18 September 2023


6 Tishrei 5784

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צעדת המיסיונרים בסוכות 

אזהרה: מצעד מיסיונרי השנתי יגיע!


3 Tishrei 5784

Tzom Gedaliah

G'mar chatimah tovah l'kol Beit Yisrael...

Unfortunately, I must bring a warning to all those coming up to Yerushalayim Ir HaKodesh for Chag HaSukkot that they are at risk of danger from invaders and intruders from the nations who seek our harm while professing love and devotion.  They lie in order to entrap Jewish souls and cause Jews to sin before their Father in Heaven.  

At what is supposed to be zeman simchateinu - the time of our joy - in our blessed homeland, the only place in the world we are supposed to be free from the harassment of the goyim, hordes of idolaters plan to perform their wicked avodah zarah right in our faces on our public streets, inciting Divine anger and judgment.  And they will do this with the blessing and support of this evil regime which rules over us and with the protection of the police and courts.  

What once was a simple holiday parade for Jews which started decades ago, over time was taken over by evangelical missionary groups until today they claim it as their own initiative and use it as a vehicle to expose innocent Jewish neshamot to their despicable avodah zarah.  From one eye-witness:

"...religious families with many children lined the parade route especially on Betzalel Street which divides Rehavia/Sha'arei Chesed and Nachlaot."

Jews have been misled into believing there is no halachic problem with this and now many frum families make parade attendance part of their family holiday tradition, r"l.  These are not righteous gentiles coming to show love and support for the Jews of Eretz Yisrael.  They are missionary predators coming as conquerors to crown a false god as "king" over us all!!  See and hear in their own words:

International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) director David Parsons...

“Sukkot also marks the ingathering of the harvest at the end of the summer season,.... There is also at present a great harvest of souls from every corner of the world...."

"...we keep Sukkot now because of that future prophetic purpose hidden in this unique festival which will soon be revealed – and it has to do with the second coming of the Lord. Throughout the Messianic Age, the entire world will celebrate this feast because I believe it will mark the return of Jesus to the earth."
Unfortunately, it is not only the goyim we must contend with, but apostate Jews as well, who join with the goyim and call themselves "Messianic" Jews which are, in fact, Jews who have left Judaism and embraced Christianity.
“For the past thirty-five years, thousands of Christians from all over the world have come up to Jerusalem each fall to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles, sponsored by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. They come with much expectancy to take part in a dynamic worship experience, knowing the One we worship will soon be sitting on His throne in this great city."

“This year’s Feast will feature local and international worship leaders taking us into refreshing times of worship to Jesus. Including: Joshua Aaron (Israel), Elihana Elia (Israel), Shilo Ben Hod and SOLU (Israel)”

"...The ICEJ’s Feast of Tabernacles is...a prophetic statement that our Lord [Yeshu] is indeed coming soon. It declares to Israel and the Nations that a new day is dawning. The King is coming, and we are here to rejoice in His transforming power and soon arrival."


Whomever is able, please alert the Rabbanim and beg them to issue a public psak to avoid this activity.  Please share this warning with as many Jews as possible and beg them to avoid this activity at all costs.  Until the day our righteous Mashiach will have the government and will put an end to all idolatry across our Holy Land...

Fast begins: 5:12 a.m.
Fast ends: 7:04


  1. This has been their goal from the start; they are now fast moving their agenda to fit in with the global agenda - it's all one makah.
    The state is no longer a sovereign rulership but, I believe, it has
    been taken over by these notzrim and others, athiests, pagan elites, meshumadim, who are all part of the 'agenda'. They feel they have already taken full control and the Jewish public is mainly asleep, as usual, and when it turns real dark, they will be shocked and won't understand what happened, a literal shanda. Seems most leaders of western nations are just puppets as they are allowing and/or siding with these amaleikim. Otherwise, where is Bibi, where are the right wing ministers who are in the majority today? MBY, hopefullly, is waiting in the wings to do his job. Hashem Yerachem al Amo Yisrael!


    1. Please leave a name to go with this comment. Thank you.

  2. Further to BEWARE THE "ABRAHAM ACCORDS"!, here we are coming to Sukkot and the nations of the world are aligning against us. It must be that "GoguMagog" time of year.

    ‘100% carrots’: Arab states, EU unveil plan to entice Israel, PA to sign peace deal

    Nearly 30 foreign ministers from countries in Europe and the Middle East met on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly on Monday to unveil a new initiative aimed at reviving the long-dormant Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

    The “Peace Day Effort” was driven by the European Union, Saudi Arabia, the Arab League, Egypt, and Jordan, who agreed at the event to produce a “Peace Supporting Package” in the coming months that will maximize dividends for Israelis and Palestinians, once they reach a peace agreement.

  3. One thing that comforts me during this particular part of these crazy times is that at some point some of the Xians might have a real crisis on their hands. When might this be? I am no prophetess, but I can see this coming from afar: When it becomes clear that Yoshke failed to initiate the "rapture" that they believe will take them out of the mess some time after they reasonably expect him to (a point I can't identify). That would be only the beginning, since there are many Xians who don't believe this. For them it might be something else that triggers the crisis.

    A hint might be an opposite in the Torah: When the People in the desert expected the last males of the older generation to die in the last of the 40 years, and they didn't come out of the graves they had dug for themselves until it was clear that they weren't going to die, i.e., the full moon of Av, the 15th.

    1. Yeah, see the new "leaders" who are based here in Israel or have an ongoing presence here have developed a new vision that they won't be saved in any way, shape or form until the Jews welcome and accept Yeshu as God and messiah first. Hence the sudden desperation to convert us.

    2. I see what you're saying: They're actually relying on us to save them by complying with their demand! How dare they, after all the horrible things they've done to our People! And it's all a lie, anyway. God is not "elderly", "sick", or in any other way "incapable" of running the world. And "Esau" is no more capable of it than he was thousands of years ago.

      I have a rebuttal for them: Why do you have to depend on any human being, much less "the hated Jooooos", to accept anyone as God, let alone messiah, if God Himself doesn't depend on anyone? Redemption depends on your attitude toward God and your focus on Him through His original words; you know where you can find them. You must leave others out of it, because your salvation at the hands of the One True God does not depend on them (I'm writing as though the situation were reversed, as they think it is, and tell us it is.).