11 September 2016

Kol Hakavod to Breslev Israel!

9 Elul 5776

It was never the intent of this blog to besmirch the entirety of Breslev or even Breslev Israel for one slip-up on Facebook. This incident was just one example of how much of Judaism has been subject to the intrusion of foreign ideas of one fashion or another. In general, I hold Breslev in high regard (except for Uman), and even more so after reading commenter "Esther's" defense of it. 

Consequently, I am very happy to report that I have received a very kind email from the administrator of Breslev Israel's facebook page with the following explanation: 

Unfortunately, a volunteer, English as a second language staffer at Breslev Israel posted that very unfortunate and embarrassing Shabbat Shalom post containing a Christian reference. 

On Sunday morning, the minute our regular moderator saw the post, she deleted it immediately. It was unfortunate and embarrassing but also a good lesson for the Breslev Israel staff to not allow less than qualified people post on this page. 

This blog wishes to thank Breslev Israel's facebook page administrator for taking the time and trouble to contact us. If you lodged a complaint with them, turn about is fair play, and you should now go, as will I, and thank them on their page (if you have access to facebook).

All the troubles that plague Am Yisrael should be so easily and cordially resolved! 

Many thanks and wishes for a good, sweet New Year for all Am Yisrael!!