03 August 2015

Ya'alon's List

19 Menachem Av 5775

According to an article at Lada'at, Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon has a list of the names of those on whom he intends to use the new administrative detention orders.

Meir Ettinger, the grandson of Rav Meir Kahane, is reportedly the first one to be taken by the Shab"k in connection with the incident in Duma.

Quoting the article: "...Earlier today, Minister of Defense Moshe Ya'alon said that 'we intend to fight Jewish terrorism with determination and without compromise,' and added: 'This is a struggle over the character of the State of Israel, and we have no intention of giving up this fight.'" 

In case you're wondering if your name could wind up on such a list, consider that all it takes to be an enemy of the State of Israel these days is to take Torah and mitzvot seriously (and literally) and to actually mean the prayers that you say three times a day.

Authentic Torah Jews have reached an historic crossroads with the secular Zionists and Judeo-xianized Jews (or Erev Rav) where there will be a parting of the ways. Let's all hope and pray it will pass as quickly and painlessly and with as much mercy as possible. It won't be pretty.