18 October 2023

Our Most Treacherous "Ally" - Brother Eisav

 3 Marcheshvan 5784

The Biden administration is just the Obama administration with a stand-in for Obama who couldn't run again because of the two-term limit for presidents in the United States.  (Fyi, there is serious talk of nominating Michelle Obama as a candidate in 2024 to replace the ageing Joseph Biden.)

I have not finished the video I am about to recommend, but the information I've heard so far is so important, so critical, especially for those who still doubt America's evil intentions in this war, I am publishing it here and now, even on top of the post I wanted people to see for today.  (Hopefully, they will continue on after the video.)  This is critical information for every Israeli Jew to have.  Please watch and share...

(As I write this he is already here in Tel Aviv with Bibi Netanyahu.)
WARNING!  Stop @ 23:55 and continue from 24:12

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  1. Does someone wanna translate the main points of the following which looks so interesting about gog u magog and techiat hametim: