"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

27 September 2023

"Shocker!! The Sukkot Holiday, Who is Not Invited?" (Part 2)

12 Tishrei 5784


"In his book EVEN SHELOMO, the Vilna Gaon, zt"l wrote that the selection and purification of Israel will not be complete until the Erev Rav separates from Israel completely, because they (Erev Rav) are very attached to the Jews and the Jews learn from their actions. In the Tikkune Zohar (97a), it is written: "All the exile and the destruction of the Beit ha Mikdash and all the suffering, all of it came through Moshe's acceptance of the Erev Rav, and all wicked people and evildoers in each generation come from them, meaning from their souls, for they are reincarnations of those who left Egypt and this is what the Gemara (Beitza 32) refers to: 'They come from the Erev Rav'. "

"The main drive of the Erev Rav is to unify Eisav and Yishmael and to separate the two Mashiachs. Therefore, our main service and battle is to break the strength of the Erev Rav, the k'lipah of Armelius the Evil, from Israel; the Erev Rav is our greatest enemy, the ones who separate the two Mashiachs."

"The general role of two Messiahs, the messiah son of Yosef and the messiah son of Dovid, throughout the generations is one of defense and war against the three leading husks - Eisav, Yishmael and Erev Rav... The Erev Rav is our greatest foe, he is what separates the two Messiahs. The Erev Rav husk operates only by deceit and indirectly. Therefore the war against the Erev Rav is the most difficult and most bitterand we must use all our remaining forces to win this war.

Whoever is not engaged in actively fighting the Erev Rav becomes an automatic partner to the husk of the Erev Rav, and whoever this may be it would be better for him had he not been created."


  1. Didn't get to watch the videos from Rabbi Richter (he's great) yet, but just read these beautiful few paragraphs above and, if someone doesn't yet know the whole story of the Erev Rav, this post clarified it so clearly that everyone who reads it will know exactly who and what they are. Excellent job of explaining it where everyone can understand, once and for all.

  2. Yeah, but how to we "actively [fight] the Erev Rav"? Today, we can't take to the streets with our swords. We can use our speech, but more than that, there is little we can do. Only Hashem can erase them from the world.

    1. This war was Divinely defined around the turn of the century as a "War for Hearts and Minds." We have to win the hearts and minds of our fellow Jews with information, with reason, with logic and with love. We have to do what we are doing here with everyone who comes within our sphere of influence.

      We must teach them how to identify the Erev Rav, to understand that they are an existential threat and that it is ratzon Hashem that we fight their ideology and their attempts to destroy the Torah, and finally realize that so-called ahavat chinam is not the solution, but the problem. They must be convinced to separate from the Erev Rav and cut off any attachment they have with them - emotional and mental. They are not our brothers. They are a mortal enemy.

  3. Mashiach on soukoth??? https://youtu.be/NqfiQ5OQu40?feature=shared


    1. Israel Radar posted in the last hour: "Israel prepares for attack from Gaza: Protective walls installed at Gaza-area roads to prevent anti-tank rocket fire at Israeli vehicles."