24 September 2023

Dumb on Duma

9 Tishrei 5784
Erev Yom Kippur

I was not dumb [silent] on the government response to the incident in Duma back when it happened...

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However, I must confess that I have been neglectful of the consequences since and for that I must make amends.  Therefore, in remorse for that failure and in order to rectify it, I need to bring the injustice done to Amiram ben Uliel to further pubic attention.  I can't think of a better way to do that right now than to share the following video: 

And the birur proceeds.  Choose your side.



    ANY DAY NOW...

    Israel Radar@IsraelRadar_com
    Palestinian terror leaders agree to escalate attacks on Israel; Hamas, Islamic Jihad & other terror factions attend Beirut summit to coordinate actions (via @kann_news)

    Israel War Room@IsraelWarRoom
    Palestinian terror factions have pledged to “escalate the resistance” amid reports of three shooting attacks targeting Israelis today, just hours before the start of Yom Kippur.

    Israel War Room@IsraelWarRoom
    Fires are breaking out again in southern #Israel as a result of incendiary balloons launched by terrorists in #Gaza.

    Israel Radar@IsraelRadar_com
    Security forces arrest 8 Palestinian university students planning imminent terror attacks on Israelis; suspects recruited by Hamas, received weapons to carry out attacks (via @WallaNews)

  2. Israel to reinforce Gaza border battalions during Yom Kippur - IDF

    ...Hundreds of Gazans have been rioting along the border for ten days, with some of the participants throwing explosive devices and shooting at IDF troops. Gunmen have been killed in return fire by Israeli forces.

    Before this weekend, the last time incendiary balloons caused a fire in the Gaza border region was in September 2021.

  3. Thank you! May Amiram be released soon and may Hashem protect Jonathan Pollard from this erev rav government