19 September 2016

What Many Don't Know...

17 Elul 5776

Every antisemite who thinks US foreign aid to Israel is a flat-out gift should see this video.

(h/t A.C, courtesy of Israel Beyond)


  1. it's corporate welfare, the money goes back to us defense contractors

  2. an american doesn't have to be an anti-semite to question this amount of aid going to a developed country

    please don't throw the term around, it becomes meaningless after a while

    1. Please don't assume I was referring to anyone other than an actual antisemite. They do exist. And this is one of their pet peeves.

      Also, you don't seem to have internalized the message of the video. Israelis don't want your money. This is a form of money laundering. Israel is USED to recycle the money back to the US.

    2. I can pick out the anti-semites when they blame us for everything and also when they refer to the Talmudic Jew as being the source of evil. I have had encounters with many of them on the Internet.

      But I don't agree that Israelis don't want the money. Most certainly do, only those who want a smaller military don't - Matti Peled for example said Israel spends double whatever America gives. So if America gives 3 billion, Israel spends 6. So the more USA gives, the more we spend on military what could be spend on education/health, etc.

      But most people like the money and like the big military. I don't. I think we have to stop being paranoid.

  3. Dear Friends,

    YES! Devash strikes again with TRUTHS must of us either DON'T KNOW and/or DON'T WANT TO HEAR.

    Shana Tova from Jerusalem, ISRAEL

    Aryeh Yosef Ben Meir

  4. But now, they want to collapse the whole economy so they throw to everybody so what to they care? In many cases, they trick people with money as gifts and then demand it all back so they are great thieves.

  5. As usual Devash is 100% right and so is Aryeh Yosef. This video is very good in that it shows that the typical guy understands the basics and sees it for what it is. jojo is completely wrong! When you hear the anti-semites, one of the first things they point out is the 'money' being 'given' to Israel rather than loaned and which is used to purchase US military equipment. Of course, they use many other lies to get their hatred across.

    But, economics is not the whole problem; it's just part of it. The main part which every country has to be aware of and especially, the "Jewish" nation of Israel has to be wary of is its independene. Once you take money, you are BEHOLDEN and, therefore, lose INDEPENDENCE, which is quite clear in Israel's case. We see the negative changes that have occurred and getting worse daily in the last 30 years against the wishes of the majority of Israeli Jews, thus, until Moshiach comes, G-D help us!
    sechel tahor

  6. "Berkeley: College course on 'How to destroy Israel’ “ Berkeley.
    What’s next, the Ultra Progressive final solution?? chv”s