26 September 2023

The Last Gasp

11 Tishrei 5784

Post Yom Kippur thoughts on current events...

By now, most of you know what happened in Tel Aviv over Yom Kippur, how the organizations which have been leading the protests against the government turned their ire toward the religion.  The media accounts do not do it justice as attested to by this personal report via Twitter(X)...

Hizki Baruch gave a chilling testimony in the Morning Edition: "People entered the prayer circle while shouting and dancing insultingly. They threw away prayer books in disgrace. A young woman arrived with two attack dogs and after a few minutes she set her dogs on the worshipers while the crowd laughed." @HezkeiB @betzalel_kahn
Nazi Germany in Eretz Yisrael!!  Can it get any worse than this??!  I really don't think so.  I think this is what is generally referred to as "the last gasp" of evil.  We are told that right before the geulah shleimah, evil will throw everything it has left in its arsenal in a final attempt to destroy us.  Our Sages compare it to the final sudden flaring up of a candle just before it is extinguished.  I truly believe this is what we are seeing right now.  And it didn't stop there in Tel Aviv.

Residents of Haifa complained that on Yom Kippur night, Arab drivers and motorcyclists went on a rampage in various parts of the city in defiance of Jews on the holiest day of the year, while endangering the lives of the children and their parents who were walking on the road and riding bicycles. 


Here is something else...
If signed, with American help, it could give the Saudis nuclear technology

Muhammad bin Salman does little to hide his relish at the prospect of a strategic pact between America, Israel and Saudi Arabia. In a rare television interview on September 20th, Saudi Arabia’s crown prince and the country’s de facto ruler acknowledged with a smile that an agreement is on the cards. “Every day we get closer. It seems it’s for the first time real, serious.” A pact would, he said, be “the biggest historical deal since the Cold War.” On September 22nd Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, confirmed the trio of countries were “at the cusp” of a deal. It would, he said, be a “quantum leap”. 

Formal diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia, the richest and arguably most influential Arab state, and Israel, the Jewish state which the kingdom has long ostracised, have been a long time coming. Since becoming crown prince in 2017, MBS, as Prince Muhammad is known, has held at least one secret meeting with Mr. Netanyahu. Both countries have a shared rival in Iran and quietly do business deals. But in 2020 the Abraham accords were signed between Israel and several Arab states, without Saudi Arabia. Few expected Israel-Saudi ties to be formalised during the lifetime of the prince’s father, King Salman, who is of a generation for whom any relationship with Israel was unthinkable.              
I view this "accord" between Israel and Saudi Arabia as America's last gasp.  I think that when the truth comes out, we will find that it is the absolute most catastrophic thing they have done to us to date, which is saying a lot if you actually know the history of our "relationship."

I think we will soon see that this is the actual fulfillment of the famous Yalkut Shimoni, that the king of Arabia and the king of Edom [US] will collude together and [as a result] the King of Persia [Iran] will "destroy" the whole world.

I think Netanyahu was put in power for this.  I think he has always been operating as an agent of America to destroy Israel as a Jewish state.  His usefulness is coming to an end, hence the nine months of protests and disruptions.  It's crunch time - now or never.  They mean to establish a Palestinian State alongside Israel, very likely with East Jerusalem (including the Old City) as its capital - everything they have demanded all this time.  The US has never wavered from this as its goal.

Ehud Barak, y"sh, tried to do it in 2000, but Arafat blew it up and went to war.

There is a prophecy that the End of Days would be a "time of trouble for Ya'aqov but from it he will be saved"; meaning, according to commentary, that the "trouble" itself will be our "salvation".  And that's exactly how it turned out.  That's how it goes in redemption in its time (b'ita).  And that is what I am expecting this time - only Iran will become HKB"H's instrument of "salvation."

The Yalkut Shimoni continues:  
...Afterwards the king of Persia will destroy [most of] the world. The remaining nations will be hysterical and frantic and fall on their faces and will be seized as if by “birth pains”.  And the people of Israel will be frantic and hysterical and they will say, where will we go? Where will we go?

And Hashem will say to them: Do not fear my children, do not fear. All that I have done I did only for you. Why are you afraid? The time for your Redemption has come!
The world that Iran will destroy is the World of Lies.  As the final line above assures us, this is good news!!


