11 September 2016

Kol Hakavod to Breslev Israel!

9 Elul 5776

It was never the intent of this blog to besmirch the entirety of Breslev or even Breslev Israel for one slip-up on Facebook. This incident was just one example of how much of Judaism has been subject to the intrusion of foreign ideas of one fashion or another. In general, I hold Breslev in high regard (except for Uman), and even more so after reading commenter "Esther's" defense of it. 

Consequently, I am very happy to report that I have received a very kind email from the administrator of Breslev Israel's facebook page with the following explanation: 

Unfortunately, a volunteer, English as a second language staffer at Breslev Israel posted that very unfortunate and embarrassing Shabbat Shalom post containing a Christian reference. 

On Sunday morning, the minute our regular moderator saw the post, she deleted it immediately. It was unfortunate and embarrassing but also a good lesson for the Breslev Israel staff to not allow less than qualified people post on this page. 

This blog wishes to thank Breslev Israel's facebook page administrator for taking the time and trouble to contact us. If you lodged a complaint with them, turn about is fair play, and you should now go, as will I, and thank them on their page (if you have access to facebook).

All the troubles that plague Am Yisrael should be so easily and cordially resolved! 

Many thanks and wishes for a good, sweet New Year for all Am Yisrael!!


  1. Amen! (I imagine I'll hear from Rivka Levy soon too, if she looked at the links I sent her. She seems to be the kind of person who would go and suggest the correction quietly.)

  2. Mr. Cohen, I don't know who you are, but you should have figured out by now that I do not intend to publish all your comments suggesting other blog post articles, especially from a blog I do not link to (for my own reasons).

    "Pro-Israel" articles have nothing to do with this subject matter. Blog comments should restrict themselves as much as possible to the subject at hand.

    Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation.

  3. In the name of Breslev Israel's General Director Yosef Nechama and myself (Rabbi Lazer Brody, the English-language editor of Breslev Israel), we want to thank Tomer Devorah for this post and to "Devash" for judging her neighbors in total fairness. Tomer Devorah has done a great service in blowing the whistle on a most embarrassing slip-up for which we are making teshuva and far-reaching conclusions. The web is like a dangerous minefield, with missionary and other dark-side perils at every step. With Hashem's help, we pledge to make every effort that similar slipups don't repeat themselves. We all benefit from cooperation and mutual assistance between the wholesome and upright sites on the observant Jewish web and blogosphere. Again, our sincere apologies and special gratitude to you, Devash. Chasima v'chasima tova, and blessings for a prosperous New Year 5777.

    1. Many, many thanks again to all concerned.

      Ketivah v'chatimah tovah l'kol Am Yisrael!

  4. B'H. Very scary because we have gotten to a point where and what we can believe, so sometimes we jump to conclusions. As Rabbi Brody says above, the internet is a minefield. H' bless Breslov for their dedication to true Yiddishkeit and coming forth as soon as possible with their apology and explanation. They were the main victims here, even though it appears it was an innocent mistake and not some nefarious infiltration, B'H.

    Wishing them and klal Yisrael a K'tivah v'Chatimah Tovah and may we see the Geulah Shleimah this coming year, 5777.

    May H' forgive His children Israel for all our foolishness and protect us all from the evils that have bombarded the world at this time with such chaos and confusion. Teshuvah, Tefilah and Tzedakah is the answer.


  5. Rivka Levy did get back to me. She is happy the problem is solved.

    And I am happy about what R' Lazer wrote. Mazal tov lach, Devash!

  6. devash, thank you for being the vehicle of "berur" here--and kol hakavod to Rabbi Lazer Brody for stepping up to the plate. beautiful example for me and for all.

  7. This is how it works...a real Jewish Neshama stay humble, aknowledge her error and truly apologise while doing deep tshuva. The errors we make, are here to bring us together. Like i said on one of my posts. Its is time to DOSH!!!
    Hashem is forcing us to do very deep TSUVA, by testing us and separate the klipot from his preciose CHITA, to make Challot for the everlasting Shabbat. David ha Melech buyed the Treshing floor for 50 silver shekelim.
    The man that sold it to him gained a extra letter nun in his name after.
    We have to stick together, separare ourselfs from the klipot.
    This is the ancient recipe:
    Bri g it to the sky, let the wind blow away the klipot, fal down on the face for the Almighty, together, in humbleness. The fire of Torah will burn the klipot until none of them are left!!!
    You see it!
    Now i smell the Shabbat Challot!
    We have to speek up, hitbodedut, all of us, to create this purity by SPEECH. Speech of a Jew CREATE new reality.
    David ha Melech is comm g back :) !!!