03 August 2015

The Approaching Tsunami

18 Menachem Av 5775

False-flag terror attacks are always followed by more repression of citizen rights and further loss of national sovereignty.

Report: Jordan to submit UN request to 'protect the Palestinian people' in wake of Duma attack

...Jordan and the Palestinian Authority will submit a demand to the UN Security Council to "provide international protection for the Palestinian people and put an end to the Israeli occupation." (Ynet)

Things are beginning to move very quickly now - almost hour by hour. This is apparently all going according to a pre-conceived plan which is now being implemented in stages.

First the false-flag attack and then the arousal of public condemnation through the media and public demonstrations. That was followed by the change in the laws yesterday (as mentioned above) and now a new story is being publicized in all the media. According to one report the Internal Security Minister "knows" that "religious anarchists" are responsible. If you read carefully, you'll see that there is no real substance to this. It is all conjecture and innuendo.

A new, extremely dangerous kind of Jewish fanaticism

It turns out that in the past year, the Shin Bet – especially its Jewish Division – has been dealing with a new kind of cancer, violent and repulsive, which has surpassed its predecessor. We are talking about a group of young Jews which has adopted an ideological, anti-Zionist, fanatic and anarchistic common denominator, seeking to destroy the "state of the Zionists" (that's their terminology) and establish a holy kingdom instead of it. (Ynet)

The warning signs are all there. A political tsunami is approaching. Get prepared.


  1. Yes, Dassie and all this has been preplanned; there is only one goal here (world) - the destruction of Jews and Judaism. H' is allowing it to go to the edge and then HE takes over! May H' speed things up with the greatest of mercy aleinu v'al klal Yisroel.

  2. Again forgot - signature 'nili' for above anon comment.

  3. This blog has prepared us well :)