  1. According to what rav abutbul reads from the Zohar that time and in this year corresponds to geulah:



  2. IMPORTANT UPDATE!!: "30 mins ago" TOI liveblog...

    New Saudi ambassador arrives in Ramallah, expresses support for Palestinian state

    Newly appointed Saudi ambassador to Palestine Nayef al-Sudairi arrives in Ramallah to present his credentials to the Palestinian Authority.

    His arrival comes as Saudi Arabia edges closer to a normalization deal with Israel.

    Al-Sudairi, who is also ambassador to Jordan, was recently appointed the first-ever non-resident Saudi ambassador to Palestine and consul general to Jerusalem.

    Al-Sudairi says Saudi Arabia plans to open a consulate in East Jerusalem.

    ...the Saudis are still reportedly demanding significant Israeli concessions to the Palestinians as part of the deal.

    It's all there.

  3. You wrote that you believe this is the last gasp of Israel and that we are right before the Geulah Shelaimah. How many more years would you guess until Moshiach is finally revealed?


    1. I have big hopes for this Hoshanah Rabbah. But I hope certainly no later than Pesach 5784.

    2. Amen. I also feel very hopeful about Moshiach before Hoshanah Rabah. Does that mean that the Saudi deal will be signed and Iran will show that they have a real nuke and threaten Israel all before Hoshanah Rabah? how can bibi sign such a deal after Moshiach reveals himself? Doesn’t Moshiach take over?


    3. Isn’t Hoshana Rabah an auspicious day for gog u’magog according to the Torah? Does Iran really have a nuke ready now to use by then?


    4. Keep in mind the Six Days War. When things really get started, they can move very quickly. I think the "DEAL" has to be made public because it is part of the birur, of people choosing their sides and knowing who is and who is not from the Erev Rav. Too many good Jews still think Netanyahu is good and the truth has to come out. Also, I think this information, while they probably already know it, can be used by Iran as a legitimate excuse to go to war - to justify themselves to other nations, like Russia and China, etc. There was a report on Twitter about an unexplained underground explosion in Iran just today and someone commented that it was an underground nuke test. True or false? I don't know, but it just goes to show you... I imagine the deal was signed already at the UN and they are waiting for the right moment to break it to the Israeli public, maybe why the US is upset Israel seems to have jumped the gun on the waiver issue: "US attacks Israel for 'premature' announcement on visa waivers"

      These headlines are meant to prepare people for the inevitable:
      "New Saudi envoy meets Abbas, backs Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as capital" (TOI)
      "Saudi Amb. to Palestinians: Two-state solution 'central' to Israel deal" (JPost)

      Maybe MBY will pre-empt it with his own announcement. However, I don't actually expect him to be revealed until after the breakout of all-out war incapacitates this regime and he comes forth to take charge of the country in light of their abject failure, both the government and the IDF.

    5. Itamar, this is a report from today: Mystery explosion reported in western Iran near major IRGC underground base

      No official cause has been named. Some have speculated sabotage while some others have suggested an underground nuke test as it registered an earthquake with no 'quake in evidence.

      There is a traditional connection between Sukkot and Gogumagog. Don't forget Sukkot begins on the full moon (missile attack?) and six days later is Hoshanah Rabbah - The Great Salvation.

    6. I'm not saying it WILL happen, but it is conceivable that it COULD happen. When redemption comes "in its time", He will still "hasten it."

    7. Elimelech B28/9/23 3:36 PM

      Just before the Six Day War a Saudi representative appeared on British television saying 'we will be joining our Arab brothers in the annihilation of Israel' (chas veshalom). I'm sure he has since descended into gehenam , but his successors have not given up.

  4. Great post. We also know that our Sages tell us 'Utzu Eitzah v'Sufar, Dabru Daver v'lo Yakum, ki Imanu Kel'.
    Their goals will FAIL. We know the end of the Story! Hashem runs this world and only His Words & Promises matter. The nations have been
    at this one way or another for millenia, and have always failed at their end goal. May H' hasten the coming of our Goel tzedek b'chesed u'b'rachamim rabim aleinu.
    May this new Shanah be our Shnat Geulah!

    1. AMEN!! Anonymous. What may we call you?

    2. Maivin is the sheim.

  5. These comments are almost like nevuah…..