Arab world.  The threat from Iranian-supplied missiles and rockets would be eliminated.  All that would be left for Israel to do is agree to implement the "Two-State solution" to the Palestinian problem.

Israel’s Strategic Affairs Minister to visit U.S. over Saudi deal

Of course, none of this will go down as anticipated or planned because the US and its proxy, the Erev Rav regime, are going to lose and MBY is going to ascend to power in Israel and cancel any agreement with Saudi Arabia for the Temple Mount.  HKB"H is going to see to that.  And that's when we will know who Mashiach is, when he takes charge of the government in the wake of the "emergency unity" regime's massive failures.

PS:  That's not to say that HKB"H will not "inspire" Iran and its proxies to act earlier, before all this can be arranged.  Even though it is clear they have formulated a plan whereby everybody can "benefit" from a deal, there is literally nothing standing in the way of missiles being launched at Israel right this very minute.  The only real question here is...  will Iran wait?  That's also up to HKB"H.  Though I think it makes sense that He wants the religious Jews to once and for all be disabused of any fondness for the State, the Army and the Democratic process.


  1. I can agree with you on two out of the three: I can be disabused of any fondness for the state and the "democratic" process. But I will always have fondness in my heart for the army (my fifth of five sons serving now on the Gaza border). These are our children (I consider all of the soldiers my children so to speak) who are out there day and night, in the heat and the freezing cold, in the sun and in the rain protecting us so that I can sleep peacefully at night.

    1. The institution (IDF) is not our children and our children are not the institution which fails us all daily.

    2. I also have two sons who served in combat units, also on the Gaza border for much of their service. What they do has nothing to do with you sleeping peacefully at night.

      I have one son who chose to learn, and what he does for us is far more important. There is no comparison.

    3. That's just offensive to me. Nobody is comparing army service and learning Torah--they are both important. And yes, those soldiers all over Israel are Hashem's shlichim in protecting us.

    4. If the Lord will not build a house, its builders have toiled at it in vain; if the Lord will not guard a city, [its] watcher keeps his vigil in vain.
      Psalms 127:1

    5. It's all about hakarat ha-tov.

    6. Where did I say anything about gratitude or lack thereof? I am of like mind with Devorah Chaya: "The institution (IDF) is not our children and our children are not the institution which fails us all daily."

      My sons who served would also concur. The ineptness of the IDF is plain to see when you are in it, particularly in a combat unit. The young men are moser nefesh for Am Yisrael, but they are still cogs in an inhuman institution, and treated that way.

    7. The most powerful country on earth has an all-volunteer army. The IDF even admits that it does not "need" the chareidim and it does not "need" women either. There is a much greater agenda at work here than defense of the country:

      Integrating without Changing: Military Service as a Catalyst for Haredi Integration in Israeli Society

      IDF Leads the Way in Gender Integration

      Israeli Military One of the World’s Most LGBT Friendly, Report Says

      IDF moves to expand integration of transgender troops

      Is the Israeli Army Passing Out New Testaments to New Recruits?

      Israeli Army Teaches Soldiers About Jesus

      IDF to provide morning-after pills in effort to decrease abortions

      It's a tool of shmad. HKB"H protects us in spite of it.

    8. The IDF is about indoctrination. I just warned a new immigrant about what to expect in his pre-IDF Mechinah program. Hopefully, I saved another Jew from indoctrination. We'll see.

      The Haredi Draft Issue has never been about the Haredi Draft

  2. Great post. Truth right in your face. The only ones benefitting from this scenario are the 'reshaim'!
    Your last couple of paragraphs tell the real story. Only Moshiach can help as the whole wide world is against us and most of all, against
    G-D Almighty, Hashem!

  3. First off, I think it's really important to talk about Biden's handlers or at the very least the figurehead Biden Administration, especially since his own party is trying to find a way for him to bow out gracefully, unless they decide to throw him under the bus.
    More Entertainment from U. S. Politics

    Also important to point out and for everyone to share: Matan Kahana is one of the most dangerous politicians out there. The Baraks and Lapids cannot hide anything. Bu the robot "religious" state loyalists are still very much indoctrinated to follow the likes of Kahana with a kippah.

  4. Iran is acting already.

    After Ukraine, everyone knows America, and the West, is a paper tiger.

    Keep an eye in Niger. Things are coming to a boil there. It looks like it will be the second front in the incipient WW3.

  5. Well, it would appear that the Secret War on the Settlers as written by Barry Chamish HY"D is coming into its own and is in full swing. You can find a copy or 2 of what he wrote before he was killed by tptb on the web. All that we are seeing now are smokescreens and mirrors in true sorcery fashion. Nothing more and nothing less because all of these players are in cahoots with one another and it is, once again the Jews who are being led to the slaughter. It's a process and a half to conclude The Final Solution 2.0.