"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

12 September 2023

Could the Message Be Any Clearer???

26 Elul 5783 

The warnings have been ignored:  Double Rainbow over Burning Man Event after Catastrophic Floods...

Double Rainbow Over New York City, Rainbow over Los Angeles on the 22nd Anniversary of 9/11 Attack...


And then there is Hurricane LEE ("for me" - לי)  "...So says the Lord God: Not for your sake do I do this, O house of Israel, but for My Holy Name...." (Yechezkel 36.22) 



STORM DANIEL ("God Is My Judge")

GREECE:   ‘A biblical catastrophe’: death toll rises to six as Storm Daniel lashes Greece

TURKEY:  Storm Daniel turns deadly as it ravages Greece, Turkey with flooding rain

LIBYA: Mediterranean Storm Daniel causes widespread flooding in Libya where thousands are feared dead

EGYPT NEXT???  Be ready, Storm Daniel to hit Egypt’s West starting Monday: Meteorological Authority


The gentiles' punishment for their subjugating and persecuting Israel is G-d's greatest revenge, since the lowliness of Israel is a Chilul Hashem.  ...The nations' sin against Israel will reach its pinnacle at the great moment of redemption, by their brazenly rising up against G-d and His anointed one Israel, the height of Chilul Hashem.  ...The call to war against G-d and Israel is what will bring the end of redemption, which will come in order to eradicate the greatest Chilul Hashem....

...And Sifri (Ha'azinu, 325) teaches, "'Their time is about to come' (Deut. 32:35): When G-d punishes the nations, He makes their whole world a tempest."

...The sin of the nations' tormenting Israel is so severe, because it is the height of Chilul Hashem.   (Or Hara'ayon, chapter 32)



  1. I hope that storm Daniel is the Remez for Daniel’s prophecy that we are at the end


  2. Replies
    1. Current reports say 3000 dead and "tens of thousands missing"!! Quote: "Bodies are lying everywhere – in the sea, in the valleys, under the buildings,” said Hichem Chkiouat, Minister of Civil Aviation and a member of the emergency committee.

      Half the city was swept into the sea! Libya battered, 1000 houses destroyed

      The storm has already arrived in Egypt...

      "...A resident of the Ras Al Hikma area along the north coast, about 200km from the Libyan border, said her home was hit by strong winds and heavy rainfall.

      A video she shared with The National showed the palm trees outside her home being violently shaken by strong winds amid torrential rain.

      Yet resorts further east, closer to the port city of Alexandria, experienced little more than a thick fog over the sea.

      The poor visibility in Cairo was due to arrival of large quantities of dust carried by Daniel, picked up when the storm passed over Egypt's Western Desert, after crossing from Libya.

      Dust is expected to remain over Cairo until the end of the week when light to moderate rainfall is expected to wash it away and usher in the cooler autumn months, the meteorological authority said. " (Source)

      Israel is predicted to get some of it tonight. In my 27+ years living here, I've never seen a drop of moisture at this time of year. On a very rare occasion when the holidays fall into October, maybe between Yom Kippur and Sukkot, but not before Rosh Hashanah!

  3. The closer Iran to us, the closer MBY...

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    1. Especially @ 3:00 mins and 5:57 mins in. I hope the Jews of NYC , Washington, DC, Baltimore and others in that area are making storm preparations as well as holiday preparations.

  5. We just had rain here in Petach Tikva


  6. Rained overnight in Jerusalem! TC

    1. ISRAEL FORECAST: Heavy rain has begun to fall across the country. Today, there will be a drop in temperatures, and the rain will reach most of the country. The sky will be cloudy, which may cause thunderstorms. The rain is expected to continue intermittently until the evening.

    2. I'm the end, I heard and saw no reports of a "storm". Just light rain in some places. Out here in Gush Adumim I saw not a drop. I was in Yerushalayim for a few hours midday in the center of town. Saw some wet spots, no rain. B"H.

  7. UPDATE on Storm Daniel from Global Disaster Watch via Facebook:

    In Libya, more than 10,000 people are believed to be missing and parts of the major city of Derna were completely wiped out following severe flooding. Emergency workers uncovered more than 1,500 bodies in the wreckage of Derna on Tuesday, and it was feared the toll could spiral after floodwaters smashed through dams and washed away entire neighborhoods of the city. The startling death and devastation wreaked by Mediterranean storm Daniel pointed to the storm’s intensity, but also the vulnerability of a nation torn apart by chaos for more than a decade. The country is divided by rival governments, one in the east, the other in the west.

    Derna’s ambulance authority put the current death toll at 2,300. But the toll is likely to be higher, in the thousands. More than 40,000 people have been displaced.

    Sunday night, as the storm pounded the coast, Derna residents said they heard loud explosions and realized that dams outside the city had collapsed. Flash floods were unleashed down Wadi Derna, a river running from the mountains through the city and into the sea. The wall of water “erased everything in its way.” Many bodies are believed trapped under rubble or have been washed out into the Mediterranean Sea.

    Libya’s National Meteorological Center said Tuesday it issued early warnings for Storm Daniel, an “extreme weather event," 72 hours before its occurrence. The town of Bayda recorded a record 414.1 millimeters (16.3 inches) of rain from Sunday to Monday.

    The situation in Libya is “as devastating as the situation in Morocco,” where a deadly earthquake that hit near the city of Marrakesh on Friday night.

    1. Twitter: "Death toll from Storm Daniel in Libya rises to 11,300,...."

  8. An earthquake forecaster said that the deep 7.1 earthquake near Indonesia would set off large quakes around the world in the following several weeks.D

    1. Large aftershocks in Marocco. D

  9. Here is the video about the earthquake forcaster https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6MT3RUIeZg. D

  10. There is a pasuk which says that before the Geulah, H" is going "shake the world." Literally. D

  11. It rained lightly overnight and drizzled a lot of the day here in Kiryat Moshe. Hardly any wind at all. I am exceedingly thankful that H' made it easy on us here in Yerushalayim, compared with any other country, as far as I can tell.